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May 11, 2012




88. Cannot save new contacts from call history.

97. Cannot send/receive contact as a csv file.


96. No silent option (no vibrate and no ring).

These claims are TOMI dead wrong!


Hi Tomi, I'm the author of the 101 List. Thanks for publicizing it.

The fact is that the MeeGo OS even in its first incarnation is far more capable than WP7.5. I can say that it has none of the embarrassing snafus and usability problems that plague WP7.5. Nokia as an specialist phone manufacturer is far more capable than Microsoft in writing smartphone OS. Yet Elop decided to ditch MeeGo for a half-baked OS over which he has absolutely no control over and pay Microsoft $15 per phone for it.

Now we hear with consternation that the N9 has been withdrawn in Finland and Sweden. Is this the beginning of the end of N9 production? This is madness because it is still a most desirable product. It can only mean that the N9 is selling so well that Elop has to kill it off by force.

Coming later, I intend to write a feature comparison between MeeGo and WP7.5. Prepare to be shocked!


Well, alternatively the N9 sales might be dropping off and maybe they don't want to prop those sales up with lower margins. I can't imagine any business would want to end up potentially making losses on a self-declared dead end platform. I don't think there is enough information to say if either possibility is accurate yet.

On a supported platform where you are trying to build market share for future exploitation, continuing to sell existing models at low or negative margins can be valid but not when you've already declared the end. I suspect this is why the remaining Symbian devices look so expensive at the moment too - they will sell quite a few 808s no matter what the price so might as well make as much as possible. 450E is too rich for me for a dead platform, sadly. I'd love to have the last Symbian device with that fantastic camera.



I know people who sometimes have to remove battery to disconnect calls on a Lumia model because phone freezes during call.


Tomi, do you there is a true possibility of a CAMERA manufacturer buying out Nokia just for their camera (and pureview) patents?

If I understand correctly the technologies involved could be upscaled even more to make a truly revolutionary camera that would change the entire image capturing market on all levels.

A bigger 41MPX sensor, with bigger (better) lenses could use the 30fps 41MPX 1GIGPIX/S output a 41MPX video that would be unrivaled. Or use even more pixels with an ever better sensor and a better processor, coupled with optical zoom to make a truly remarkable camera.

Sorry it doesn't have much to do with this article, but since you read the comments and all, and I think your opinion is highly accurate I would want to know what you think of this.


I made a huge mistake by buying Lumia 800. Only Outlook email and browser are reasonable. Calendar and Contacts are mess and illogical to use. I am still struggling with some basic task after two months while my friends get used to use N9 in hours. User friendlines behind the tiles not exist.

Some examples:
- While speaking on Skype, the calendar alarm will disconnect Skype call. Additionally Skype does not run in background which means you can only use it or cannot receive calls/messages whiledoing something else or nothing.
- while having a call you are able to check other apps (looking contacts for example) BUT screen is automatically switched back to phone screen faster you can read the number
- I joined a conf call and tried to follow 20 pages PDF presentation. Every time phone phone screen was switched back and I had to restart and rescroll the PDF.
- I am generating daily "pocket calls", which rarely happened earlier

I can confirm most of the items on the 101-list. Few are not valid. For example I haven't found weekly views on calendar even Mynokiablog says it's there.


"Nokia N9 Second Coming"



As seen in here and in other forums, your list is proven to include several false claims. In this forum, that's business as usual, in other forums not necessarily that much.

Do you plan to come up with an updated list where your false claims are corrected?



the source of that claim is questionable at best.

the truth is actually much worse, here in Norway the N9 is basically dropped as of now, almost none of the electronics shops are selling it anymore..


I do not know..I used to be a Nokia Symbian programmer but it seems that nobody wouldn't even Shat on this windows "dumbphony"....

It is so undesirable... What do you other Symbian programmers think who were kicked out from Nokia? Do you like Lumia?? Or did you like Symbian more??



You are probably right. Nokia seems to do exactly what they shouldn't do if they want to survive.

All these steps are for one thing and one thing only. Microsoft is feeling a huge pressure to keep it's monopoly. And they will take all steps they can to defend it. Nokia was just one way avoid loosing money in keeping windows phone alive until they can compete with windows 8.


I have some wp. Actually, i used those before as my first smart phone and now i'm using android and it is my in fact, i also bought Lumia 900 without contract because i wanted to know whether it is good like good reviews said. bu Lumia justwas disappointed and still WP has a lot of lack of features and bugs...... i think you know that someone can find moreover 101. It seems to me that the who is misleading peoples is you. is any lacking feature in other phone? The point is for you, It can't be reason that we need to wait next WP or next next WP or WP 10.


About my comment, it was for tomifan.



Do you know of any OS that has more shortcomings compared to WP?
MeeGo Harmattan is probably the OS that is most complete and the reason for that is that is based on Linux and apps are in native C++, Nokia is getting a lot for free because of this solution and no other OS has the hardware support that Linux has.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next Android version will have ha full support for native C++ (API that isn't going to change), when they do have that Meego Harmattan and Android will be very similar. Android need this to stay ahead when Tizen and Windows 8 is coming to hold it's position.


c'mon guys, you know what is the best smartphone ever:

Earendil Star


Your attempt to dismiss the 101 list is ludicrous.

Wrong practically across the board, right from example n.1!!!!

Let's see point n.1: WP has... NO multitasking WHATSOEVER, just as iOS does not have it.

HOWEVER, the iOS multitasking stop-gap implementation is HUGELY SUPERIOR to the WP one.

In WP, if you switch an app to the background, it either crashes or reboots when you recall the application later, when you need it. Just unbelievable.

Now, maybe if you're playing Angry Birds it's not a big deal. But for other applications, discovering that all you had done is lost means, to say the least, really a huge annoyance.
Worse, if you were expecting some tasks to complete or go-on while in the background, either for saving time or because you needed that functionality to work (e.g. Sportstracker), you will be up for a harsh disappointment.

So, maybe some minor points of the 101 list are inaccurate, but the wider message holds. The truth is, as I already said time and time again, that MS had to rush this OS to the market, and decided to focus ONLY on eye candy and touch responsiveness. That's all. Everything else is just half (one sixteenth would probably be a more precise assessment) baked. This is what counts, everything else is just trying to sway attention from the real important matter.

To make things worse, as many are pointing out, WP7 is itself a stop-gap implementation, waiting for Apollo WP8. Which itself carries no guarantees of being any better.
However, another problem, there is -once again- no upgrade path. The kernel will be different. Many technologies used in WP7 will be dropped.
Most likely Lumias will not be upgradeable to WP8 and developers will have to re-start developing for the WP platform from scratch.

So, now the tough question that matters: why has Nokia so foolishly chosen this crazy path, of adopting EXCLUSIVELY this half baked platform with minuscule market share and no future?
Producing phones that will become obsolete as soon as WP8 apollo is released? When it could have continued with Symbian / Meego AND Android, a much safer bet?
Which, contrary to THT Elop lies, would have allowed Nokia to differentiate much more compared to WP (which, among its drawbacks, is also a terrible straitjacket, because of its impositions or limitations)?

So, Tomifan, give us a break. Stop trolling and swaying attention from what really matters.
The situation for Nokia is grave (although not serious), and we have no time to be distracted by futile or meaningless details.

Sander van der Wal


Of course I think that killing Symbian before I had wasted my money on it porting my apps to Qt is better than killing Symbian after I had wasted my money on it.

After all, now it is other people's money being wasted. But as long it isn't mine, I am not unhappy.

Anyway, If a company is changing policy, and if other companies have aligned with the earlier policy and spend money on that older policy, these other companies would be mad as hell. Would you work again with somebody that cost you lots of investment money before he changed course, making the investment worthless?

Regarding multiple ecosystem support by one vendor, I already explained that you cannot cover all ecosystems, so you need to prioritize. The one that makes you the most money comes first. If you can make more money developing for the second compared to the costs involved, you develop for the second too. For the third, same reasoning. Which explains the network effect. A bigger ecosystem makes more money, all other things being equal. So you create a single ecosystem.

Earendil Star


Yeah, some background though: it looks like Siri taps into Wolfram Alpha for info...

What an amazing marketing feat this whole Siri thing was! Kudos to Apple for mastery in the field.

Yet, I wonder how much the passing away of Steve Jobs, combined with the huge coverage and mystic aura it received, supported Apple, and if so, how long this effect will last.

On a different note, the whole Worlfram Alpha thing turned out to be a huge disappointment.
I really had great expectations from it, but despite the great initial hype, underwhelming performance ensued thereafter.
What a pity, though.

Adrian Bunk


Your statement "all these three are staples of Nokia usability and yes, even dumb phones do these things pretty universally now, certainly all Nokia dumbphones have done for years" might be true for S40 phones, but it is not for S30 phones.



I really confused before with 2 tones of Peter voice :)

I don't think Nokia can't be fixed easily right now.
If we give an analogy of Nokia as a human,
a doctor (elop) has miss-diagnose nokia, and has amputated his arm and leg, and remove 2 of his kidney. How can he perform now?

Elop has burned the bridge behind him, he has manage to make nokia can't make a turn around to meego and symbian again. (this is where I don't agree with tomi). and current symbian line is REALLY SUCKS in price/performance compared to android. To be honest, nokia can't sell any symbian (ex. nokia 700, 701) over US$200, and must have the lowest model at US$ 90 (i.e nokia 600). and that lowest model should not be the nokia 500. in case you didn't know, nokia 500 is the worst symbian belle devices. nokia remove the GPU, and make user think symbian is bad.

right now meego team is small, the team has been in storm for the last 1 year+, it need to speed up to fight android 4.0. and seeing the rapid development of android, it would be a very good challenge for this.

So my scenario on what nokia should do.
Trash the further development of S40 series. It waste time, waste money, and it can't fight android. Google Eric Smitdh already said that early next year there will be US$ 70 android.
So, LOW END: the current asha line should be around US$ 100 at max for now, and US$ 70 MAX next year. otherwise it won't be an interesting product. Treat S40 as dead platform that should really need to be updated, and it's good as it's currently is.
MID END: Symbian, US$90 - US$ 200 for now. redevelop symbian, and make it for US$ 70 - US$ 140 next year.
HIGH END: dual boot OS Meego & Android. Why? let's admit that Elop has sabotage the 1 year of Meego development. Meego is interesting and good (I have N9), but right now it's hard to compete with android. So, use dual boot android + Meego would create an interesting WIN-WIN for user.

How should nokia tie all the product.... QT
create QT for android, nokia user can download apps from Android Play Store or Android market.
but nokia own android apps would be created in QT so it would also work on symbian and meego.
So, if developer create apps with QT, it could target nokia android, symbian and also meego.

and PS, buy Motorola from Google to speed up Android.
I know google were itch to sell Motorola.

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