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June 14, 2012


Dipankar Mitra

I'm really too saddened to say anything about this. Except...firing one person would have saved the 10,000, and got the company back on track.



Does angry mob burning elop is considered death penalty?


Are the Nokia shareholders blind, or what? Seriously, wake up people and fire Elop ass. Can't they do an extraordinary shareholders meeting and show all the M$ moles from the board the doors? Ridiculous.
The move with Meltemi is the final nail to the coffin. If there is any segment, where Nokia is still strong it is the simple phones market. Also, there is still a great market to conquer in the developing countries with these phones. They are not so profitable as smartphones obviously, but the benefit from them should not be calculated only in the profit per unit sold... You are building brand recognition on an undemanding market, creating customers habits etc. If Nokia is the first phone for them, there is a great chance, that they will get used to the phone menu's etc., and as they will grow richer, will be loyal to the brand.
Nah, I'm writing some obvious statements here, so what's the point? Well, they are not so obvious for Elops team... In my opinion Nokia Siemens Networks is the last "jewel" in the Nokia's vault, and with results like these, they are going to sell it pretty soon... After that they can turn off the light, close the doors, because the only thing that will be left, will be debts, and "bright" managerial team.



Look at the stock price, the shareholders aren't blind. The problem is with todays companies it's a lot more easier to just sell the stock than try to oust whole board and the CEO.


Nokians, esp. finnish nokia robots, You were always arrogantly exploiting indian workers. Talking shit about them with your Nokia "collaguaes"

Oh you were travelling like ambassadeur, putting your kids to fine foreign schools in india, letting indians act as slaves to your wife, acting like true colonialist.

It is time you get your share of karma! F you!


@BountyHunter: To be fair, *everyone* in Nokia spoke shit about Indian workers, but the Indians weren't as bad as the Chinese.

P910i ....

Next thing will be Nokia closing down its remaining factories...

And to quote Chris Weber (this is from August 2011!): “When we launch Windows Phones we will essentially be out of the Symbian business, the S40 business, etc., (...) It will be Windows Phone and the accessories around that. The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do (elsewhere).”
"North America is a priority for Nokia, Weber said, in part because it is a key market for Microsoft."


And for those comments, Chris Weber just got promoted today, which means that both, the CEO and the BoD are on the same page with Chris...

Earendil Star


Great article! It could be a laugh if it weren't for the poor Nokia workers being laid off for somebody else's fault.

“Nokia plans its biggest-ever marketing push focused on re-establishing its presence in the U.S.. Without getting into numbers, it is significantly larger than anything we have done in the past and the most we will invest in any market worldwide”

Result: largest marketing push ever, smallest result ever. Great dude. Yet, Weber was not fired. He is still there.

Behold: these are real (MS) professionals: the greatest launch (Lumia 900) was organized on... Easter Day, when all shops were closed! Lol!

But the really insightful bit is the involuntary slip:
"North America is a priority for Nokia, Weber said, [...] because it is a key market for Microsoft."
This tells it all.

To all, here, please spread the truth:


Jussi J

Hey. I've been looking at Nokia ever since I decided to abandon it. My comment feels a little too harsh, and I really feel bad about the people that got their lives ruined by bad management, but... I think the move is correct from Nokia's point of view. I think Nokia found out a long time ago, that it has to play risky when it comes to choosing feature or smart. I am definitely not saying that WP is the answer, but I would not be surprised to see Android leaking in this year, yes, against all odds. Nokia will still seek to "blow the bank" with WP, which seems to blow them off, but they also need cash flow to keep the dream coming.

I'll say Nokia will release an Android phone later this year.


@Tomi: Thank you for covering this and for your commentary. Another very sad day for Nokia employees, communities and stockholders. Who wins here? Only Microsoft, who get more time to develop WP8 and W8RT with Nokia employees before W8's introduction at the end of this year.



Yeah, that would be good. But I don't see the angry mob. It seems like Fins don't care for their national jewel :(


I think the last bunch of traditionnal phone makers to have abandonned feature phone market were Motorola and Sony-Ericsson. One of their best move I guess... If Meltemi disparition is officialy confirmed, Nokia follows two of the most clever foot marks...


I just have this feeling Nokia has made dramatic shifts in the past from producing so many goods to only mobile phones

This thing just occurred to me what if Nokia takes one more turn and shifts to photography business as in manufacturing really compact cameras,they already have immense know how of cameras and lenses and how to make them smaller and more powerful(2 of the best cameraphones out there are N8 and 808 PV),they have a long standing partnership with Carl Zeiss.

This is just a wild shot but still WHAT IF???

It is quite clear(From Tomi's analysis and many other knowledgeable people like the folks at Mysymbian) that Nokia as "independent" mobile phones company is gone(Unless WP8 is able to deliver what other OS do and is a stunner in every which way,highly unlikely)

MSFT gains Nokia patents from 3rd parties and trolls Android and Google.

Could the Open Handset Alliance make a joint bid to acquire Nokia and end MSFT and Apple's patent trolling once and for all...hmmmmmm that would be so interesting

employed by Nokia

Yes, in Ulm people where working on two Meltemi products.
One already got canceled. Oulu worked on one product. Both where scheduled for Q1 2013. F*ck Elop, he is a Trojan from M$! I don't know why he didn't take also the consequence and resign?!?

Yes: Meltemi was going to be a Smartphone (and Tablet!) OS
No: It was not really Meego based. Base system was OpenSUSE based + QT on top.

At least the following Nokia sites contributed to Meltemi: Brisbane, Boston, Vancouver, Berlin, Ulm, Espoo, Oulu, Tampere.

--> an anonymous Meltemi worker that got told, that he will be fired soon

Ville Kerälä

I found these pictures from the web.. I dunno the people look so .. so not top people..... I guess they are mid thirties .. tired... defeated... they are not on the pulse of razors edge development... look be the judge!

Top developers must earn their wages every day...not looking for next summer holiday, golf, travel 'n shit like these people....


Firstly I'd like to point out NOKIA invented the smartphone - not Apple, not Samsung, not Google, not microsoft, NOKIA.

At the time Elop announced Symbian and MeeGo would be shelved and replaced with Windows Phone 7 NOKIA were selling more smartphones than Apple and Samsung COMBINED and their sales were increasing.

Elop killed the OS with the largest market share on the planet (NOKIA's Symbian) and replaced it with the OS with the smallest (Microsoft's WP7). When he did so he was holding millions of dollars of Microsoft shares.

Samsung, LG and HTC had all already tried to market WP7 devices, all had failed. There was no reason to believe this strategy would be a successful one for NOKIA. Why would you put all your eggs in a basket you already know to be full of holes?

The urban myth that Symbian was failing before Elop publicly deprecated it simply isn't true. NOKIA's sales figures are publicly available check them for yourself. The sales were growing right through 2010. In Q4 2010 Elop closed the Symbian Foundation, in Q1 2011 Elop 'leaks' the burning platform memo, followed shortly after by the announcement Symbian was deprecated and then the sales nose-dive. That's the easily verifiable order of events and it's not coincidence. Remember NOKIA's customers are carriers and retailers not Joe Public. What carrier/retailer is going to take a device declared obsolete by it's own CEO into their inventory? Surely Elop must have foreseen that response? He's either an imbecile or a saboteur, I suspect the latter.

Elop has killed all of NOKIA's open source projects Symbian/MeeGo/Meltemi/PySide/Qt (Microsoft have stated open source is a 'cancer').

He has alienated China Mobile (a carrier larger than all major North American carriers combined) as they were part of the MeeGo working group and had publicly announced their commitment to offering MeeGo phones to their subscribers (The two largest carriers in China, who hold over 90% of the market between them, wont offer Lumia devices so I don't believe that story about Lumia's taking 7% of the market in China either - wait till the true figures are released 0_o).

He has artificially restricted the markets for NOKIA's award winning phones like the N9 and the PureView (they don't run WP7).

He has transferred thousands of NOKIA's most valuable patents into third party companies where Microsoft is getting a cut of the license fees even though they made no contribution whatsoever to developing the patented technologies (Microsoft wont buy NOKIA - they don't need to).

He has gifted the right to use Navteq to Microsoft so they can be used on any WP7 mobile whether or not it's made by NOKIA.

Now he's got rid of the head of the feature phone division (could it be Series 40 with swipe looks to have better sales potential than WP7?).

He has replaced numerous NOKIA managers with Microsoft ones.

Every single decision Elop has made has been to the benefit of Microsoft and to the detriment of NOKIA.

There's a genuinely shocking story here that just isn't being told, instead we get articles by authors who don't even appreciate the difference between Symbian smartphones and Series 40 feature phones.

It's genuinely sad to see a great European technology company being dismembered and thousands of Europeans losing their jobs in the middle of an economic crisis all in a vain attempt to make Microsoft's failed OS popular.

The Lumia's are great looking devices, put any half-decent OS on there and they'd sell like hot cakes.


@Ville: My favorite picture of Elop, from last month's shareholders' meeting in Helsinki:

You want to talk about people not looking so top... Elop looks like he is, a complete wind up moron from Microsoft.


I feel really sorry for Nokia workers. Now that Meltemi is gone as well, there is truly nothing left besides WP. I think the stock market is telling: EUR 1.83/USD 2.35 . Is there something like a de-listing warning if the stock falls below EUR 1 in the Helsinki Stock Exchange?

It is quite clear now that Nokia, on the current path, will only shrink until it is but a shell company for MS to produce Windows Phones. There is most likely a contract in place that prevents Nokia from producing "new" other smartphones, for which they received 250 million EUR per quarter. But looking at the numbers, that does not seem to be worth it (note though, that they may have to pay it back if they break the contract!).

Tomi - one thing that bugs me about further losses here is: how long will Nokia's cash last at the current burn rate? Should be somewhere around Q2 2013 no?

If they start selling patents, they are truly desperate... since patents do not really cost that much if already issued, and are a good source of income. Google and their Android partners will be glad to buy some of them, though.


Since Nokia's patents have already been licensed to both Apple and Microsoft, they are not worth so much to Google and their Android partners. In any case, if the MOSAID story is to be any indication, the patents are not likely to be sold to the highest bidder, but to whoever can do the most damage to Android with them.

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