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June 14, 2012


Ed Austin

Elop managed however to place Microsoft in a win-win situation. If Nokia go under so what, we lost a few million or so? If they don't (and they achieve minor success) we will still hold the OS rights and Nokia are one of many mere licensees which we'll screw for all we can. But we need Nokia as no other major player is desperate enough to touch us.

Microsoft are petrified of iOS and Android - so they sent in Elop to stop the logical and profitable decison - Nokia to go with Android and layer Nokia Mapping and other stuff on top. Heck it would only take a small team of developers and a few million dollars maximum to do that! THAT LITTLE.

Nokia superb Hardware + Base Android + Nokia Layered Software = a Killer combination.

That is all it would have taken to move Nokia into serious play and a strong competitor to Samsung.

And now be Billions $$$ in profits.

Elop I am afraid still takes orders from Ballmer.

It's so self-evident its embarrassing.

Seppo Nikkilä

The figures and the arguments are right but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jorma Ollila hired Stephen Elop as the CEO.
Jorma Ollila was the Chair during the catastrophic fiscal 2011.
Jorma Ollila earlier hired OPK.
Jorma Ollila smoked out Ala-Huhta and Pertti Korhonen.
Jorma Ollila gave the power to run a great engineering company to lawyers, politicians, and bean counters.
And this is not all...

So who is the guilty one?

John Anderson

Elop should admit what we already know: Windows phones aren't selling.
A new tactic Nokia will be trying is lowering the price of the Lumia 610, to try and break into the price conscious Chinese market. Elop has already admitted that Microsoft was giving Nokia "specific support" to lower the price.

peter woo

I like the tile interface.
Windows 8 look is very bold beautiful and fluid.
is a newcomer, young and attractive
it's perfectly suited for tablets thanks to the low power drain and low heat generated by systems running on ARM processor !!;)
im so happy for codename:Windows 8 and i think Windows 95 was a big deal for users and developers alike.
Overall, this release feels smoother, faster, snappier, and more stable.
Metro does rock on desktop and laptop!
with this your luck can be perfect.
now with touch you can have all your requirements plus even more.
My prediction is clear and I know that there will be a much perfect luck for the whole W(P)8(RT) universe than Microsoft can imagine.I respect Microsoft for doing that. My opinion on these metro hating freaks is that they are all people who don't like to change

and dont forget Thank for feedback mark as answer and log uri


I seriously think Elop is a MOLE, sent by Microsoft to kill Nokia. He is a puppet at the hands of Ballmer, why else would one kill the hand that feeds you. Let alone a WP8, I even hate a Win7 PC to work on, it crashes a million times a day. I am sure Ballmer has other plans like buying over Nokia at dirt cheap price & all its invaluable patents.
What Nokia should do is - split the company into 3, (1) exclusively for the WP (2) tieup with Google & launch 7 to 8 Android phones to combat Samsung & the likes (3) develop the new & existing opportunities like TABLETS & develop Symbian and MeeGo OS. Well then in a years time look at which company has given the maximum profits, close down/re-develop the loss making unit.
At the end I only hope Nokia to survive else we will loose a great mobile player with awesome hardware capability.


Loving your blog, Great job!!

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Like Bjarneh said he roper kill more potential profit, through the kill N9. An interesting point to consider is that profit margins also (so I heard) much higher N9 and it sold more than lumia (with its low profit margin) in the first quarter. So this itself that elvis roper inability in running a company (the company = a company profits of the company and its shareholders)
In view of elvis roper obviously misleading shareholders and his burning platform - and our memorandum prove here, this may make court nokia/elvis roper is very interesting!

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Conspiracy Theory

I actually think that Nokia 51% stock already owned by Microsoft under different company name, even before Elop was hired.

Shareholders are bunch of people that only care about profit and loss. Normally Nokia stock in the past, during good time, around $13-14, then drop to around $11, Nokia CEO OPK replaced by Elop. What if, during the drop, Microsoft thru other company name offering the 51% shareholders an extra money, i.e. 50 cents more, will you sell? I think they will sell.

I think.. with 51% stocks, if Microsoft really have it, they can easily replace the CEO, change OPK with their guy.., ELOP.

I believe all the signs are there, easy to read.

1. Within few months as CEO, release a destructive memo and announcement that kills symbian & Meego, put WM as the only OS that Nokia Smartphone will use in the near future, while almost everyone (except microsoft people) think that is very stupid moves.

2. Very honest announcement that customer will not appreciate anyway, why.. Nokia WM still a year later release after announcement, but before Nokia WM being release, hey.. Nokia still need to sell Symbian phone, why you have to tell people? Did RIM tell people that their company is in deep trouble? Will you buy Nokia Symbian phone, if you know that one day the support will stop? No, then.. Nokia start cutting people, because business is not as big as before, easy thing to do, just playing with numbers.

3. Good deal huh? Microsoft bring money back to Nokia? hm.. Nokia can only use WM, but Microsoft can sell WM to anyone, even.. they are start making their own products. Still thinking is a good deal?

4. Now, the big question, why Elop is not being replaced, even though Nokia stock price went down to $1? Nokia Stock drop $2-$3, share holders already replaced OPK straight away.. Now, Elop? $10 drop still CEO?

Ok.. Imagine, if 51% Nokia stock is actually belong to Microsoft.
1. Nokia use WM as the only OS? Excellent, that is what Microsoft want
2. Kills Symbian and Meego? yes, very good, so.. Nokia can focus only on Microsoft Windows Mobile
3. Good deal? yes, to Microsoft
4. Replace Elop? why? his mission in Nokia is to sell as much as Windows Mobile phone, even though the stock price is less that a dollar, So.. Microsoft just said.. continue what you do

Wow.. Why Microsoft want to do that?
My assumption, Apple Vs. Microsoft, Apple getting bigger and bigger, thru their mobile device. Microsoft think that they need to do something, but their WM is very weak, need a vehicle.. sadly, Nokia was chosen.

So, Microsoft want to kill Nokia? No, they want their WM success too, but their product is suck, so even Nokia great product can not help that much, but for Microsoft, its just a WM department, but for Nokia, its a life and dead.


Robert Waters

Have you analyzed the impact of this on Microsoft, and WP7 in particular? It would be interesting to see. And if the theories about MS placing Elop at Nokia are correct, the analysis might help provide evidence. If some of the wilder theories are correct, this could be the business world's equivalent of Watergate. Alternatively, there might be no conspiracy, and this is just an example of a perfect storm where a poor CEO meets an inflection point in the market. The fact that Nokia collapsed is not evidence that MS is involved.

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