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September 05, 2012



Regarding the fake photos and videos with Lumia 920. These are as intentional they ever could be and that people would find out was part of the plan. The plan is to destroy the Nokia brand so that Microsoft can buy parts of it. Do you really think that anyone would slip through such "mistake" by accident.


Looks like the PureView tech might just be all hype after all. In the promotional video, the shots supposedly from the PureView are actually from a RED camera

John Waclawsky

The Nokia situation yields a simple fact (Occam's razor) NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS on their phone!


Next week with the IPhone 5 presentation all of this will be forgotten !!


Leading Analyst

The camera has standard 8mpix censor, but in addition to OIS it also promises F2.0 aperture. I can confirm that it takes pretty good photos in moderately low light environment.

Flash is something that no photographer want's to use, as it usually does more harm than good (with exceptions, of course).

And one comment directly to Tomi. Stephen Elop is a CEO - a hired hand at Nokia. He does not make the strategy. That's the job for the Board. So the Board has decided to go with Microsoft, so it is pretty natural that they choose a Microsoftee for the job. Elop is also forced to do a lot of nasty change management, as in this new mode of working (MS OS + QCOM chips) you need heck of a less workforce that Nokia carried (and carries).

So he is doing the best he can, in the given strategy framework. Sure, there has been mistakes, like downplaying Symbian. Then again, the WP app market boomed immediately after Nokia's 11/2 announcement.

Also note that only TWO smartphone vendors are doing good these days: Apple and Samsung. Totally different approaches. Samsung as a multi-industry vendor and component manufacturer has economics of scale to die for. Apple keeps riding on it's iconic brand. Apparently rest of the CEOs are incompetent morons?

On a different path Nokia's decline would have been slower, but I have the gut feeling that certainty of death would have been higher than today. Symbian, Meego - Nokia's in house SW RnD was just not cutting it.

All that Nokia can do now is to roll out as good WP devices as it can and hope that WP8 builds traction from the PC synergies. Based on some fresh leaks, more devices would be soon following.

I kind of like that at least they are all-in on what they are doing. It's WP or nothing. Lets imagine that WP can get a 10-15% foothold of the market, and Nokia is the leading WP device vendor. Is that enough to make decent profit with the downsized corporate structure?


Nokia use to stand for integrity, social and corporate responsibility.... elop purefaked the new lumias, faked video, faked stills. This totally destroys nokia's brand as a leader in digital imagery. Damien Dennis 5years of work on the 808 pureview has been turned into a burning platform.


Nokia also fakes the photo.... LOL



about the number.... the 7 million lumia phone sold...

I think nokia have too much lie to fabricate THE success story of lumia.
at the end, they just don't know to put WHAT number in their accounting book.


Lumia 920:
True Nokia Engineering and Consumer Friendliness in action:

1. pureview - floating lens - beautiful non-blurred photos, non-flicky video
- awesome
2. pureview - more exposure time without blur - beautiful photos even at night without flash
- awesome
3. city lens - augmented reality
- awesome
4. better than google maps,directions,traffic - supplier to amazon kindles
- awesome
5. Qi - wireless charging - initiatives & partnerships
- awesome
6. WP8 - live tiles - shared core kernel with all win devices
- awesome
7. skydrive - cloud based storage - outlook
8. music unplugged - no registration, no nonsense free & great music
- awesome
9. WP8 - IE10
- awesome
10. Nokia Exclusive WP App Collection
- awesome



Here an interesting note on the presentation of the Lumia920 etc.., WP8 and its shortcomings:

Kevin P

Don't agree with your comments about China. The thing you have to recognise is that most phones here are sold unlocked and contract-free - most people don't really go for the free-on-contract model that's common in Europe or the US. Perhaps only 10% of phones are sold through the carrier. So Lumina's potential market isn't restricted to 20% of the market like you think, it's restricted to 90% plus 20%-of-10%.

Also, you see quite a few people using Windows Phones here - not anything like as many as iPhone or Android, but Elop didn't compare sales in China to competitors, only to other markets. I can totally believe the claim that "Windows Phone is less unpopular in China than it is anywhere else".

Busy Sylvia

Although Nokia Lumia Relaunched with Windows Phone 8 is a very excellent smartphone, but it lacks the innovation.


I am sure that the "osbourned" Lumia range will sell better in Q3 than what it did in Q2.
Tomi, am willing to bet a bottle of Koskenkova with you on that one.

jukka lundgren

Elop should play for HIFK

Michael Cox

Did anyone watch the interview that Elop did with Engadget? He said that "we are really looking forward to windows 8 and windows phone 8 coming out". I know its not the most henious thing to say but as the CEO of Nokia I really don't think he should be saying that about the desktop software. Windows (PC) is irrelevant unless he's going to try start flogging tablets too.

Even if entirely innocent it makes you think ill of his intentions and loyalty.


I think there is some points that do require attention:
- Because of OIS and used optics in Lumia 920 camera will beat Nokia 808 camera (and any other camera-phones) in low light condition (in theory). I believe Lumia 920 camera fits fairly well to pureview brand. Like with point ant shoot cameras there are different tools for different conditions, some with super-zoom and some suited for street photography in low light conditions. It's the same with pureview cameras. The technology is solid, but unfortunately Nokia fails when marking that technology (with Lumia 920).
- Lumia/WP has a well working Skydrive integration, so microSD support is not actually not that critical, but still, some may need it.
- "Lumia series has 101 faults" has been debunked many time, but true there are some issues (but only a handful) that may or may not affect on usability... but they hardly a actual show stopper with WP. So I wonder, why to distribute FUD about this? It already has started to diminish otherwise good blog.



Lumia camera beating 808? Only in the inverse universe.

See it that way: Why do you think they had to shot the Lumia Poorview images and pictures with something else then the Lumia Poorview? Because the quality of Lumia Poorview especially in high resolution is very bad.

Pureview is about quality and as was proven by Nokia itself Lumia is not up to that task. This is the message, the prove, the demonstration given by Nokia itself. This is not Pureview, its Poorview.

Also Nokia demonstrated that the Lumia Poorview does especially bad with low light and in street conditions since that was the motive of the faked image/video campain. It doesn't become more clear then that that Lumia Poorview plays in a different liga, the amateur-club, then 808 profi cam.

Your believe that Skydrive replaces local and integrated storage is crazy. That is like arguing 512kb RAM are enough cause combined with skydrive you have terrabytes of RAM. Also why skydrive? Why not an external tumemachine like device you have at home and that connects with bluetooth? Maybe because theb Microsoft has no access to your data? Yeah, alright. Thanks but no thanks.


Tomi , newer Nokia Lumia phones dont have FM radio. This could be first for top end Nokias in many years.


guys this is off topic can you please support these petitions

one to fire elop

and one for skype video call on n9


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