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June 15, 2012



This is mentioned in Finnish IT news today (scroll down to see the video):

The video is spreading in YouTube, apparently showing Nokia Air-cloud service, phones and a tablet. The source CANNOT BE CONFIRMED at the moment. Possibly some developer had enough of it on the extended weekend?

Oh, and I have heard about Nokia MeeGo-tablet here. There is no official confirmation about it. Mind you, I live in Oulu.


@MikaA: if it is Meltemi/MeeGo - it is most probably gone... :-(
Maybe it is S40 based? Like the new Ashas? What a hit it would be... :-)



The video shows a 3D rendered concept operating system in order to show a concept. It looks like Symbian but it isn't. This video was probably created before the Microsoft brainwash and that's why they use Symbian/Meego like icons.


According to my understanding, the operating system demoed in the video is Meltemi and the most probable motivation of this is to show what was brewing up in Nokia. Investors would indeed be well advised to question the wisdom of the BOD.


Nokia is nosediving very steeply today.... Hold your hats in Oulu, BWAHAHAH!

Mika, say hello to PERTTU from me!



or maybe some Meego/Meltemi team who just got sacked by Elop Management trying to send a message?

btw, the UI/UX looks very cool.... better than WP7/Wp8 BullCrap


Can't believe my eyes... Look at the F***ING nokia stock now.... Its plummeting like a stone! OOH RAHH!! It is the DAY OF JUDGEMENT !!

I believe it will go under $2 today !!


@K.Aho (swedish language blogger who made previous comment addressed to me)

thanks for posting the links KotiAho ; and your old linux site are really good.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi all

First, please note, I have now written an update based on the Windows 8 non-upgrade announcement, and a blog with the revised market share estimate (Down to 2% for end of 2012)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Now continuing on some replies (we are on early comments from June 15)

Hi N9, Platform, Malcolm, The, Ryan and Titanium

N9 - haha funny

Platform - totally agree with you. Stupid management. If the CEO and Board wanted to shift to Windows, the sensible way to do it, as Nokia had Symbian as its cash cow, would have been a gradual transition, and start that with the US market where Nokia was traditionally weakest and Microsoft strongest, where upside potential greatest and Nokia damage to existing platform least. Then with MeeGo ready to run and Meltemi coming, only a madman would refuse to sell MeeGo handsets - when other smartphone sales collapsing - or refuse to finish Meltemi - two months before launch - when both Microsoft and Nokia have said repeatedly Windows Phone is not suited for low-cost smartphones (where Nokia's main market is).

Malcolm - very good points about HTC. That is truly an unloved child, isn't it. And the Lumia experience is exactly as I predicted when Elop first revealed that his Windows Phone smartphones were being designed in the USA - they may be suited for the US consumers (maybe) but they are NOT suited for the 95% where the rest of the phones are sold, where Nokia held over 50% market share in smartphones haha..

The - I hope so. But where is it?

Ryan - yes, since you posted that, we have it confirmed and I blogged about it.

Titanium - yeah, this will go down in history as one of the great case studies of how one manager destroyed a giant company in record time

Thank you all for the comments

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Timo Pitkäranta

@Earendil Star:

"It is now certain that WP8 will not support current Lumias."

Who cares? It will be pretty damn hard to replace hardware via software upgrade which is the main reason to upgrade to WP8 anyway. If geeks are not included, how many of normal consumers will upgrade OS? I'm pretty happy with Lumia 800, and I have no reason to update to WP8, not even LTE. LTE is a must for Windows 8 tablets though, since surfing the web, playing games and streaming videos is the main usage for it anyway for consumers. For business users, it'll be a dream come true, no more need for toys like iPad.

"Practically, they shoved this BS OS to Nokia and consumers"

Even now, WP7.5 with Nokia extensions is way better than Android, thats why Lumia 900 is the 2nd best seller on AT&T (on April and May) right after iPhone 4S, even with the lower tech specs, and despite the competition from high profile Android handsets, such as HTC One X. That's why 1/3 of the phones sold in Finland by the biggest carrier were using Windows Phone platform. The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak said "Android has no chance against Lumia" (when speaking UI Design and usability) and it is partly better than iOs. It's useless to take Symbian or Meego into this discussion, they would have no chance against these 3.


"iPhone is and was not the start of the Nokia problems"

iPhone was the mother of all problems. After iPhone, people immediately noticed, what is the minimum standard for a smartphone. Thats why Symbian sales had dropped 60% even before arrival of Elop. Android just started imitating iOs (did it poorly but cheaply), as did everyone else. Except Windows Phone.

@John Titor

"I have thirty years experience in software and say that Nokia will die. What you say about that. Windows Phone does not die but Nokia, Nokia will die, oh yes it will, oh yes you will see that day! I promise you! So dont get arrogant, mister!"

That's what people said pretty much about Apple in the mid 80's.


"Symbian phones, were fast, stable with plenty 3rd party software on them"

Symbian phones were fast, because they were ugly. I really don't think they were as fast as Lumia 900 though. Symbian phones were not stable, I had to boot my last 2 Nokia phones (E75, N8) at least once a week. N8 was the most useless "smartphone" in the existence of human history and was one of the biggest reasons for Nokia's downhill. If that was Nokia's "flagship", they were completely lost their minds. After using Lumia 800 for 4 months, I have had no need to boot it at all. I actually liked E75 with QWERTY, and rumors tell that Sprint will have WP8 QWERTY keyboard from Nokia in Q3/Q4. I wish that will arrive in Finland as well. Ovi Store had 116 000 apps on December 2011, which is about the same as WP Marketplace currently has.


> Even now, WP7.5 with Nokia extensions is way better than Android, thats why Lumia 900 is the 2nd best seller on AT&T <


Best seller .. yes ... with : saying the opposite

WP7.5 way better then Android ... Yes, this only few corrupted Nokia Board members can say this without break down in smiles ...



ps: Did Elop promise you a new job? soon his mission to destroy Nokia is completed ... get ready for the next destruction mission .. of for a deserved jail.




June 30:



Microsoft declared that it has made good on what seemed like a lofty claim made just two months back that it plans to overtake iPhone’s market share in China. According to the company’s COO for the Greater China region, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has already reached 7% smartphone market share in the country trumping Apple iPhone’s 6%.

Do you believe on this ?

Statistics ... made by machine tell a different story:



ps: Also in china WP from a peak at 0.56%, now is declining : 0.49%, that means the new sales of WP are less then 0.5% of the total new sales ... can you say: TOTAL FAILURE ?


Anyhow .. you can also have a different reading, if you believe in the " " ... I don't ... but let assume it is true.

The internet traffic show a decline of presence of WPhone in the network coming from US ... this does not means that there are less people using Windows Phone (so less people buying Windows Phone) ... but just that people that have Windows Phone don't use it for browse internet.

This will be something even more shocking ... people that are buying Windows Phone are people used to have a dumb-phone .. that are happy with just type SMS and make voice call ... so, a S40 user profile ... WOW ...

This will confirm that Lumia can be sold only for the good looking shape, and to basic smartphone user (or better to the dumbphone users) ... heavy users clearly prefer something else.

Interesting, iPhone in US is still growing, now it hold over 50% internet traffic ...

In china Android is sky climbing ... on the net the Android from china did double in 6 months :-o



ps: Windows Phone 7.5 is DEAD ... hehe and 7.8 is a Joke ;-)
Nokia RIP



as I said it when nokia firstly introduce the nokia lumia 800.
WP7 can't fight Android and iOS

WP7 is a GREAT OS to replace S40.
Microsoft/Nokia should think to sell the Lumia 800 in US$ 70-150 price range non-contract.

Earendil Star

@ Timo Pitkäranta and cn.

Can we finally stop this BS please? Sorry for being so direct.

If what you are saying were true (that WP7 was so good), MS would not have had any reason to develop WP8 in the first place.
They could have safely done an incremental update of WP7, with no upgrade issues for Lumias whatsoever.

In fact, WP7 is inherently obsolete. It's not a hardware problem. It is the SW itself that is based on an obsolete kernel (CE) & technology.
The only new thing about WP7 is the Metro interface. Eye candy. Everything else is recycled, as there was no time to improve the rest, given how late MS was and the need to come quickly to market.
The problem is that with the current fast pace of innovation in HW (thanks to ARM), WP7 phones would have been thrashed by Android at an ever increasing speed.
In other words, Android has been able for quite some time to fully exploit current HW offerings, and the superiority in performance compared to WP7 phones would have become huge (much more apparent than now) in very little time.
Remember: just a couple of months ago THT Elop was saying that quad core smartphones were useless, only good to warm your pockets. Now WP8 is out and... guess what? It is touted as so advanced that it is now able to... handle multiple core processors! Oh my! They are acknowledging Android was much further ahead... that they are finally catching up! Practically: that they had lied all along.

But even more importantly, if you buy a Lumia now, you will only get the 7.8 upgrade (eye candy, as usual), but no compatibility with the new WP8 apps.
This means the few apps available for WP7 will stop at their current level, and you will miss the new ones coming on WP8.
We are not talking about hardware here. We are talking about new apps being incompatible on WP7. Capisc?

By the way, we are also talking about an OS shipped on the Nokia Lumia 900, a (supposedly flagship) phone that was launched a measley two months ago.
The Lumia 900 is now totally obsolete and Osborned. Just unbelievable, if you think about the huge campaign that accompanied this phone's launch... around Easter!

I will not even comment on allegations that WP7 is better than Symbian, Meego or let alone iOS or Android.
If you are convinced that an OS that, for example, resets apps when you switch between them is ok, then, lol, keep it and be happy.
There must be a reason why very few (luckily) are buying it. Don't you agree?

In the end, however, the most disturbing thing is that MS & THT Elop knew this all along. Rumors that WP7 devices would not be upgradeable are as old as the first WP8 announcements.
So, MS and (THT Elop's) Nokia have lied to and let down their own customers.
They promised a flagship, they actually provided an obsolete brick with the only intent of keeping momentum for the WP platform while waiting for WP8 (or, if that's not gonna work, WP9).
As usual MS customers have been used for beta testing SW. I'm not sure they will like it.

Yet, I'm sure this was a calculated move by MS. When WP8 is out, they will have a more competitive platform, and will "only" have upset the few customers who trusted themselves and Nokia.
Hopefully (for MS), they will suffer minimal damage in exchange for a more reasonable chance to compete with iOS and Android in the future.
But this might backfire in mobile, where MS has no monopolistic advantage compared to the PC world.

So, just to summarise:
1) WP7 was an obsolete platform since inception, way behind the competition. This is proven by the need by MS to switch to WP8.
2) MS & Nokia have abused their mobile customer base, adding insult (trying to cover the facts of WP7 reality) to injury (WP7 being obsolete since inception)

Incidentally, there was a casualty in this entire process: Nokia. Small price to pay by MS, since they did not spend a single cent on what is now one of their captive OEMs and technology providers (mobile SW & HW know-how, Nokia Maps, patents, carrier relations, you name it). A totally free lunch. All they did was to just to pay for (WP) marketing campaigns.



China: Yes, I do believe what was reported, taking into account two important fact behind the calim:

1. a certain 4 week period
2. unofficial iPhone shipment excluded

And hello, it's marketing, you know. ;-)

If I was as childish as you, I could ask you, do you believe Statscounter presents the absolute truth. You say yes, I say I don't. C'mon, you talk about hundredths of percentages and make hell of a noise about it. And draw conclusions on it. Why don't you do as so many of us - wait for the official numbers.

@earendil Star

You know, you're bullshit is exactly as big as my bullshit. ;-) Sorry for being so direct.

I simply don't get it with what's bothering you guys. Maybe everything you say, Earendil, is true. Not that I agree, you are also known to publish questionable/false claims here.

Why can't you behave like an adult? I believe Nokia and WP will make it, you don't. No need to jump on me on that.

Elm says Nokia is going to die. May I have your opinion on that? Are you as brave and would like to present your "fact" on this? Before you respond, I repeat that I know nothing, I only hope and believe in something. You?

Perttu Pitkäjorma

Hello Nokia muppets, and good afternoon! How much you think 1 cent Lumia 900 will bring into Nokia's pockets? What kind of bullshit market is that, in which Nokia's so called flagship model costs one cent ??

I don't know, but to me it sounds like total bullshit. It smells like total bullshit too. Guess it must be bullshit then.

Nokia is dead, they went all in but bet the wrong horse. A horse with a deadly illness. That horse was Windows Phone.



Thanks for your post, it made me smile :-)

I agree with you that WP7 is in the same level of S40
Yes, it could be perfect for cheap phone, for me sub 100$ without contract

But let face WP7 is limited to qualcom cpu and 800x480 screen, that means it cant fit in a sub 100$ phone

So, WP7 is totally useless a total FAILURE



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