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January 30, 2012



he probably trying to at least make company off something though it isnt selling phones.

i dont how how that unit is performing, so i can't comment on that either.

also u could see it wrong way.... nokia sells stuff, cheaper buy for microsoft, we will know in the coming months :/

to nokia sell this stuff means microsoft may not just trying to get smartphone unit but whole big nokia


This is old information: Matchbin bought NAVTEQ Ad Group on November 1, 2011... not really relevant to your article!


Tomi, IMO you hit the nail on the head with this line:

"and rather than fix that unit's execution to deliver massive profits for Nokia, he prefers to sell it"

I think that reflects Stephen Elop all over, through and through. We can debate the possible options he had at his disposal back in late 2010 until we're all dead in our coffins but that's all in the past and what was done was done.

Unfortunately, there is no right answer and selling off your 'stuff' to replace it with bought-in 'stuff' is a fairly common business practise in dysfunctional companies. The executives get the idea that they must have the most incompetent staff in the world and anyone else must be able to do it better. Normally the arms-length contracts give some assurance that when it all goes tits-up, you'll be able to sue their asses off but that almost never happens. You can see this happening all over the industry (and more generally the IT industry as a whole) all the time.

Looking forward, I am growing fearful that Nokia will be asset stripped especially if Elop ever manages to sell off the NSN millstone. For the friends of mine who still work there, I have my fingers crossed that Nokia survives long enough to give you your redundancy packages.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi jo, Arnaud and shy

jo - good points and yes, seems like its the fire sale now, sell any parts he can, to make Nokia easier for Microsoft to buy

Arnaud - Thanks? I wasn't aware of it, let me go dig up the info. But in any case, it is true that Elop said advertising is a central part of ecosystems. Elop did say Nokia was fighting rivals who were winning using ecosystems against just the handsets. And regardless of when he sold it, Elop has sold the Nokia advertising unit - a key part of the ecosystem.

shy - good points, but the key element is, that Nokia's mobile advertising arm was definitely thriving and selling well. I report on some of their statistics from time to time and see them at various events around the world. So this was definitely a growth unit for Nokia. But you are right in that its likely Nokia is selling all those parts that Microsoft does 'not need' haha..

Keep the comments coming

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Experience showed that Stephen Elop knows exactly what he does. Every time he sold a company he headed (Juniper, Macromedia) a company, he personally benefited from it.

Then, as I said last week and that joins your last remark Tomi, is the presence of Elizabeth Nelson as a new board member (source Helsingin Sanomat), who is an "old" Elop's friend from Macromedia just before the latter sold it to Adobe; coincidence?

Now, my question is, will the "one year Elop curse" apply to Nokia? I hope it won't.



just fyi, the next QT, QT 5.0, the development platform that use for creating apps in symbian.... will not support symbian, but support Windows Mobile operating system.!!!!

elop is a criminal that cutting symbian head, leg, arm, and tongue.



I found out that google were paying nokia for google map to use Navteq (nokia) data map, and they change their policy for corporate that want to use the google map data when nokia announce there will be corporate acount needed for ovi maps.

long story:
in the past, google would let any corporate to use the google map.
then, nokia launch ovi map, and put 3 types of account. one of them is corporate acount, with definition that any web site that use ovi map and would not available for free public access would need to pay.
at that time, google also change the term and condition for their google map that match this ovi maps term.

so, do you think elop is lying when they said that if nokia goes to android there is nothing they can add to ecosystem?? because they own the map. google were paying navteq for the map data.

Alex Kerr

What's interesting is how so many people are unwilling to face up to the possibility of a conspiracy going on, and just accept things as Nokia say they are.

If this is the case, why does Elop seem to consistently do things that a.) cause Nokia to spiral further downwards, b.) favour Microsoft?

Why can those people who are not willing to consider a conspiracy not provide an answer to these issues?

It is also very interesting that certain blogs and writers, who used to be very pro-Symbian are now 100% towing the party line with Nokia in a completely unquestioning and blind-fanboy way. I won't name names, but it's the obvious candidates at the most popular Nokia/Symbian blogs and sites, who now generate output that is what one would expect from Nokia's advertising people. They are not willing to consider any of the points about Nokia's disastrous path and Elop's actions, that Tomi has repeatedly hilighted. Their message is consistently pro-Nokia and in favour of the course of action Nokia is taking and very, very pro-Windows Phone. And yet Nokia's situation gets worse and worse. It is like these sites (which are a main source of Nokia info for most Nokia watchers) are simply sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting 'la la la la, I can't hear you!' to all and every criticism of Nokia that comes their way, valid or not. This is highly suspicious. They may not have been paid off by Nokia or MS but they sure are 100% acting like they have.


Hi alex Kerr,

Seeing how turning Nokia down could make lots of $$$ for some people, it's not a surprised if someone were paid by that very individual to site like tomi to discredit tomi, so some reader here would see tomi is delusional and incompetence. Thus making what tomi write looks like a lunatic.

About the other blog/writer, maybe they just don't know politics, and don't care about it. For example AAS, they were too nokia minded, that they were more afraid to be cut from nokia inner line, and would like to enjoy the benefit for praising elop move to WP. Other example, i found other blogger that were symbian addict, and when elop throw the memo, they just believe it. I try to talk to the owner blog, but he said "I'm enjoy using nokia, and don't really care if it was android, iOS, WP or symbian. I just care it's nokia".


@cygnus : thanks for the QT information, though quite a sad one.

I can understand that QT for WP would allow all the Symbian applications library to be easily converted for WP, but it would be a serious competition to Visual Studio, which MS pushes at every WP presentation for developers, wouldn't it ?

It seems that there is an ecosystem war even inside Nokia, and it's quite a bloody one.


Article after article after article, all I ever take away from it is 'Elop must be fired and criminally charged' and what not.

Maybe, just maybe, it's an idea to actually take action and reach out to influental people inside Nokia rather than blabbering on this blog and spamming twitter with you 'twitterflood' things.

Whining about something won't get you anywhere. Action, on the other hand, is far more likely to do something.


Microsoft would not endorse QT not because it's a competition against VS, but because endorsing QT would mean endorsing open source. and if the developer choose QT, that mean he would be able to create a source compatible apps for windows (PC) and Linux (PC) too.


In the war for EcoSystem ... Mr eFlop decided to kill the #1 EcoSystem -> Symbian, and turn Nokia into a OEM of Microsoft.
Since that day, Nokia is doing nothing else then strength the WM EcoSystem.
Nokia does not need OVI, nor Adv ... it is now just an OEM (a OEM broker since production is outsourced)

QT, MeeGo, Symbain, advertising ... sold out, in no time.

Anyhow ... who place eFlop as CEO of Nokia ?
The american funds that have also a mayor investment into Microsoft.
The cost spent for gain control over Nokia, it is a well spent "investment" if Microsoft will keep a place under the sun, clearly it is good for Microsoft share holders and not for Nokia share holders. Anyhow I don't think this is legal, since CEO and board have to do the best for the company, not the best for some shareholder (the one that have the power, power is gain with 15% of shares, that means for 15% that win, 85% are loosing)

Tomi, you miss one point, recently Nokia sold some IPR to a 3rd party company, this company is in charge to find other companies that are using these IPR for force them to pay royalties.
Interesting ... in the deal the money generated by these IPR will be split in 3 part, 1/3 for the new owner of IPR (the company above), 1/3 for Nokia and surprise surpirse 1/3 for Microsoft ... (why Microsoft should win from Nokia IPR is a big mystery, nobody asked to Elop why?)

Anyhow, for fire eFlop it is too late, the damage done to Nokia is un-reversible ... the only hope for Nokia to survive is hope in a miracle from the Nokia Lumia phones, WM8 was needed yesterday and not in 1 year time, that's why Nokia need a miracle for survive.



ps: If you are collecting Nokia share holder for make a legal action against Elop and the Nokia board, let us know, I will be into, and I can bring in other desperate Nokia share holders.


Hi to all.

Advertising has been a dead horse inside Nokia since it's beginning. it has been half-heartedly done since its ineption around 2006/7. Nokia has a problem with operators. Initially Anssi Vanjoki thought and dreamed that operators became superflue. In reality it was never possible to push something through the market required. Double SIM (arrived years later because operators didn't like it) was such a thing and Advertising is the same. Making the deals for revenue sharing on services (maps, ovi store) advertising was always a submarine project they were so anxious to drive it through vs. the mega operators. Advertising has been part of MS core competences and Nokia has to stay outside of that game. That was agreed with the MS deal in Feb 2011. Advertising and Bing is MS's turf.

Regarding the 'conspiracy' of MS taking over Nokia. Am not sure if it was planned from the beginning (and I hope so too). It can become true if the downward spiral does not stop soon.

Really appreciated the calculation of N9 vs. Lumia.


@cycnus: according to the link it will not be available for Symbian ^3 - being old, isn't it? :-)
See it from the positive side: MeeGo will be supported a Tier1 platform!


Meego with 2Million+ devices would be supported
Symbian with 155 million devices (Nokia say they sold 155Million QT-based symbian) would not be supported. Even though there were slides floating in the internet saying that symbian carla is due next after belle.

Isn't that strange?


Tomi, are you really really sure, that you have the right info?

Please check the following link:

It starts as:
"Matchbin, a leading provider of content management, advertising and local marketplace solutions for media companies, has acquired NAVTEQ’s Radio and Television Advertising Group, which as part of NAVTEQ Media Solutions provides content and advertising solutions for broadcast radio and television, forming Radiate Media, a next generation media technology services company."

I can't stress enought words "radio" and "television". Nobody is mentioning that also the mobile division would have been sold?

And the news itself is pretty old, dated Oct 14 2011. I guess we can all agree, that those aren't the core areas of Nokia business?

As far as I know, Nokia still has the mobile advertizing network called LocationPoint, which came to Nokia through Navteq acquisition.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


@elm70 : about your PS, I'm in too.


I forgot: and the reason why Nokia "re-released" this piece of news is that usually companies tend to sum up what has happened during the quarter they are currently reporting.

Navteq has not been properly integrated into Nokia's structure since it was acquired and until end of 2011 the new corporation structure finally put an end to the Navteq as an independent unit inside Nokia. That's why it was releasing own press statements which weren't usually covered by the people who're usually following Nokia news.


Dear Tomi,

What do you think about the rumour launched last May, claiming that S. Elop would resign at the end of 2012 as a part of a plan ?

I don't know how to consider Eldar Murtazin's sayings, but I have to admit that most information he had about MS-Nokia partnership appeared to be right.

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