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May 23, 2012



Nokia published its 2011 Sustainability report... it's full of (black) humour:


I don't know why people would "upgrade" from Symbian to WP7.5.

Symbian will be supported until 2016. WP7.5 Will be supported until the end of this year.


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teddy's bird

great article but samsung is selling WP phones in europe, poland at least
that nobody is buying them is another story


Apple sold 35.1 million iphones in Q2 2012 (quarter ending March 2012).China was approx 20% of iphone sales. Assuming iphones sell at the same rate, for windows phones to outsell, they must sell 7 million plus in one quarter to exceed the current sales of iphone. Nokia WPs make up 80-90% of the windows phone sales in China. This would mean Nokia is expecting to sell about 6 Million windows phone in China in the current quarter(from March to June 2012). This is possible but seems unlikely.


Im really disgusted on how Nokia abandoning such great mobile OS(symbian and maemo/meego.Im agree with Mr. Tomi's point of view about the mismanagement and choosing a close-source and boring OS(WP7)Im a loyal Nokia fan since 3210 era up to my last Nokia Smartphone,N900.



> Is Nokia just a tool to market metro for Microsoft?

Yes, Nokia did became a tool highly depending on Microsoft to survive.
But Metro is not the target but only another way both, Microsoft and with it Nokia since they have no other coice any longer, use to push Windows Phone.
For Nokia its essential that this push succeeds soon. For Microsoft Nokia is turning from a door-opener to a dying, expensive problem. Microsoft can and will switch to other partners leaving Nokia alone on its way. Its clear Nokia is not gonna make it and failed to bring anything useful on the table. The partnerships is already done and Nokia gone. We will see if the next partner(s) are more successful with Windows Phone and therefore useful enough for Microsoft to support them.



> Yes, Elop should not have thrown away Symbian in the manner he did, but they can't go back at this point.

They indeed cant go back but that is so BECAUSE of the way Elop did throw ANYTHING away that was not Windows Phone.

In our industrie that is a big nono. You always keep bridges and never ever burn them if not needed. The survilance of your company may dependt on that. In Nokias case its there dead.

> So, they have one choice, move forward and continue innovating.

That is the wrong choice and target. The target is to sell something and make enough money with that to survive or even generate profit again and grow.

What they need is a product that sells. That is what Nokia needs right now. They dont have it and especially not in Windows Phone as was and still is proven and is the reason for all the problems Nokia has to deal with now.

Nokia is on junk state now. Official. Continuing the way that pulled them into that state will only move them to the next state afterwards: the bankrupt-state.


To make it more clear: Microsoft did end the partnership with Nokia already. They do not believe that Nokia can turn around. That is the reason no resources are lost a Apollo upgrade-path for Nokia's Windows Phone strategy named lumia. That lumia cannot be upgraded and that everybody knows it long before Windows Phone 8 is out kills of lumia or at least prevents actively that it and with it Nokia can go anywhere till Windows Phone 8 is out. A disaster for Nokia who lost there smartphone-market. But Microsoft did not lost. The Nokia-strategy just did not work out and so they are changing strategy.

Do not think Microsoft is as stupid as Nokia was to bind the success of its Phone-strategy to only one partner. They are not and that is why I think Windows Phone 8 will reach more market-share then Windows Phone 7 ever did. Its just that it will happen without Nokia.


One last word: That, the lumia upgrade disaster, is a prime showcase why WinPhone was the most worst choice they could have gone with. With ALL alternates Nokia could decide by its own, could invest the resources to make the upgrade work. But Nokia has no, zero, nada control over that. Its Microsoft who has and who did just decide over Nokkas smartphone-future and they decided to let it die cause its more cheap for them.


iPhone is most powerful phone since 2010. i know that some of their people who have windows mobile, Nokia or other phones in china, have their iPhone somewhere in their room. :)

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What a poor marketing guy you are

let's imagine that M$ phone has 0,1% of the market

they sell their lumia 800c that now reach 0,74% of market

so their marjet growth was 700%
does Apple growth was 700% --> NO
So they do best than Apple --> True (choose the correct axe of comparison market growth)
Does any of other Os do the same (certainly not)

So a good marketing guys can claim that they do best than Apple (* see little line in the contract)

If yoy wisely choose your word every journalist will understand that you are outselling concurrent product and you MUST not say anything that correct that

and had one or two hypothetic analysis

We do best than Apple .... and we expect to reach Android level in Q3 2013

Give Journalist a free lunch and some goodies and your marketing job is done

no lies

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Is Nokia+Microsoft a good thing for Nokia?

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