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September 05, 2012



both steven elop and nokia board need to be fired and brought to court for justice.




nokia lumia 920 already weights 185g, it can not afford to add extended microSD, HDMI output, FM antenna in weight aspect.

is it caused by wireless charger interface , 2000mah battery, or polycarbonate shell ?

it is unacceptible to hold 185g phone in hand by consumer.

for comparison,
samsung wp8 phone with same spec only weights 135g
nokia 808 with true pureview camera weights 168g



The sad thing to see is that when all this Elop Experiment is going on, all of Nokia's business are affected and on a downward spiral - not just mobile phones. Questions about Nokia's future and business sustainability hang in the air.
Nokia can thank whoever hired Elop, and this miopic vision of a Microfrost dominated world. If Nokia had a cold before this Elop experiment, that now looks like nothing compared to the present terminal disease. What was the rationale of this catastrophic experiment ?
Elop is not just the problem but he and his strategy are the cancer that is destroying all of Nokia businesses (Smartphones, feature phones, networks, business enterprises, anyting Nokia and forget the brand. The war is not only on the smartphone business but all and anything Nokia. If Nokia is to turn the corner, she needs to get rid of Elop and his strategy pronto.
There are other options but Nokia will not try those as long as they continue this Elop experiment (oops) strategy. Nokia is no longer connecting people !!
This week Elop confirmed that Nokia has no plans for a windows based tablet. So was Jorma Ollila misleading the shareholders back in may ? And for those thinking Nokia will remain a small but profitable business, well there are many shops on high street that are small and profitable businesses. Nokia can embrace a new strategy to resell smartphones, even for Microfrost's Surface.



As a fellow Finn, I've got a newsflash for you: Lumia 920 is the best smartphone in the world, a phenomenal product. Finally, Nokia is back.

You say it is a turd, I respectfully disagree.

It's got:
-Pureview. Tomi, Megapixels don't matter if the resulting images are this good. Optical Image Stabilization works like magic, just look at the results of The Verge test...

-High Amplitude Audio Capture: Finally, I can go to see Nightwish (or any other metal band, we have many here in Finland, heh) and record both HD Video as well as undistorted audio. Heaven !

-Best display: Yeah, SGS3 has a 4.8" screen but it is Pentile. This one is just so much better. And the touch screen works with gloves on. It's sometimes rather cold here up north :-).

-WP8: Finally, Microsoft delivers unified kernel among all devices (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones etc). This is BIG. Just think about the possibilities (Like DirectX in games, full C++ support for portable game engines, best tools (Visual Studio is much better than anything). The App problem will be solved rather soonest, methinks :-)

Look, I don't like Ballmer / Elop either, but I like what Nokia (and MS) engineers and designers have produced here.

Nokia has got back to work and started again producing world-changing products. This is just so beautiful, I could cry of joy.

Robert Atkins

I agree w. earlier post by Naikon. Elop is totally incompetent if we assume his agenda is building Nokia. But, if his agenda is to destroy Nokia, he is wildly succeeding.

And writers are discussing how great new Lumias are? Based on promo specs and photos? They won't be fucking released until November! Can we wait at least until they are in hands of competent reviewers/customers to learn whether they are finally catching up to - 2011?


I wouldn't describe the Lumia 920 as total dud. It certainly has appeal to some people.

However it does not beat the SGS3 in terms of desirability. Lack of microSD slot has already been discussed. Also the weight: 185 grams for the 920 vs. 133 grams for the S3 (which has a larger and better screen) is very disappointing.



>>> "It uses the same processor, memory and storage than the Galaxy III"

I call bullshit...

Lumia 920: Adreno 225
S3: Mali-400MP
"So I have been doing a lot of research looking for what will be better and I am guessing that the Mali 400 is going to out perform the Adreno 225."

Lumia 920: Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait
S3: Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9

The 0.1 GHz means absolutely nothing in overall performance, thus the S3 has nearly TWICE the capacity of the Lumia 920. So does less power give more standby/talk-time? (Batteries are nearly identical 2000 vs 2100mah):
Lumia 920:
Stand-by Up to 400 h (2G) / Up to 400 h (3G)
Talk time Up to 17 h (2G) / Up to 10 h (3G)
Stand-by Up to 590 h (2G) / Up to 790 h (3G)
Talk time Up to 21 h 40 min (2G) / Up to 11 h 40 min (3G)

Inferior eco-system, inferior performance AND inferior battery life... And it's released two month later than the S3.

>>> "Again, you are getting old, nobody, trust me NOBODY besides you want communicators,"

Again, you are both clueless and arrogant. On display keyboards might be handy for occational messaging and surfing but if you want to do anything serious, do you really want your (in that case) precious screen-space to be occupied by a soft-keyboard where you at least have to turn on vibration and sound to be able to write while not looking at the "keys"? Really?


I stopped to compare StandBy/Talk times for a long time ago. It's just numbers that has nothing to do with real life where every phone has to be charged every day when in normal use and every couple of days when it's only in standby mode.


@Robert Atkins
It's not about evel destroying Nokia (even if it looks and feels like one). It's just business. Nokia helped WP allot. Even if it's still called Nokia, it acts in fact as a division under Microsoft.

I don't feel symbian was a competitor to WP, but MeeGo Harmattan definitely was. Platforms was not burning. The bridges to the platforms was burned and Elop personally set them on fire.

Imagine Nokia 920 running new and better iteration of MeeGo Harmattan! And Nokia 920-Q with hardware QWERTY keyboard. That could be a scenario for successful Nokia World 2012 in Helsinki!


get real.
There will be no Skype with video calling on N9. (As well as it will never be skype on RIM BB10) Just because Microsoft don't want it, and they own skype.
N9 has got it's last software update 1.3 and all people from MeeGo team are gone (Jolla Mobile, cloudberrytec)
N9 production is cancelled (Salo factory is colosed)
Symbian will be out of the production very soon. Nokia 700 and 701 is cancelled already. 808 will be cancelled soon as well (get hurry if you still want one). Symbian updates (Carla, Donna) was a joke.
Now it's windows phone or nothing.
It's nothing personal, just business.


And, by the way, 32Gb should be enough for everyone, right? It's time to start using skydrive, folks.


@Naikon: "It's time to start using skydrive, folks" - it depends on what packages your network operator offers...

In some part of the world it is not so trivial you have unlimited data for (widely affordable) flat fee...

Ed Austin

"I hate to say it, but despite Nokia’s best efforts to entice users with impressive hardware, I think it will be the Windows Phone that holds these devices back. If this were Android hardware, then they’d likely sell many millions more of these. I think Nokia would struggle to build the products fast enough to meet demand if that were the case."


Now even the mainstream are stating the obvious. Elop has successfully driven Nokia into the ground. Mission accomplished eh?


I was kidding, actually.
But, for the parts of the world where unlimited data is not affordable, the Nokia 920 with skyDrive for €600 is a dream as well.
I mean, missing SD slot is not the worst thing that happen to Nokia.


I actually think it's wrong to say that WindowsPhone OS is a problem. There is no problem, as there is no Nokia anymore. All they have is a brand name and management team with Stephen Elop on top. Hardware designed by subcontractors in China and made by Compal/Foxconn from day one, running OS written by Microsoft.
And, you know what, I don't think WindowsPhone can fail. It's too tight connected to both desktop Windows 8 and to Windows 8 tablet. Microsoft will never accept fail on the phone side. It will push and push and push as long as they have resources. For Microsoft it's a question of survival. Failing on phone side will punch desktop and tablet version as well. world changes, PC sales goes down, so what they gonna do? Fight!

And it doesn't help to sign any petitions to fire Elop, doesn't help to start a small-shareholders-riot. The big shareholders has their interest in Microsoft. They don't care about some strange european company they don't even can tell the name right (No-Kia they say). Big american shareholders decide who will be the board members/CEO and what kind of policy they gonna follow. Nokia is a hijacked plane, it's just a microsoft department. We have to get used to it.

What we can do is to wait and see what Jolla Mobile will come up with. Ask your carrier, when they gonna sell Jolla Mobile phone. Tell them you're waiting and ready to preorder. If there is a spirit of Nokia somewhere in this World, it must be Jolla Mobile. May the Force be with them!


No one doubts the feature packed aspect of Symbian. But it was clumsy to use. Nice to have the features but no use if you have to be a scientist and have patience of a monk to use it.
So I think your comparisons to Symbian are not useful.
Rather Windows Phone should be benchmarked to iPhone and android.
The only place I see comparison to old Nokia phones valid is when it comes to build quality, camera and especially voice and coverage reception quality, maybe SMS.
So harking back to Symbian for apps and smartphone capability does not help.
Agreed windows was maybe not the best choice instead of keeping a couple of platforms running.



MeeGo was a real thing!
From the days of Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 it was clear that something is terribly wrong with symbian. The right way was MeeGo, but it didn't make it.



Wait a little bit. Jolla Mobile will come out soon!
Don't take a choice before you have all options available.


Naikon describes the current situation well. Nokia phones division is like a subdivision of Microsoft.

It's a war out there! The war between ecosystems.
And Microsoft's main enemy is Apple at the moment, not Google Android.

Microsoft needed tools to win this war. Now it has got the Nokia Lumia 920 to attack against Apple.
No doubt that a new even better Lumia than Lumia 920 is on the way after iphone 5 launch. This time Iphone is easily beaten.

Nokia could have beaten the iphone 5 or similar phones with Symbian or Meego phones, but not the Android or Apple Ecosystem.
Now Nokia is an insider in one of the largest ecosystems of computer devices and can have huge synergies!
Think about Nokia maps. Maps are becoming one of the most important money making tools in the near future as every body wants to have a proper spot on the maps. That is the place where your customers meet you!
For Nokia it is vital that this huge W8 ecosystem uses as widely as possible Nokia maps.

If FB does not have Maps yet implemented, it should consider Nokia maps as its tool to make money. That is the biggest next growth area of the net!


In my opinion the Nokia board surely had the benefits of the large MS Windows ecosystem in their mind when they decided to abandon Meego and Symbian phones. The Way how this new strategy was adopted hurt badly the owners of Nokia and the company itself. Let's see if it can survive as an independant company after this disaster!
However, Nokia is much more than just a phone manufacturer.

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