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May 11, 2012



@David Niven

Same here!


Hi Guys,

do you really thing that Nokia would be in a better position if it won't switch to another platform and proceed with Symbian and MeeGo?

Nokia's profit margin was steadily going down also before Elop's strategy change in Feb 11. ( Wasn't it the reason of declining operational profit that Elop was put in place instead of OPK? It was clear that Nokia has to save money to stay in the market. Today Nokia is totally out of time to just return and continue with Symbian and do some other alternatives like WP or Android with low priority. That is too expensive! Nokia would be bankrupt within next half year! My guess is that Nokia has already rejected planned Symbian projects and speed up planned layoffs to save cash and last a bit longer until current and planned projects (WP and new feature phones) take off. At least that is really Nokia's last chance. I agree that now selling N9 in more markets would get Nokia some money but you shouldn't forget that the N9 is build on an old Nokia internally developed hardware platform which might not generate enough earnings. So you shouldn't just count on making much money with the N9. Don't get me wrong. The N9 is gorgeous, really the best Nokia phone ever, but it won't save Nokia. Developing the post-N9 MeeGo hardware platform together with Intel would burn even more money and would be the more risky path IMHO then jumping to WP.

It is a pitty to see so many great engineers moving away from Nokia during that time. But the path to success now would mean to streamline most of Nokia's corporate structure. I guess Nokia will shrink as an organisation. It already has and will redefine its inner workings and operational structures. Maybe Nokia can survive after Symbian and MeeGo departments are gone and only WP smart devices and feature phone departments stays alive. Nokia is in the need since two years to carefully check where it puts its money. Symbian and MeeGo developement is just too expensive to turn things around. Even if Nokia never switched to WP! If you question why Symbian is too expensive than just ask Tomi on how many sides Nokia was developing it's Symbian phones.

Elop is at Nokia to execute the strategy. Nothing more and nothing less. It's business where everyone should stay away with personal feelings. Elop might stay after successful execution or move onwards. That doesn't matter now. But it would give the wrong signal to fire him now. Ok, that's my personal opinion. Tomi, you are free to tell your opinion in your blog and I am following your blog with interest!

Buttface Elop

It's easy to be an big mouth the American way...

Elop trampled into Nokia's HQ like a bull going in a china shop. He didn't have any ideas about the mobile phone industry nor experience as a successful CEO. I can't stress it out enough: He killed Macromedia and sold their software like Dreamweaver or Flash to Adobe. And his job at Microsoft didn't give him the experience to act as a CEO of a global company like Nokia. So what the heck does he do at Nokia?

He's behaving like a raging bull. Yelling out that Nokia is a burning platform although its software, Symbian, was still way more successful at the time when he announced the Windows phone strategy. One year later, after numerous big mouth acts that were nothing but embarrassing and obviously utterly unprofessional (again, American big mouthing), he apologetically admits that everything he did was bad for Nokia. Still, he doesn't leave his throne at Nokia and keeps on racing into the wrong direction with the persisting intention of crashing Nokia into the wall. There's not the slightest sign that Windows phone will be successful sometimes in the future. It obviously failed convincing the customers. It's easy to blame the carriers. But I never met anyone asking for a Windows phone device in a shop. People ask for iPhones and Samsungs. Not the Windows phone Samsungs, but the Android Samsungs. I think the customers have a pretty good idea about what they want and what they don't want.

So, forcing Windows phone is definitely the wrongest of all wrong ways. People don't want it, and they won't forget. When they try something, they have a certain expectation. And apparently, Windows phone doesn't meet those expectations. Mostly, because it is so fucking shut up and doesn't bring the functions Nokia customers were used to. And Nokia customers won't accept a cut down OS with less functionality than they were used to. iPhone customers won't buy a Windows phone device because of the Microsoft brand and Android users don't want either of those because they don't want to lose the freedom they're given.

So MeeGo Harmattan was the one and only alternative to all of these operating systems. Still, Elop doesn't want to accept that in public. He keeps on yelling (yes, American big mouthing) that Lumia sales were better than the N9 sales. So, let us stress it out: Elop is a fucking idiot. A liar. A blighter. What does he do? He's got that paper at home he received from Steve Ballmer in 2010. He does what he was told to do. He's ticking one box after another, keeps big mouthing, tries to fool people and holds down the gas pedal to race Nokia to death. The fastest possible way.

At least, the internet never forgets. Everybody will know what kind of fool Stephen "Burning Platform" Elop is. But in the end, that doesn't help Nokia at all.

N8, N9, No more Nokia.


@Marko ,

Elop was not brought into nokia to save it.
He is a criminal who was brought into nokia to dismantle it for the benefit of Wall Street Short Sellers.

He is not working for nokia,
he is not working for microsoft though pretending to work for microsoft,
He is (has been) working for US Wall Street Bankers.

He has almost 100% accomplished his mission via cheating.

1. burning platform
2. windows Phone as primary OS
3. turning over nokia patents to mosaic
4. back on track is a lie
5. release buggy immature WPs in hash
6. launch on Easter Holiday where no stores open

Martin von Willebrand

I wonder two smallish news-bits: 1: Nok saying two days after the AGM that it is actually just considering tablets, not committed; and 2: the -possibly untrue news that the N9 is now available in the US. Is there some change brewing up?


@Spawn ,

nothing is easy to rebuild esp. after such a disaster and the disaster keeps moving forward during our discussion.

but if following my plan B now today, nokia still can be saved on its own only.

part of the team of Symbian and MeeGo still hang on, we've all seen the Bella on 808 PureView and MeeGO PR1.3 on N9. Actual they are excellent when considering how less resources have been allocated to them.

Nokia can allocate more resources to these two teams and bring back key talents at any cost.

Keep the MeeGo name is important, even if it is 100% nokia MaeMo/Meltemi code. MeeGo equals the revolutionary N9, it is the way to keep the coolest factor with nokia.

At the same time, no need to dismantle WP7.5/8 plan but do remove those bad impacts on Symbian and MeeGo. Keep porting good microsft apps (office, exchange, vpn to MeeGo and Symbian).



@Martin von Willebrand,

it is nokia 808 PureView unlocked. Chris Weber previously declared no 808 for US through AllThingD, then changed his tone recently through cnet). new Chairman might start doing something to hoax in new nokia investors.

n9 with US warranty is still unavailable.


@vladkr You made my day with this: It would be more constructive to make a 101 list of reasons why Nokia shouldn't have taken WP as its ONLY OS.

Just to start with the first 10:

#1 WINDOWS phone doesn't sound as tasty as Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich

#2 By Alex Kerr: People who want to eat porridge in the morning don't want to eat bread and cheese

#3 Who wants to buy a used car from Steve Palmer?

#4 Two turkeys don't make an eagle

#5 Windows CE version 1.0 with codename "Alder" was released in 1996. In 2012 when you receive a text message with WP8 when talking on the phone an audio alert will blast your ear at the full volume set

#6 New CEO is coming from Microsoft

#7 More than 99% of the company's employees have never tried Windows Phone before

#8 More than 99% of the company's employees wouldn't buy Windows Phone themselves

#9 Rovio doesn't support Angry Birds for Windows Phone voluntarily

#10 Windows Phone is a lovely victim to be bashed by bloggers

Buttface Elop


I think it'd be wise to rebrand the N9 OS and simply refert to the N9 and tell people it's based on the N9. I think Nokia PureOS for example would be a better name to promote. I'm not sure if the majority would feel comfortable using MeeGo after using iOS or Android just by the name. Maybe you disagree, but you need to meet people's taste. PureFont, PureView, PureOS... hope you see the point.


Nokia is DEAD


But Elop is a CRIMINAL, he should die in jail with Madoff




BY GOD, I never imagined the WinPho 7.5 is that crippled, its mind-blowing considering Microsoft has been doing mobile OS a decade before Apple and Google, and look where iOS and Android are now in a few short years.

Let me reiterate again, Elop must be investigated for collusion of interests and prosecuted.


Communities dominate Brands

Nokia customer community will never forget who did kill his brand
Nokia sold over 1 billions mobile phones, Nokia owners, even the owners of a cheap Nokia dumb-phone, all have been proud of their 'gadget'
Today own a Nokia is a sign of shame, thanks mainly to Elop and his mad memo

Yes, face it, Nokia is Dead, nothing and nobody can safe it now
No MeeGo, no N9, nor firing Elop, there is no way for Nokia to survive
Elop forced the all-in over WP, and this clearly is failing, Lumia is a complete failure

Today Nokia is dying, but tomorrow is Microsoft time for die

Over 1 billions of people hate Microsoft also for have killed Nokia via Elop

Smartphones, tablets, netbook, laptop, pc are converging
Apple and Google are the kings
Microsoft is a huge arrogant, totally incapable to produce a decent mobile OS
How to forget how Microsoft build their success: betrayed IBM and use cheap Taiwanese pc production for keep Apple away from the big biznes, Microsoft was never superior in technology never

Now is game over also for Microsoft

Tricky control acquisition of Nokia did not save the WP burning platform

Still Ballmer is #48 richest guy in the world, he will not die poor nor in jail, but Microsoft countdown has been started



do not be fooled by Steven Elop, he was not dispatched by Steve Balmer, nor Olilla Jorma but by Goldman Sucks into nokia to dismantle nokia from inside because outside like apple , blackberry simply can not crush nokia under OPK's sound strategy.

keeping WP7.5/8 and restore Symbian/MeeGo, nokia still can be saved as long as nokia turns in Steven Elop to US court to face nokia investors and Let a new COO to lead nokia.


Doesn't matter who send Elop in Nokia
We just know Jorma introduced and blessed him
We also know, the amercan funds Dodge, Capital Group and JP have supported/promoted him

Now is over, the brand image of Nokia has been destroyed
Apple, Samsung and Android are running fast and have left Nokia in the dust since months

Nokia is going to fail now, but Microsoft will also fail, it will take longer since they have lot of cash, but their good days are over

Btw, 11.2.2011, a little man was shouting as loud as possible about the crime just made by Elop

Nobody did want to hear back then
Also Tomi was shouting that day

Still the world let a Criminal to accomplish is plan

50b $ have been stolen to honest investors
Lot of money have bin shifted from Finland/Europe to US

Finnish government is still sleeping



Ps: what was doing Angela Merkel when somebody did try to tricky acquire Opel?
What has been done for protect Nokia and their employees?


My prediction

nokia new chiarman will announce:

Due to Recent lawsuits against Steven Elop from nokia investors, his CEO responsibility is now taken over to COO XXX, Steven Elop will spend all his time in facing US court. Steven Elop will be back to resume his CEO responsibility 6 months later till his contract expire or his resignation.


Henry Sinn

@David Niven & @svensson

Same here!

I have MANY phones on most OS's and I CHOOSE to use the N8..

As a side note of amusement, you should see the blank look on people's faces when I say "Why do you think I do that?"

After reading the 101 list [and tweeting it], I shake my head in disbelief. I had no idea WP was THAT bad..



it should be noted that these are not OS problems (Windows Phone OS). the operating system is able to download files with the screen in sleep-mode etc.

most of the 101 problems look like simple things to fix. they illustrate just how immature the platform is, which is why (as everyone else has stated) it was quite silly of Elop to jump ship on Symbian/MeeGo when he did, since the Windows Phone OS was far from ready for primetime


What we learn out of this? That there are more factors then guessed that contribute to the Nokia disaster.
We have the operators and Skype problem, we have the resellers and sales problem, there is the partners-problem, the quality-problem and all that results in a customers-problem.
Losing trust is easy, gaining it not. Nokia will have a hard time to repair the damage. Even when Elop wiill be gone today it would not change much. It will take very good products that are customer, operator, salles and partners friendly. They need to come up with something that not only can compete with Android and iphone but that brings something Android and iphone not have. It needs to be.mind-blowing and receive perception like n9 did. I doubt that will happen.


Tomi tweet another interesting detail. Those of competition like Tizen and Blackberry. I think at the moment both of them do everything right. They will sell good and find a place in the market. I cannot predict how big that place will be but certainly believe it can be significant. One of them could indeed form the 3th ecosystem.
thats another problem Nokia faces. There previous 1th ecosystem Symbian is gone. Its not 2th or 3th either. I think it will vanish from the landscape. Nokia does not invest, did outsource the development and lost marketshare and partners and customers trust. Its a dea horse. Elop killed it.
Nokia has nothing that could become a 3th ecosystem. That means they are forced to jump on Android. There are no alternates left.

Sander van der Wal


What's the problem?

Well, if you think that screwing over third party developers is fine, there is indeed no problem. But if you had been investing serious amounts of money in a Qt port of your apps, only to find out that Qt would become obsolete with the introduction of Windows Phone, you would have felt seriously screwed over.

A company like Nokia cannot support multiple competing operating systems. Not because they are incapable, but because developer resources are finite. Which means they will support the os'es that make the most money. Symbian competing with Windows Phone means that either ecosystem is weaker than necessary, making it easier for the competition (iOS) to win.

Elop knows that, as does every other shrinkwrap software developer. Apple and Google know that. Microsoft knows that. Nokia knows it, that's why they bought Qt. it is called the network effect.

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