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March 22, 2012


J.O. Aho


Do you have any suggestion on likely good candidates?

Would you be accepting if they would ask you to become the next CEO?


OMG. Tomi. “Nokia has admitted developing 2 new lower-cost MeeGo devices aiming for Emerging World markets”.


You take a rumor posted on a random net site and start presenting it as a fact? As if “Nokia confirmed it”?! I think you are referring to this post:

All others – referenced it as a source.

Time for a bit of reality check here:

#1 Have you ever heard about netbooknews site before? To use them as at least somewhat reliable source? Any other rumor stuff they published that panned out – to keep referencing them on the level of WSJ?

#2 There will never ever be another Meego phone from Nokia. Simply because they do not own Meego trademark. And they are in the crapcan with Linux Foundation after Feb 11th.

#3 Despite overall incompetence of the author at netbook news, she had some credibly sounding facts there. 2 Linux based low end Nokia phones. Coming from McDowell’s “Next billion group” That kinda look like Meego.

#4 Makes kinda obvious what she (NTN author missed) – while we are all pre-occupied with Windows Phone – the second pillar of Elop’s strategy is well underway. Next billion – Next generation of S40. Cheap Linux based, Swipe UI carrying phones with Qt support. Exactly along the lines Elop hinted at Feb 11th and expanded in that leaked June video.

Though – I’m not surprised you see it the way you want. I mean – you yourself posted numbers denying “Elop Effect” in previous post about Kantar. And ignored the facts when I pointed them out.

And you still insist that N9 outsold Lumia 3:1 based solely on this passage from Nokia report, from AllAboutSymbian and some commenters weird conlusions from it:

"On a sequential basis, the increase in our Smart Devices volumes in the fourth quarter 2011 was primarily driven by the broader availability throughout the quarter of the Nokia N9 and the shipments during the quarter of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 in selected markets, as well as increased seasonal demand for our devices."

Some old Nokia pre-Elop fan decided that this passage shows that Nokia admitted they sold less Symbian phones then before. And it’s easy to calculate that if it was less Nokia Symbians sold than before – 16.8 mil – and we know 1mil+ Lumias at Jan 20th or thereabouts. Than – it’s a simple math.

Except that comment was debunked by AAS’s Rafe Blandford himself and other commenters. Never ever Nokia said they sold less Symbian phones in Q4. And with “increased seasonal demand for our devices” Nokia is actually telling us that they sold more. So there’s absolutely no way to know how many N9s Nokia sold in Q4.

But, hey, whatever fits your theory – must be true? Right?

@J.O. Aho “OS:es from MS has been quite disappointing” – My Q – in what way? If we are talking in general? As for mobile – nobody, including Nokia and RIM and Palm – figured it out how to do it right. Before Apple.

Don Pedro

Check out the Nokia 2011 Annual Report, just made avail on the Nok site. Elop's total compensation for 2011 comes to more than 7.94 million euros. Wow.

J.O. Aho

Disappointing in the way of lacking features which you can find in normal phones which don't have all the features of a smartphone, on older versions you had an ill adjusted desktop OS which was tried to be run on a small device.
I have mainly been in contact with the older generation of ms-cellphones, and my most frequent issue was the rate of OS crashing after installed official packages from MS.


I'll hope that Nokia will support two smartphone OS in future: WP and Linux based one (Maemo/MeeGo/Metelmi). And I hope they will announce that strategy, so that N9 won't be DOA product anymore. In Feb 2012 I did not bought N9 because I didn't believed Nokia's future support for it. I bought an Android 2.3 phone. I'm not very happy with Android. WP is out of the question. I would change back to Nokia, if I could be sure about support for it's linux based OS.

Ben Eng

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says his platforms are on fire, and he proceeds to burn down his entire company. Google CEO Larry Page says his platform is on fire, and his company proceeds to fire on all cylinders. Whose fire burns brightest? And which CEO should simply be fired?

Google's Page: 'Android Is On Fire'

Tomi T Ahonen

Ok, am STARTING replies (from March 22)

Hi elm, Nilux, At, Tomifan, gzost and Per

elm - even if its all true, why NOT release N9 now to every market as all reviews of it side-by-side with Lumia say N9 is the better phone? Nokia would gain sales AND more satisfied customers and desperately needed profits. And while they are at it, why not N950 now globally everywhere.

On Windows Phone 8. That is the Skype version apparently. Mark my words, it will sell worse than anytyhing done by Windows Phone 7 (because carriers hate Skype). Watch Skype being stripped in many markets..

Android may be the only way to go, but I would argue, make Meego relatively compatible to Android (like via Qt) and make Nokia 'Android-compatible' while still having its own version of Linux? Rather than go from Microsoft slave to Google slave?

Nilux - haha, thanks for the Einstein quotation, one of my faves too

At - totally agree with you. And its such a shame

Tomifan - on the 3 to 1 N9 vs Lumia sales, please read the Nokia Q4 announcement pdf in full. It tells what Symbian did and we know what Lumia did up to end of Jan. We also heard from Nokia that Lumia sales grew each subsequent quarter. The Nov-Dec sales could not be more than 600K. The least that N9 sales could be is that 1.5M if you allow bigger Lumia sales but with 600K Lumia, N9 sold closer to 2M than 1.75. I am being very generous here for Lumia's relative performance in Q4

On the retail boycott. You can hold your view Tomifan, but we now have the evidence (the survey of actual handset stores in Finland by MTV3). Incidentially, just new data from Russia by MRG at Mobile-Review (in Russian) reports Lumia by far biggest return rates of any smartphones, far bigger than Nokia's Symbian smarpthones as well. I hate to say, I told you so...

As to WP8, we can have that debate once WP8 becomes more acute - but the short version - Carriers hate Skype with a passion. Windows 8 will no doubt be a global huge PC success, but on mobile, it will sell WORSE than Windows Phone 7, mark my words.

gzost - first, you KNOW that I have said time and again, Symbian is not long-term viable for Nokia. I have said, that in the interim, before Meltemi comes on line, Symbian suits VERY well on low-cost handsets for emerging world markets where Windows Phone (and MeeGo) do not fit. As to MeeGo whether it is viable long term or not - do you not agree that today, as N9 and N950 are available to sell, Nokia is a fool not to offer them globally, if customers are rejecting the other offering? As EVERY published review that mentions Lumia and N9 says the N9 is the better phone?

I never said Nokia was the leader in cloud services, I said Nokia was in cloud stuff long before other HANDSET makers.

Per - totally TOTALLY right. Samsung is very smart, they have studied Nokia with a microscope and know every detail. They are laughing in Seoul as they swoop in to grab Nokia's abandoned customers and make massive profits in the process..

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Sitting here State side... Lumia 900 launch #FacePlant!

1)AT&T delayed Lumia launch not to conflict with iPad.
2)Launched on a "holiday" with many retail locations closed.
3)Discounting to $0.01 within days.
4)Nokia with a poor quality reputation in the USA lauches a "defective phone" with reception issues- Nokia's crown jewel, class leading reception on devices.


Oh and forgot #5
5) Comscore posted another 1.4% share decline for WP.


Guys, with CEO, Vice Chairman, together with 3 out of 9 board members being from USA it is clear that NOKIA is driving to bankruptcy.

There were some post related to PSA (Peugeot + Renault) being acquired by American companies, and this situation is no different. Using the appeal of huge/fast growing USA market and getting the example of high profitable business model of Apple, board was convinced to adopt strategies to get more appeal of US citizens and increase penetration rate in USA. For that board of directors brought US experience on board.

The point here, that goes way beyond product features, appeal, quality and so on is that how can US government have an European company controlling the majority of mobile communication system? Software and Hardware. Unacceptable.

A very well elaborated chess game is in place to either take Nokia to bankruptcy or to move on a hostile takeover from an American company to acquire it.

It is impressive to see how many US based blogs say bad things about Symbian devices. It is amazing to see how CEO is willing to kill this OS that is not really polished or user-friendly but very capable. No “sane” business-man would be willing to kill its cash cow like Elop did.

It is mandatory to get mobile communication system back to an USA based company.

Think about this: USA already controls most of internet. Having citizens over the world handling communication devices with GPS and poor privacy systems (Android, iPhones… WP) is national subject. Access to the kernel of those OS cannot be in the hands of overseas companies.

With Asians are already running on Android. Nokia was the last one.

If you like Nokia/Symbian, buy one of the last devices and keep it for your memory. They will fade away.

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