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July 06, 2012



Lots of talk on how doomed Nokia is. I thought maybe there needs to be some talk on how one would save Nokia.

My probably not going to happen plan to save Nokia:

Project "W.A.M."

WP is failing in most (if not all) markets. Nokia is shrinking and falling without a parachute. Its is time to throw everything at a wall and see what sticks.

Smart-phone, just one hardware kit:

CPU: Dual-Core Krait (or Better)
LCD: AMOLED 1280x720 (or Better, Retina?)
Cam: 13MP (or Better)
Radio: CDMA and GSM (unused radio can be turned completely off)
Body: Water and dust resistant IPX57 minimum, Replaceable battery and MicroSD slot
Availability: No restrictions, no locks, any carrier, any time, available directly from Nokia resellers, carriers or Nokia direct.
OS: See below

OS: Windows Phone 8

OS: Android 4.1 (or current)

OS: MeeGo

OS is not locked (OS specific buttons are on the device you choose) so it can be changed officially via a download from Nokia. Granted this is mostly a nerdy wish and regular users will probably just leave their phones as the bought them but the option should be there non the less.

Release the n10-W, A & M in every market and see which model sells the most. Then adjust manufacturing as needed based on the current market conditions. Customers will not have to choose a competing phone if they like Nokia hardware but do not like Windows Phone and if no A or M models are available they can pick up a W model and switch the OS fully supported (Warranty) as a last resort.

Feature phones:
Symbian, Symbian, Symbian
Yes Android and MeeGo (even WP) can run on some feature phones but that's not the point. Carriers charge extra for data on Smart-phones and as soon as a phone has those "higher end" OSes it is considered a Smart-phone even though the usefulness as such (speed) is limited.

If only Project "W.A.M.i." was possible. I doubt Apple would let Nokia get their hands on iOS. Better to leave that to Apple anyway.


Just a note wrt Percival. Whilst not trying to defend the indefensible, I would point out that he also had no tanks (the Japanese had 100), no aircraft carrier (grounded in the Caribbean on it's way), and no permission to establish defensive lines in (neutral) Malaya. And, as the invasion was pre-planned (Japanese invaded the day after Pearl Harbour), his hands were very much tied. However, his decision to continue to defend the NE despite Wavell's criticism and suggestion of the alternative (and eventual Japanese plans of the South), do count against him.


Thanks for deleting my comments that pointed out some inconsistencies in this article. My comment was non-aggressive and had some positives.

Cybe R. Wizard

I believe you forget about Sgt. Alvin York who, along with 17 other men /captured/ 132 of his enemy, even facing superior fire power in addition to overwhelming numbers.

"Alvin Cullum York (December 13, 1887 – September 2, 1964) was one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War I. He received the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest, taking 32 machine guns, killing 28 German soldiers and capturing 132 others. "


A cartoon with 140 words


Ahah, SABATON! ;)


My N8 is the best phone hardware I have ever had. I mean seriously, a 12 megapixel camera? It could make calls in remote locations where the iPhone just could not compete. It died two weeks ago. One day, it just would not turn on. If the N9 were available, I would have purchased one of those. Instead, I now have a new iPhone 4S, the second best smart phone in the world.


First, sorry for may English. I know it’s horror ;)

Second: Sorry, but I think this is wrong. The writer looked at a battle and analised it as a war.

This software companies war will be huge and it's far beyond smartphone software and ecosystems. It we be the war of entire software ecosystem as we know today, starting from smartphones, mobile devices, personal computers to game consoles or any other domestic electronics - smart TVSets, media electronics, even fridges, believe it or not. It will take 3-4-5 years to see the winner (or the winners!)

Only the big ones will be able to enter here: Apple, Google, Microsoft. Forget about Nokia, RIM, Intel or any other non-dedicated companies in this war.

Nokia is a great HW company. They had just to options: to go in this war with MS or Google. That's simple.

Speaking about analogies: next year will have 70 years from Stalingrad battle. Microkia=Russian army?


WatchKeeper is the only BNWAS that offers speed and simplicity in installation, stunning design and ease of use in operation.

Doctor Business

I call this "Elop's Flop" - what else is there to say>

Ricardo Silva

Spawn asks: "And you try to argue that would have happen anyways?"

I also think so. From 2001 to 2010, exactly how many Nokia smartphones have you seen being compared to the iPhone? As far as I remember: Zero!
You really believe Nokia would have maintained their leadership by having zero products to compete with Apple's iPhone & Samsung's Galaxy? Please explain me how that would even be possible?

Unni W

To counter your argument (all those war similes notwithstanding), for me, it is the carrier relationships you tout that brought down Nokia. The genius of Jobs was that he ignored the carriers and went with a direct-to-consumer relationship, which only he could have done because of Apple's previous success with the iPod. By slavishly implementing walled gardens for the carriers, Nokia was unable to enter this direct-co-consumer mindset.


Another point of view...



I don't get why you write so long articles on how many worg decisions Nokia and the CEO took to bring this company down!

Isn't it obvious that it's deliberate? Nokia has been deliberatly destroyed by the New World Order people. They didn't want a high tech company with a third of the market share which they can't control with an open operating system. Also, they didn't want Nokia which is based in Finland to be a relevant tech company because Finland has too many laws which the NWO don't like. So they had to kill it.

Welcome to the Orwellian 1984 reality show Tomi! All major operating sysmens now (iOS and Android) are under the New World Order people. Through your phone they will control and monitor you and everyone else!


It's not a conspiracy theory when it's proven to be a conspiracy fact.

The thing that so many sheeple fail to appreciate is that the proof of a conspiracy is the exact inverse of the failure of a hypothesis.

For a hypothesis to fail all that is required is one observation to the contrary.

For a conspiracy to be established all that is required is one fact that defies the given explanation of events.

Like for example JFK with an exit wound in the back of his head.

Like for example MSFT buys NOK within three years of the trojan horse insertion at a 90% discount to its original market value as noted by this blog.

The worst part of this is that, in my opinion, Tomi is so spot on in his analysis. The most likey outcome will be seeing this blockhead rise to oversee the Boston Chickening of MSFT.

This particular blog is so freaking huge that it is difficult to see how apt Tomi's prescient observations about msft are likely to be. I think this blog clearly shows that msft has lost its mind at the helm. Interestingly enough it is likely that the msft army still has plenty of morale. That's because people who actually produce deliverables do not use tablets or phones to do this. The big fat ribbon bar does not help us. Especially on the post 2007 reduced vertical laptop screens. Windows 8 - Takes away tiled windows!? Excel is "improved" by adding, what did they add, 32k columns and a meg of rows? Yeah, that's a great improvement. Meanwhile they've added squat to improve graphs and advanced math. Anyone remember how easy linear calcs were with Quattro Pro? For DOS!?

Don't let me even begin to rant on Word, other than to point out it has all been downhill since '97. 2.0 that I used for my thesis had many better behaviors than the current version. OK - I can't help myself, the fucking list numbering is still fucked up, motherfuckers.

How about that innovative windows explorer smart sort - nifty eh?

The good news is that it only appears a matter of time, perhaps another 30 years of Msft "innovations", before Linus aka Siilasvuo, finally wins the desktop of the proletariat corporate cubeies.

Lastly, a little ad hominem fire for effect: clearly Ballmer and Elop are bullies among nerds. Bummer for me, I am an old man now and getting to the point where I may not need to do real work on a PC.

So, super cool article. I mean fucking AMAZINGLY COOL ARTICLE!!!! Sun Tzu!? Opening Major Finn WWII Victory!? Clearly delineated CEO deliberate decisions and actions to reduce the market value of NOK!?!?!!??

I prefer Glenlivet to Glenfiddich, but if you are ever in Houston let me know and I'll fire up the grill and have you over for tenderloins you will not forget.

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Great article.


I bet Stephen Elop works for Americans, how come non finish even non EUU take lead the company and move it to bankruptcy and keep everyone blinded?
I do remember when Nokia moved production from EUU to other countries, I told it is a mistake...

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