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October 02, 2011




> Google/Android [...]

>50/-30-/20 on tablets and 10/-5-/85 on laptops

Google/Android/Chrome OS ? Chrome is better suited for netbooks/laptops and some tablets than Android.. In longer period of time there may be some crossbreeding between google oses. Putting dalvik into chromeos will be easy for example. Also there is small (but still is) chance that Dart will change landscape of internets till 2015.


@Baron: From which School of Profits and Prognostications did you get your certificate of chrystal ball reading? Perhaps the one next to the soon to be shuttered Serbian Nokia factory run by the gypsy people in that town? A lot of surprises have happened in the handset arena in the last ten years, but your prediction that WP8 will be the third best selling handset smart platform, if confirmed in a few years, will be the greatest surprise of all if it comes true. More likely, Nokia will become a supremely profittable maker of "annostic" smart phones run on Maemo platforms, cell phones which are designed to run on prepaid plans but make all connections first on wifi networks and internet protocol phone plans and only second, with confirmed input from user, make calls or receive calls or connections on cellular networks (for emergencies or business reasons or personal reasons), like my own AT&T $2.00/day plan, because most people can wait to make or receive calls or texts or connections until when they are in wifi range, and driving and texting or talking is dangerous anyway, and because people will save more than two thousand dollars/euros every two years by buying a Nokia phone for wifi primary/prepaid cellular second (prepaid with minimal usage is <100$/year). My new N9 will save me over two thousand dollars every two years in cell plan commitment/fees when I cut down my prepaid sim card to microsim with a 5$ Ebay sim card snipper, and use it on wifi first and cell plan second strategy (skype or something). The one thousand dollar price for a N9 is a bargain since I expect it to last a decade, like my Apple MacBook Pro. I'll look more professional avoiding a cell phone post paid plan with my N9, even though I'll have no apps because no one loves the ecosystem.

All by best, Baron, all my best to you and your grumpy siblings.


By the way, Baron, I can do all the above now on my Nokia N80i from five years ago. It needs a new battery, though. Last year the battery "swelled up" and so I have to use it mostly plugged into a car or wall charger, unless I am just snapping pictures or filming videos. It always asks me if I want to make a cell call or a internet connection call and always asks if I want to make the internet connection using its wifi searching engine of the local environment or whether I want to make a cellular wifi connection: all this in 2006. The N9 just has a better UX/UI. The screen is bigger on the N9 too, though resolution on my little N80i is better than the iPhone 3 and only slightly less than the iPhone4, just like the N9s.


@eurofan Nokia is shutting down its Romanian factory. No Nokia production in Serbia.
Regarding all this Tizen, Meego, Meltemi mumbo jumbo... It seems everything is done to painlessly break existing contracts. Nokia is now free from Intel and Meego disaster (n9 is not a real Meego device anyway), Samsung is with Tizen free from eventual Nokia change of mind regarding Meego, and Intel got some face saving deal with Samsung. Meltemi is easier to explain, it's Maemo/Hartmann renamed but still Qt powered OS. If it shows up next year it will run on 1Ghz phones that will be kinda mid-to-low level by then. For all intents and purposes Meltemi is plan B, being Linux based it will easily scale to hihg-end if need arises.


That is super information!! Thanks for sharing it.


Tomi, in order to understand how insane and sinful Elop is, you need to play with mango from Users pointof view and developers.

It metro UI is a crap for Users, tried on Zune for years and WP7 for more than 1 year now;

Tricky thing is while WP7 mango apps needs to be written by SL (silverlight)/XNA, its ie9 (internet explorer) doesn't support any silverlight plugin, which means it doesn't support microsoft own standard for Rich web application.

WP7 mango

1. crap UI,
no consumer users

2. crap web browser
no business users

absolutely, Elop is criminal who works for US short sellers to destroy nokia from inside.



obviously WP7 mango can not compete against symbian pr1.2 not to mention anna, belle or meego n9.

how on earth, Finns can allow Elop to sign an secret agreement to dump symbion/meego for a crap toy so call wp7 mango ? and lay off so many excellent nokia talents ?


@Baron95 ,

there are a couple of ways to bring down elop/jorma.
1. sue them in the court, quite possible already happening;
2. request hold a vote meeting to vote out elop/jorma, us short sellers own nokia shares no more than 10%.

so be careful, us financial criminals, your golden days can be ended prematurely.


@Baron95, wp7 is a complete crap which can not compete against symbian pr1.2, not to mention symbian anna/belle or meego n9.

wp7 mango will have no sale for sure duo to its bully attitude from elop to nokia loyal consumers.


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> wp7 is a complete crap [...]

so why some serious researches predicts that in no time WP will dominate the market ? ;)

i'm just random joe so please someone explain this to me ;)

@Baron95, silence about google chrome OS puzzles me, this was supposed to be major project... and only two chromebooks was shipped until now. And they have made so much mistakes with that OS - i can't believe it's THAT google who makes Android ?! Imho there still is a hope (i even know how to fix it, haha). And they should consult someone smart - for example with Tomi and His Knights of Round Blag ;) No offence, blag is great and i love you all :)


Why Apple is battling with Samsung and cutting all connections?

Because - at last - Samsung is seriously starting to bite into Apple's lunch. Look here:

it is page of Gemius, *the* net surveyor in Eastern Europe and MENA region (Middle East, North Africa). We are talking about market size of over 500 mln people. Unfortunately plots are divided into countries (plot above is for Poland) but if you click through all of them marketshare of Samsung devices doubled or tripled in last three months. There is more - simultaneously Apple marketshare is waning, hence whining ;)

Also Apple isn't repeating Nokia's fault. Nokia to the end is buying its components from rivals financing their own competitors. Apple is not renewing Samsung contracts to not give money to develop next generation of Galaxies.


My $10,000,000,000 question is, why Meltemi (low cost Meego), Meego were designed as the super phone.... high power usage???

Why NOT.... symbian^3 lite??? after all, symbian is mature enough, and were build with low-power in mind....

what I meant with Symbian^3 lite is.... symbianOS minus the symbian plus QT (or what Symbian^4 should be).... a symbianOS with the legacy removed..... clean OS that were mature


Apparently even in Nokia they hate Symbian. Also according to rumours it was very hard to make Qt play on Symbian effectively. And in 2012 even "low-end" 1GHz/512 RAM can nicely handle Linux system.

Sander van der Wal

All this rebranding stuff is quite boring, actually.

Some comment please on the interesting announcement that Nokia will launch Windows Phones in a few weeks (via This probably means the upcoming Nokia World event on 26-27 oct in London, which is in a few weeks.


@Baron95 wonder yes I do wonder how come such a great magnificent OS as WP7/Mango does not sell. C'mon its so great and all, and every living person in this planet dreams about monochromatic tiles, it must be a conspiracy no?



After this frustrating iPhone 4S, as I said many posts ago that Apple would lose its innovative appeal after Jobs, I believe the N9 is the best phone in the world.

And that makes Elop even more criminal



Ahhh, so now the ms fanboys story is that Elop's "ecosystem bet" shouldn't be evaluated before 2015? Seriously LOL?

On the bright side it suggests that you guys are beginning to grasp the sober reality and the fact that it will take years before windows on mobile has at least theoretical chance.


I'm quite sure all of us are think that Microsoft will create something new after this metro UI/UX fiasco, wont be in time for WP8 that is already committed to be like that.
Question is will there still be a Nokia to try it? How can an OEM commit to a single unproven ecosystem?


I'm not really sure why people consider the iPhone 4s a "frustrating" release. The reputable rumor sites (MacRumor, AppleInsider, 9to5) all had it pegged late last week as a 4S, since there had been nothing apart from a poorly designed case suggesting an iPhone 5, and plenty of credible evidence of an iPhone 4S, down to the references in the iTunes beta.

I think the 4S shows that Apple is comfortable growing at the market pace and see China as a growth market more so than Europe and the US. They kept the 3GS around as a budget model (perhaps aimed more at emerging markets) and reduced the price of the 4 (perhaps sensing a double dip recession). Android probably continues at its clip. The next move is Samsung's. They have a winner coming out next week with the Nexus Prime, but eventually Google and Microsoft will want the company to make a commitment to one of them. I'm not so convinced that three big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung can stay "allies" or even "frenemies" for very long.

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