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June 27, 2012


Cana Da

Nokia has no plan B, and with Flop the only soul on the moon WP would have a market share of 100% over night. On the moon that is.


A golden retriever would do a better job than Elop, I guess. It knows how to beg for forgiveness when scolded, unlike elop.


Personal background of chairman Siilasmaa explains a lot.

He is the founder and main owner of the successful anti-virus software company F-Secure. That means that Microsoft and its badly written software has been a great blessing for him. Microsoft made it possible for him to create a fortune. He should be grateful and he seems to be.

Of course Microsoft appreciates that kind of partners that support Windows sales.

Both Siilasmaa and MS knows that world is going more mobile and they have to work together to keep their position.

Relation between an anti-virus maker and Windows maker is quite contradictory but they seem to have a happy marriage.


Esa, I think that is right on the money. That crossed my mind too a while ago.

So basically they have rigged the scene so that MS support cannot collapse in Nokia BOD. And.. a board member would stand against the chairman..? That is not going to happen! Why anybody would want to do is much more convenient to cash the fat paycheck!

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Lasko, Burnt, Tomo, khim, don, Tona and Zachariach

Lasko - I ignore the trolls, you better do so too. They want attention and traffic to their blogs so just let them be. I remove their self-serving comments here. But thanks. You don't have to agree with me, I welcome debate and discourse, just be civil about it and factual. The trolls are deleted always.. And I guess I have reached some level of 'celebrity status' haha, if I have personalized trolls too. I guess I should be happy :-)

Burnt - yes. Fishy!!

Tomo - just about to happen now, Nokia was again down by 4% today in Helsinki and closing on 1.60 Euros (am responding on Friday)

khim - thanks! As to the Android forecast, I did say I was wrong about it when the numbers came out..

Lasko (To Ex Nokian) - totally correct. Those were Elop's own management decision and his own communications, they were not the fault of Nokia's organization or Nokia's Board and the fault therefore falls directly on Elop on those points. He himself for example admits his Burning Platforms memo caused damage to Nokia sales.

don - yeah, it really is stunning. Why is Elop allowed to remain as CEO?

Tona - thank you for the long comment and personal observations. About featurephones, I occasionally mention them but this blog is about Digital Convergence and Communities Dominate, so the smartphone ecosystems 'battle' is far more relevant to the readers, than the gradually to-be-replaced proprietary featurephone platforms of Nokia, Samsung, LG etc. That is why I don't much talk about them in this context and meanwhile the smartphone OS battle is at the very center of the digital convergence battle right now, even more so than tablet PCs (due to the enormous scale of smartphones vs the modest size of the market of tablets). I do visit emerging world stories regularly on this blog so there you have a good point and I try to do that. I was just in Sri Lanka a month ago and will be in India in a few weeks and Guatemala later in the month, so I try to stay in touch with and provide my consulting support to the markets of the Emerging World. And I write about them regularly in my books and on this blog.

As to your point, yes, Nokia 'owned' that part of the digital evolution, they were the bestselling handset brand of China, India, Africa, Latin America, Russia, Indonesia, the Middle East etc. And Nokia was the bestselling smartphone brand in those markets, and the bestselling app store, with local language apps and developers. All that was lost with the Windows Phone strategy which won't even be supportive of low-cost handsets.

Zachariah - yes, your puzzlement is as big as mine. The CEO made severe strategic mistakes throughout last year and this, and he has also made countless tactical and communication mistakes. He is unfit to run the company - and the sahreholders agree as the Nokia share price has lost 91% since the peak in early February 2011, just before Elop started on this madness. What Board allows the CEO to remain as he ruins the company comprehensively?

Thank you all, please keep the comments coming

Tomi Ahonen :-)


UbiMobi, Isn't it that simple.

Now we can forget all the conspiracy theories. It is all about anti-virus.

Risto Siilasmaa, chairman of the board of Nokia is an anti-virus man. So naturally he is wearing anti-virus glasses. What is the difference between anti-virus glasses and M$ glasses? Tell me. I don't know.

He was elected on board at 2008. I can imagine that he been talking to everyone on board about his godfather. Godfather that gave birth to his business and feeds his business.

Finally when Nokia's board had to make a decision, they were fed up with Risto's godfather and said, call your godfather.

Why Risto is the chairman now?

Most of the the board members were asked and they all said: Risto should eat his own shit.


We'll see how this one goes. Blackberry is trying to keep it's market share with failing and obsolete OS, while promising new OS somewhere in the future.

This is something that was advised to Nokia from the writer of this blog. If RIM fails, then there was no real hope for Nokia.

Windows 8 look nice. But I think that Nokia is somewhat of a tarnished brand. Nokia is just not perceived as hi-tech company anymore.

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It's nice to see another verb added to the English business failure lexicon after Osborned and Ratnered. Though Eloped sounds like another English verb that means something more positive for lovers.


In addition, MBA courses will have a new case study to analyze to death - the Burning Platform Memo or how to write business memos with monumental or catastrophic effects. Better yet, a new definition of 'Genius' will be studied - since it takes a real genius to bring a giant market leader down in a record 18 months.


Your "revised" 2Q2012 smart devices forecast was apparently off by 1.8 Mio. units, or approx. 21.4%. Any comment?


@KPOM Believe me, meego is far more better than that android and beats that crappy system, hands down. The problem wasn't the system, the problem was the management. Nokia killed it self by the year. But at least they still have the best phones in the world, that last more then 1 year, unlike all other plastic sqare something so called phones. Another problem is that all other aimed a market that nokia didn't though about. The market of 80% people that normaly wouldn't need a smartphone because they don't know how to use it. They made it simple with loads of apps and that's it, who needs to know how all work. Good strategy, but i'm proud i'm not a part of it. Just cause i use smartphones sience ever. At that time you could see people that know what a smart is and people that don't know and used normal phones. Now i see everywhere smartphones in the hands of people that have no clue how to use them, only blogging or facebook, or connecting to other lifeless sites. To make an easy to work with plastic for the mass, and promote it properly, would probably be a resurrecting strategy for Nokia. Loads of games and other utter rubbish apps. So people, can satisfy their needs of a "smartphone". People these days are so ignorant they would buy a Sophone IPhlok, Sypidipi, Chocomoco(and be proud of how "good" it is) chinese crapp because has an android system or ios (at least an ios interface). The rubbish industry is working, so that means that people realy like this tipe of buying. I recomand this for nokia. To sell their souls and make "smartphones" for the mass. Rubbish = selling...

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