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May 23, 2012



You are a hack. Your apparent bias against anything Microsoft and Nokia is appalling. Either you are short those companies' stock or completely brainwashed by Apple (or both!). Yes, Elop should not have thrown away Symbian in the manner he did, but they can't go back at this point. So, they have one choice, move forward and continue innovating.


I don't know about you but how the Windows Phone looks and works makes me feel myself stupid, old and my life like a losing game. It's like here is this $500 piece of crap, please be an obediant moron of our company and buy one.

I need to shake that feeling off by looking at the models from Samsung, Apple and HTC. They look great, they FEEL great!



Tomi, can you confirm the Nokia World in Helsinki is cancelled this year ?


@vladkr - that depends on your perspective, I guess. See for details.




So I suppose Nokia has nothing to show at the Nokia World (WP8 with pureview not ready?), so they'll organize a cocktail-party with carriers and retailers with no journalist allowed just to "meet friends"




What?! So Nokia even moves its conference to accommodate Microsoft schedule?


to me this article looks very biased. how is it possible that iphone can have 19% smart phone share when its not offered by biggest operator holding 72% subscribers. Moreover china smartphone market is mainly dominated by android mid price mobiles (what % would u give to those when excluding 72% base ??). this means almost every other smart phone by rest of two operators is iphone, that is impossible. lumia is shown no.2 best seller on china telecom consistantly and there were some pictures on blogs where people were lined up to grab their lumia. around 6% iphone market share makes more sense. China is no US and as you said it took so long to reach 19% even in US.


@mittu: Check out yourself this Statcounter's graph of smartphone usage in China during the last 6 weeks:

While Statcounter does not measure the absolute marketshare, I think it will give a pretty good idea of what phones have been sold well and what are left on shelves. And the best of all, it's not speculation but real data!


@Mush, statcounter doesnt seem relavent at all for sales data.
For example when i select Finland. its showing iphone 36%, android 33% and windows 6%. but for april, out of four operators, windows Lumia was top seller for three and only for dna, it was on no 2. and ofcourse makes sense because Finland is home ground of Nokia. This was declared fact and here in Finland you feel major presense of Lumia.


ofcourse for usage this is correct, because windows total cant meet that of iphone in just 2 months.

J.O. Aho

Read on zdnet about these microsoft/nokia lies, if I had know about this blog post, I would have linked to this one.


Gartner projections are useless. They are not independent or unbiased. General Gartner business model is companies pay for those reports. Unless they write rosy report, which company will pay. You should always look at whether the analyst house gets paid to write those projections either directly or indirectly by the vendor. Getting paid by their third party clients is fine and is not conflict of interest.


To Luca

I have heard a lot of comments like "Why do you allow that to happen to Nokia?" from foreign people which is a good question from several perspectives. First of all, Finns are not a majority of the company, and it is generally seen that we should allow this due to democratic decision process. Also, Finnish government intervention on Nokia would not be received well due to their handling of Greece crisis - they have blowed out quite a bit of money on Greece, and Nokia bail-out would likely be seen as government wasting money on private sector (again!).

I don't think that the majority has yet understood the magnitude of the problems Nokia is facing, many of them are thinking buying Nokia shares now that the price is low - which could be a smart move too, given that they can afford to lose everything too. My gut feeling is that there is a division line around the age of 30, younger than that and more people think that Nokia is going to die. Older people think that it might survive as Lumia has impressed them (think of switching from 2006 Symbian to Lumia). This might have something to do with younger people being more active in the internet and older people getting their news from newspapers and TV.

A lot of Nokia employees have already left the company voluntarily, and according to my understanding it does not employ that many people here in Oulu (about 1000) - had this happened ten years ago the situation would be completely different! But yes, we wish it could get back on its feet given the great and successful history, but realistically, currently it looks really bad to me. Sinking Nokia will indeed decrease the Finnish pension funds that's true, but given that most people under their 30s are pretty sure they'll never get any pension at all, it doesn't make a big difference.

The good news is that there is well educated and qualified work force (from Nokia and other large companies) available now for small and medium sized companies, and it looks like positive buzz is going on here. Not much has been reported on hiring people, but according to my understanding, quite a bit of that has happened since the number of people per company doesn't make headlines, but there are more companies. Note that Google, Intel and Ericsson have all placed R&D centers here, thanks for that! So Nokia engineers are actually pretty well received, but to be honest, the reputation of the recent ex-Nokia management people has taken a blow (no offence meant, Tomi!).

I'm not sure whether there will ever be any legal action coming from the major Finnish shareholders (I'm not one). I don't personally believe on that, unless it can be shown without any shadow of doubt that Elop has been acting on behalf of foreign interests (meaning there has to be some kind of documents about it). And due to complicity of Board of Directors in all this, they should be shown acting on behalf of foreign interests too - it is them who gave the green light for current strategy. However, incompetence, arrogance and stupidity are not illegal. The BOD believes in the Microsoft strategy, and will not admit their mistake until the catastrophe is obvious for all (2012 Q2 - Q3?).

So legal action coming from the major shareholders' countries will probably have a better possibility of changing the course before the inevitable happens. Basically, I guess that most of us Finns see that major shareholders should do their job if they want to change the course. Defrauding investors with better-than-reality claims of Lumia sales, however, would be criminal.

Turley Muller

@Mittu- Actually the majority of iPhone users are on China Mobile even though the carrier doesn't officially offer it. China Mobile CEO said several months that there were more than 15M iPhone users on the network, a number probably close to 20M now. iPhones in China are sold unlocked with or without a plan. China Unicom and China Telecom offer discounted iPhones with service contract. China Mobile iPhone users have to pay full price for iPhones since CM isn't an authorized carrier


Microsoft is doing what it's best... Spreading lie and bullshit.

In DOS era, and early windows era where information is hard to find, Microsoft can win the war by having PC Magazine, Byte and other computer magazine creating hype for them.

In the information overload era, Microsoft can't do the same Bullshit, as there is one little david named Tomi.



Another example of utter BS / blunt lies sponsored by Microsoft in media:

I am stop buying Forbes as of today.

Matthew Artero

Hey Tomi, I think that comment from Mike is a keeper. It's the first time I saw someone claim that you are an anti Nokia, Apple fanboy. Mark the date on the calendar.


Well, I don't hate Microsoft. Anyway Windows feels the best environment. Linux is good but crude OS. Apple is a sandbox OS. We are put in a sandbox there. Jailed in a sandbox. Not nice.


WP passing iPhone is a blatant lie! No way it could be true!


Thank you MikaA, I really appreciated your comment, I was hosted by a family in Oulu and majority of the neighbourhood worked for nokia, it was far 1998, people were proud of t9.... I guess things have changed a lot since then. Anyway, stupidity is not illegal but i hope there will be a shift in the management, at least in the way they deal with bad results. Denying them and lieing upon them doesnt seem best strategy to me and, for sure, it doesnt seem to me very finnish way to do things. Another thing i dont understand is why this wp is so delusional on basic funvtions that most dumbphones have and for sure nokia dumbphones ysed to have. Years ago i was proud ofhaving nokia phones because they were cute and provided best usability, i used to feel very smart not falling for the cooler motorola which were complicated and unfriendly to users... I may understand some compromises such as no memory slot to push cloud services... But please, Nokia, return to your roots and take that 101 shame list as your "to do" list!


Forbes just posted this:

Microsoft Passes Apple In China As Nokia Cheers

It looks like Microsoft has made good on what seemed like a lofty claim made just two months back that it plans to overtake iPhone’s market share in China. According to the company’s COO for the Greater China region, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has already reached a 7% market share in the country trumping Apple iPhone’s 6%.

Who should we trust? Tomi or Forbes?

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