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January 09, 2012



Pretty amazing. It seems Nokia and Apple are the two with largest changes, Nokia going down and Apple going up. And all only due to them, and not something like the others moving but they keeping in place (That's what happened with Symbian sales, if I remember correctly).

I'm a bit embarrassed that you mention companies from all BRICs, except Brazil. Our operators are all foreigners, at least partially. We do have some hardware manufacturers and software developers who are definitely small. But one day!...

A Finn

So, if Apple sells an iPhone to A&T for $500 and A&T to end customer for $700, Apple makes $500 revenue and A&T $700? If so, would it be possible for you make another list based on value addition as well?

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi nic and A

nic - Good points and note, both actually doing EVEN better for full calendar year 2011. I calculated the company sales up to Q2 of 2011 (to be in harmony with the Fortune Global 500 issue). But Apple is growing very strongly and has had a phenomenal Christmas quarter by all data, so if we did the calculation from January to December 2011, Apple would be far bigger still. Note, the other companies on the list would grow only about at the average rate of the global mobile industry. Same is true for Nokia but opposite. The crash in Nokia revenues started on February 2011, after the Elop Effect. So this chart lists the Nokia damage by only less than half of the time. If we measured Nokia from January to December (with almost 11 months of Elop Effect) it would be far smaller still. And again, all signs from Nokia Lumia launch suggests that the Christmas period for Nokia is continuing the bad news.

As to Brazil, I was just there two months ago, giving a keynote at HSM in Sao Paulo and I saw a strong growing interest in mobile, so we will no doubt see plenty of Brazilian competition coming into this space. We see the big Europeans like TIM and Telefonica investing in Brazil for many years, and more recently handset makers like RIM and Apple (Apple's supplier Hon Hai ie Foxconn has just built a factory for iPhones in Brazil). We should see soon some big Brazilian companies taking to this industry and capitalizing on the opportunity.

A - I understand the question, but that is actually not the case with most of the carriers/operators do not subsidise most handsets in most countries. The USA and Japan are the only major countries left where most handsets are subsidised. And in scale, the handset maker industry is worth about 90 Billion dollars roughly while the mobile operator industry is worth almost ten times bigger, so while it could be interesting, in the big picture, it would mostly not matter much to these rankings.

Thank you both for writing

Tomi Ahonen :-)






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You may freely quote and repeat the above chart. And one note on profits. NO ! This chart took enough time from me. I am not going to try to calculate the proportional profits fairly by the about 50 or so companies that are the contenders for this top 25 list, and do that also for the profits. If you want to, go ahead. I have more important things to do, this blog is NOT a financial analysis blog. But as this blog is a mobile industry blog, it does make sense to put the big companies in context, especially across the operators, handset makers and infrastructure providers. Enjoy.

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