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February 16, 2012


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But to call No Straight Lines a business strategy book, is still not fair. Alan weaves another even more compelling thread into the book. It is a strategic management book, beyond just 'business' and 'profit'. He takes on social issues from government and politics to education and healthcare, consistently in the themes of the book. The text is far more wide-reaching than 'just' a business book. Alan's latest book is a comprehensive treatise of management and leadership and participation and creativity in a modern, digital, interconnected, networked world. It is an ironclad must-read for anyone in government, in education, in healthcare, in business, in technolology, in manufacturing, in media and yes, also in advertising. I most warmly recommend the book to anyone who reads this blog as it currently is, mostly with me writing about mobile and tech; as well as all those early readers of this blog, when we focused more on themes taken from the book Communities Dominate Brands, about social media, gaming, virtual worlds, digital convergence, marketing and advertising.

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was honored to receive an autographed copy of Alan's latest book, No Straight Lines - thank you Alan!. I kind of knew what it was about, as I have seen Alan talking about his 'No Straight Lines' themes and where he sees the future of business and digital convergence and 'communities dominate' etc going. I always learn very much from Alan whenever I see him speak - or read his writing - and obviously we share a lot of similar views about the future of tech, business, media etc. I also enjoyed Alan's previous book, Social Media Marketing. And I thought I knew what to expect out of No Straight Lines

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This is so cool..thanks so much for the info. Love it!


->Unlike the 3 above, I'm not a spam !

First question : When and where will the book be available?

Second question, related to the comment I posted earlier in the other "no straight lines" article:
beside all the obvious advantages for Marketing people, does the book deal with the risk for the end user of all these strategies (privacy protection, disinformation...)?

Thank you.

Alan Moore

Vlad - argues We now have the possibility to truly transform our world, to be more resilient, to be more relevant to us both personally and collectively, socially cohesive, sustainable, economically vibrant and humane, through the tools, capabilities, language and processes at our fingertips. And this is achievedthrough innovative practice. It argues we need to design and create for the needs of humanity not industrial systems

It deals with many issues and as Tomi points out it is not a marketing book in any conventional sense

The book is available on Amazon UK: Amazon US:paperback Kndle:

The book is also available open access and participatory at clicl on READ BROWSER BOOK - you log in with twitter, facebook or LinkedIn accounts


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Thanks for your sharing


So is "No straight lines" is something between strategy and philosophy?

I agree that new technologies allow us to create new tools, that can make life easier. But isn't it a double sided coin? Few examples :

Let's take Facebook or Twitter for instance; those are great communication tools, but they are also great spying tools with lot of information. It can be used by employers (or government) to spy careless employees. Situation is even worse considering that applications on facebook can access all the profile information regardless of the security level that has been set. So a communication/entertainment tool becomes a trojan horse.

These tools can be also used for disinformation, spreading information from fake but realistic accounts. Information is so quick that it's less and less controlled on time after all.

The same can be said with the example you quote in a previous post, of the car wipers that can send accurate weather information (actually weather radars are already accurate enough); if cars are in a tunnel or in a carwash, weather information is less accurate... but that's not the problem.

The problem is that information about car position (and who knows, maybe owner/driver ID) is sent to and treated by networks with no warranty for privacy and security. How can be sure that only limited information will be used? Won't it congest communication networks? What's the advantage vs risk ratio?

So there is a balance with all this new technology; it helps some people, in another hand, regardless all best spirits of people who develop it, it's a ball and chain to others, and that's something that shouldn't be forgotten.

Maybe my post is a bit off-topic, as I haven't read your book yet (I have to create a fake facebook account first)*, maybe I seem a bit hysteric about it, but I think I'm just careful.

*by the way, thank you for sharing it as it must have been a huge work - I hope I'll like it, and then I'll buy the paper version.

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Alan Moore

Vlad you are welcome - I think we are in a phase of the renegotiation of power - so the issues you raise are important and significant.

BTW - you can log in via LinkedIn as well as twitter

Come and have the conversation in the book !! ";+)

As I would enjoy that

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I always learn very much from Alan whenever I see him speak - or read his writing - and obviously we share a lot of similar views about the future of tech, business, media etc. I also enjoyed Alan's previous book, Social Media Marketing. And I thought I knew what to expect out of No Straight Lines

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