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May 11, 2012



On Amazon Nokia Lumia is not even in the TOP 20 Cell Phones with Service. Just today NOK shareholders lost 5%. How bad can it get? Looks like NOK shareholders will be able to use their stock certificates to burn in a fireplace by December.

The Old Faithful

I'd say that when Nokia Stock price goes down to $2.5 then it is time to BUY!

And then Nokia Aquisition becomes more and more likely...


I think Nokia Stock will be suspended... no buying and selling allowed due to ongoing court battle against elop


Elop isn't just a criminal, he's a clown (remember Stephen King's "IT"?) !

Full interview here (with some quotes from Tomi's blog) :

Earendil Star

Marco_Austria, vladkr, thanks for the tip.

I read some bits of the interview, and it was somehow surreal.

THT Elop still talks about "differentiation"... with WP? What a laugh!
Everone knows WP is the OS allowing the least differentiation among all existing OSs, apart from iOS...

Nokia's competitive advantages...:
1) camera (808 PureView)
2) HW innovation (N9)
3) location and mapping (Navteq)
4) industrial design at competitive prices

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Exactly what WP lacked???????? What Nokia already had without MS???????

As Marco said, "Consumers do not care about the OS"?????? So why all this mess for WP in the first place?????

Sorry but I did not make it through the whole article.

I think we are beyond absurd now.

The situation is no longer serious. It's just a bad joke.

Lumia and WP7 are down the drain, as Peter points out, and these guys are still talking as if nothing had happened at all.

Good night and good luck.


I haven't seen Marco's (Austria) link - sorry for double-posting.

Earendil Star

Re my previous post and the reference to Nokia's competitive advantages.

I realize I need to clarify. What really shocked me is the absurd reference to aspects that WP is currently UNABLE TO SUPPORT, or to things Nokia had and were "gifted" to MS:

1) camera (-> 808 PureView camera not supported by WP, therefore will ship with Symbian, possibly Carla)
2) HW innovation (-> e.g. NFC, not supported by WP, therefore the need for Symbian or Meego)
3) location and mapping (-> Navteq, which was provided as a freebie to MS for Bing maps & more back in February 2011, when the agreement with MS was signed)
4) industrial design at competitive prices (-> area of excellence by Nokia on its old platforms, but with WP most things are outsourced to the likes of Compal, so the advantage is lost).

Sorry if I came back to the topic, but I am still baffled by these candid statements, by this brutal admission that the WP strategy was totally unnecessary, just a crazy idea... for Nokia at least!

I was so taken aback by these words by Ahtisaari and THT Elop that I thought it was a joke, a very bad joke.

Again, from THT Elop:

"Today, we have far fewer engineers working on OS plumbing, which is a huge consumer of R&D resource. [...] Let them [Microsoft] build it [the OS], and we'll place on top things that differentiate us." Consumers, he adds, really don't care which OS powers their handsets. "[What consumers] want is a handset that offers a faster experience and does the job in fewer steps than other platforms."

Just as I have always said: WP was rushed out of the gate, with focus exclusively on eye candy and touch response. Everything else still needed to be developed. And if consumers don't care about OSs (THT Elop words, not mine), then there was really no need whatsoever to go WP. Blatant admission of having adopted a wrong strategy.

But if you don't believe me, just go and read for yourself. Unbelievable.

This whole story is now a farce.

Earendil Star

@ CN, please stop your propaganda, ok?

I remember when Lumia was launched in the UK, sales were reported to be fantastic.
Then, the harsh reality: total Elop.

Again in the US, the first weeks will be ok. Then Elop will ensue. THT Elop himself admitted that sales in the US were just ok. And that was after the most massive ad campaign ever (well, ok, I concede it, on Easter day when shops were closed. Congrats, THT Elop!). Now, the hype is gone, and so will go sales.

So? If you really think about it, it will be better for Nokia and MS if Lumias are not too successful.

Why? Well, WP7 is the Vista of mobile OSs. Shortly it will be replaced by WP8. New kernel. New technologies. No update path for Lumia buyers and developers.

Again MS is playing the monopolist game, trying to force feed a half baked OS down former Nokia customers throats.
Guinea pigs, to be sacrificed while MS moves on and improve things, having consumers bearing the costs and the annoyances.

But, this time things are different. We are not in the desktop OS world, were MS dominates and most people cannot afford to abandon Windows because they are locked into this ecosystem by MS' monopolist practices.

You see, MS and WP count ZERO in the mobile space. And I believe that after this "treatment", you will have quite a number of angry consumers and developers flocking to the incumbents.



Maemo, MeeGo, Tizen are just thin layers over linux. It's not like they have built the OS from Scratch.

Creating good software is more about skills compared to huge amounts of resources.


Chime in Nokia workers, how do you feel about the company now? Lets just cut through the escapist crap and tell me frankly what is the sentiment inside the halls of Nokia now. I think it is like "Ohhh, fuck, in five months I need to find a new job!"


I hope Ahtisaari remembers his pompous words and fictitious delusions when Nokia closes its doors during Q4/2012. There has been so many wannabee designers with an intention to reinvent user interaction and user experience. Yet as many save one or two have failed spectacularly.


Nokia buys their own Lumia phones (via proxy) to keep the ranking up on Amazon. This will be booked under cost of sales.


At first, when I saw how Stephen can lie, how he manages the company, I thought of him that :

Then, there was the release of the Lumia 900 in the US... in Eastern :

And finally, I think Nokia's future is more that :

Poor Nokia...


‘101 Things Wrong With Windows Phone Smartphones’ >>>> Do you really think that other than Windows smartphones are flawless?! If so…then better continue and expand your research. Windows OS is easy to use and fun, it offers enough applications etc. for business people and as well as for others.


Let's focus now on Marti Ahtisaari, I am fearing that sometimes a man wiht too noble a background can suppress all criticizm because of the said genealogy.

In Finland there is a design trend in industrial design that will put emphasis on minimalist, cubic and abstarct. That is sometimes gambling with the public tastes.

Remember for example that children under 12 years like very bright colors and adults like bent, pastel colours and minimal design.


People want to have a custom background (family, hobbies etc etc), is it too much to ask?? WP7 Does not allow custom background image !!?? in 2012 ?!??

Tomi T Ahonen

To all in this thread

If you want to talk about the full 101 list, please go to the original source and complain there. If you want to talk about the items I pointed out, they are valid for here. Don't complain to me or this blog about items I did not mention, go to the original source, just follow the link, ok?

I removed the stuff that was not relevant to this posting

Tomi Ahonen :-)


NOK trades under $3 as of today (2.96, -2.95%) it is 52 week low and back to 1996 price. Nokia's shareholders lost over 7% since yesterday; pretty sad considering that Finland's households hold about 10 percent of Nokia stock.


Even Forbes considers Ballmer - Elop's mentor - as a bad manager:

Claus Bang Olsen

One note I'd like to add to this reasonably informative post. We develop apps and this is a little field experience. Two years ago only iOS was ever mentioned in talks with clients. Not that we didn't want to support other platforms, but customers simply didnt care. A year ago we started to to make both iOS and android versions of all new. Not because people wanted another platform, but because the install base for android is so large. However we'd prefer to kill that system because fragmentation makes it close to impossible to provide a consistent solution to.
Two months ago we started to get WP inquiries - due to lumia coming in the hands of "real" people. Two projects now started with three platforms. One skipped BB and one limited the number of supported android devices providing the same final cost..
My gut feeling (and limited impirical info) tells me the lumia is gaining tracktion.

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