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January 26, 2012



N9 is still poppular than Lumia 900 or 800!!

And compare to the world's top selling smartphone...

Did we just gave up huge profits from the non promotional sales of N9 in US & European markets? Where is the accountability?

A Guy

One thing that folks seem to be overlooking is that the the N9 was available for sale before the start of Q4 and the Lumia went on sale mid-November, that is mid-Q4. It's not surprising that the Lumia didn't sell quite as well given that was only available for a portion of Q4.


Personally I wish Nokia had stuck with Symbian and/or Meego, than WP - but let's have a reality check:

Apple's first iPhone sold one million units in 76 days, and this was hailed by the media as an amazing success! Yet Nokia's first WP7 phone sells one million in slightly less than that, and it's a flop? Yeah right.

The 46.7% versus 2% stat is flawed - it ignores that Nokia is still selling Symbian phones! (Is it bad that ppl are rejecting WP for Symbian? Well not really, as not everyone wants the highest price flagship, some may prefer the older or lower end models where Symbian still sells.) To say that 92% have rejected a new toy is absurd, as it assumes that Nokia's entire customer base should buy one single model of phone! What percentage bought the N8 within one month of it being released - or at all?

I've also seen stats showing the IPhone 4 still outselling the 4S - does this mean Apple have failed? No, it just means that more people buy the cheaper older models.

Is it really true that N9 had no marketing support? I've seen claims it was heavily advertised in those countries.

It's also false to claim the N9 was released in countries where Nokia are less popular - on the contary, Turkey and especially India are Symbian strongholds.

Don't get me wrong, I wish Meego was everywhere too, and I'm not sure I like WP (for the same reasons I dislike Apple - though they don't seem to get this kind of criticism). But let's argue on facts.

"smartphones and dumbphones"

Most so-called non "smartphones" are "feature phones" - really, they should be called smartphones. I've yet to see a definition of "smartphone" that includes the original IPhone (that couldn't even run apps!) but not most feature phones. Even a £20 PAYG phone has things like keyboard or touchscreen, running an OS with Internet and apps. Hardly any phones are dumb phones, it's been that way for years.

Earendil Star

Dear d, I agree that it is important to base one's arguments on facts, but let's not state intentions that are immediately contradicted by what we say thereafter: i.e. an unfair comparison cherry picked just for the purpose of supporting one's argument.
Also, please avoid saying that you wish this or that, save heavily hinting to the contrary later on.

The following are some reasons why your comparison between Lumia's latest lauch with Apple's first iPhone launch is not fair:
1) Apple's first iPhone was issued by an absolute newcomer in the (smart)phone market
2) at the time the smartphone market was just a tiny fraction of its size today (thus the need to adjust for the change)
1) MS has been in the smartphone market for more than a decade (much much longer than Apple)
2) WP itself has been on the market for more than a year
3) Lumia is not a novelty whatsoever (software is common stock WP, comparable to that offered by other OEMs, hardware also is old being a replica of the N9, withouth bits and pieces -front facing camera, NFC, etc.- that WP could not support).

So let's compare Lumia with its current competitors, not to the performance of competition years ago.
Comparing Lumia's to current iPhone performance would certainly be frustrating, yet, as Tomi pointed out, even comparing it to the launch of the N8 last year is telling: 4m N8 vs 1m Lumia! Comparisons to the N9 are not possible since Nokia did not release any specific figure... who knows why...!?

Furthermore, Compal's (yeah, only the sticker says "Nokia") Lumia has been one of the most advertised phones by Nokia (and MS and the tech press) ever, and it was sold in its major strongholds.
On the contrary, for some strange reason, the N9 was sold only in tiny markets, with minimal support and ads, while saying that it will just be a one off, without future... at a time when Nokia factories were... standing idle, and are now shut down and people laid off.

Apparently the desperate move by MS to try and salvage its burning platform (WP) by its stealth takeover of Nokia through THT Elop is not working. Even scavenging Nokia's network, brand, carrier relations, maps, etc., appears to be a failure.

We'll see if MS's continuing strategy of force feeding Nokia's loyal users with its WP phones start working, but my guess is that -given the current Lumia weak performance- they will have to push really hard for that to happen.


Nokia’s MeeGo shipments were exactly half of its W7 Mango ones:

Nokia Lumia launch in Finland caused measurable drop in market share of iPhone and Android


I'm a Nokia Qt developer and one of the luckiest guys to have a N950. From day one it arrived I felt completely amazed by the phone, to me it's the best I ever used, so this Meego family N9/N950 for sure would have a chance as a IPhone / Samsung / or whatever killer. Extremelly well design, robust, best user friendly I've seen. Some years ago when dumb phones ruled and smarphone were scarce, in my contry, Portugal, we had 15 million phones for a population of 10 millions, 60% being Nokia phones. Today I see outdoors and Tv commercials of Nokia Lumia and no N9 nothing. This worries me because Nokia even cut the developers hopes, by stating Qt will not have a WP port. I glad to see all the sales that N9 did, even if Nokia didn't gave it any support. I was also worried for Qt, a top world developer tool, and Opensource, that is somehow a MS competitor. There are rumors about a upcoming OS Meltemi, but time passes, Nokia goes down, and nothing is revealed. So, in my humble ignorance, what does it take, to Nokia go back to the Meego route, a far better OS, technically superior, pleasent to use. Power users don't care what OS Nokia uses, they just want the best experience, and N9 is the best experience. Qt is also technically superior to IOS developer tools and would be a very important tool to attract IOS and Android developers, and get more apps to Nokia ecosystem, but I won't go into details here.


Canalys do not agree with your figures:

Despite a disappointing set of financial results, Nokia’s smart phone performance in the fourth quarter gave cause for optimism. It shipped 19.6 million smart phones, down 31% from the record high of a year earlier, but up 17% on Q3 2011. The total was helped by 1.2 million and 0.6 million shipments of its Windows Phone and MeeGo-based products respectively


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How much is that? 4.85 million MeeGo sales (N9 and N950) at 400 Euros per handset = 1.9 Billion Euros of revenues. Rather than Nokia reporting a 1.6 Billion Euro decline in sales

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Yes.I'm not saying that this is guaranteed to happen, but watch for the numbers of apps, too. Right now Microsoft still enjoys the same status as IBM back then. And developers are still writing new apps and waiting for the promised bonanza. But how long will they wait till they stop buying the usual Microsoft's story of "We are Microsoft, we can not be denied, we will prevail in the end"? IBM needed about three years from "we can not be stopped" to "Houston, we have a problem" and then five more year till "we don't even use our OS on our own computers". But looks like time is faster in Mobile World...




i like your article.

Mobile device salesman

someone asked to tell why n9 is better than lumia 800. Lets assume we only compare the software.

N9 is buttonless os whitch gives us bigger screen and it is as easy to use. Imo even more easy.
N9 has newsfeed screen, you can easily use it to order things you are intrested in to read.
N9 Facebook chat is SUPERIOR compared to any other phone available. Its easily used through text messages and it shows simply who is online and whos not. Also there is fast way to switch your status to offline or online.
N9 multitasking screen is easy to use and very fast and stylish.
N9 battery lifetime is way longer than in wp
N9 contact list is way more stylish and more easy to use than in wp.
Even email is better in n9 than in lumia if not counting some compatibility problems in n9.
For internet use the n9 has a bit too small screen EVEN it has 0.2 inches bigger screen than wp.
Last and the biggest advantage that n9 has is qwerty pad that is much bigger in n9 than in wp. Wp has buttons and add files quickbuttons on the other side and on the other side it has some nosense logo that takes room for the pad.

And yes, wp might have office, xbox live, messenger and skydrive. But lets face it. Office is really hard to use, xbox live you use only if you have xbox, messenger.. Well who uses messenger these days anyways? Skydrive is only thing that is usable but it also drains battery life and imo is not used by the masses.

The thing is, wp is just not ready yet. It has many features but compared to n9 it lacks the ultimate user experience.

And dont start to tell me I dont know what im talking about cause I really do :D

hell yeah

this is retarded.. microsoft and nokia have a long term commitment.. windows phone is a much better "next generation" platform that provides a better fuckin' experience all the way around.. more than a dummy button, and more than a ripped off Java port.. Microsoft is slated to bring it all together and leave you shitheads in the dust..


The Lumia 800 was only launched in the UK on 16 November and at that time not avaialbe at all carriers. That was only 5 weeks to Christmas.

So the Lumia never had a full quarter of sales anywhere and often less than half a quarter.

You should revise all figures that relate to Q4 total smartphone sales accordingly globabally or in certain markets. Probalby half them at least or double the Lumia 800 figures to match a quarter.


I never thought I'd want yo buy a wp7 but I had to use one for a few weeks and couldn't go back to my iPhone that used for 3yrs or the Android phone that I was using for 3 months .I have no idea why it doesn't sell as well as it should.It's way better than any existing platform despite some minor blemishes.So I think it has something to do with the advertising or in my opinion the first look at the tile menu .It didn't appear appetizng to me either at first glance.

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