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October 07, 2011



What happened at Apple. Well unfortunate late Mr. Jobs was concentrating on more important things and all the little yes men congregated around the conference room table with out him. They knew they were riding a winner, but none of them really knew why. Sure Steve had told them that the product is magical, but they didn't know where the magic came from. Just like the debater here some thought they knew, but most just believed what the PR department had printed into their brochures. When you are winning and don't know why what do you do? Well, obviously you don't change anything. All the little yes-men turned into no-men. (some of those were of course women). So what did they do all of last year? They sat around telling no to every bright designer, every clever bit of software and what have you. Only things that go through were faster processor and better GPU. Can you be more obvious than that? Those two were probably cheaper than the old ones and did the job better. Then you tell me "siri blah blah" "icloud magical blah blah" and maybe so, but truth is that those are external pieces of software that won't bother the user unless she want them to.

And that is all for tonight, good night!


Yes, there is a screen mirroring function in a lot of smart phones above mid range (e.g. Nokia N8 with both composite and hdmi video out for games, videos, photos or general screen mirroring, most older Nokias and Samsungs with tv out in headphone jack) and some better feature phones (e.g. Samsung D900).



Microsim from Nokia ... If true this could be BKT of a shock for Tommi. Althought it would make sense in marketing sense.

Wwdc is allways in june. So far.

I do not buy the idea that there was any delay. This was planned change. iCloud is such a big change and very far away from anything Apple has ever done. It remains to be seen If this is the new timetable for release or If this was one time only autumn release.


I believe that this was a planned change too, better in sync with spring ipad release and optimal for creatinggood hype for Christmas sales. Queuing in front of Apple stores won't be as fun in October as it was in July, though ;)

And Siri will greatly benefit Not only the commuting Americans, but also Russians, Europeans and South Americans. Traffic jams are a global megatrend, people commuting by car spend hours in traffic every day or spend occasionally a day working at home if the traffic reports are bad. Those already like Microsoft Exchange's ability to read out loud e-mails and will absolutely love Siri.

Tim F.

Otto, presumably that is not wireless screen mirroring since you mention composite, hdmi, and headphone jack?


Regarding your theory of a canceled the SIM-free iPhone 5:

First of all, SIM-free and the micro-SIM are not related. The latter is a mere inconvenience to the user, but doesn't make a difference to the operator. They are identical except in size, and the operators now issue SIMs than can easily be converted into a micro-SIMs by the customer.
Apple could have varied this again to a new, even smaller format, truly breaking compatibility, and the operators would have gone along. Apple has a status unlike any other handset maker - the operators all want the iPhone. Another SIM standard would have been a question of logistics in changing existing SIMs, but not a question of business model and customer retention. Operators are good at large-scale logistics, and not afraid to take them on if it means a profit.

They are, however, hugely afraid of anything that threatens their existing customer relationships. A SIM-free iPhone (i.e. one with SIM functionality implemented in software), which allows free changing of the used network at any time (e.g. for least-cost call-by-call routing), could have been such a threat. It's exactly the kind of thing to make them freak out. I fully agree with your that a SIM-free iPhone that allowed rapid, possibly automated switching between operators would have been impossible to get by the operators at this point.

But would a SIM-free iPhone per se be such a threat? It's simple to change the implementation on the software side so that the operators aren't threatened. There's no difference between locking a phone to an operator network whether it has a real or a virtual SIM. Similarly, changing virtual SIMs on unlocked devices can be a quick and easy process, or something that is complicated and inconvenient enough to calm the operator's nerves who fear that this change could be on a call-by-call basis. It's all software - and this can be changed after the production of the hardware.

So if Apple had really started production of a SIM-free iPhone 5, trying to force the operator's hand by creating facts, then the solution to this problem would not have been to go back to the drawing board, delay the product until a version with a traditional SIM was ready to ship, but a much simpler change on the software side. (Which, additionally, would not have forced them to destroy produced stock, incurring considerable losses.)

This is not to say that Apple doesn't want virtual SIMs in the long run. There are real benefits to them - for Apple as well as, potentially, for the customer. I just consider it incredibly unlikely that they would start production on this right now, against incredibly strong operator resistance, and then retrench and come out with another hardware version.


Tomi, the PC World article (that you pointed to in the link added by your update) doesn't support your reasoning for the "delay." Nowhere in the article does it imply that the next iPhone would have a smaller SIM (or a 'special' SIM that could bypass carrier activation). In fact, it explicitly states "However, even if Apple has its way with the smaller SIM, it can take more than a year until the solution would be implemented, ETSI said."

The article's reference to the "special" SIM said those discussions happened "last year" and the "plans fell through", presumably, last year.

So again, I don't know which operators/carriers you're talking to, but not a single one of them has been willing to publicly voice your-rejection-causing-delay explanation to anyone else (even with non-attribution).


Some have already begun benchmarking the iPhone 4S. See

Although Tomi's opening paragraph on what's new makes it sound like the 4S is just a small improvement ("there is more power in the CPU") over the 4, the A5 chip is just blowing away other very recent phones on the CPU/GPU benchmarking tests. And that's with the A5 chip running at slower less-power-consuming speeds (est. at 800MHz vs the 1.2GHz in the Samsung Galaxy II).

It'll probably take most Android phones another 4 to 8 months to catch up, partly because it'll take time for Ice Cream Sandwich improvements to get on released devices, and even then, they'll either have less use/talk time, or have a thicker/larger phone to accommodate the more powerful battery.

BTW, based on these tests, iOS 5 also improves the performance of iPhone 4 and 3GS by incredible amounts as well. Users will feel like they're getting a new phone with the software upgrade. That's one reason why iPhone customer satisfaction scores are so high. All while Android users continue to complain about the delays in getting upgraded to Honeycomb and even now for many, Gingerbread.



1 million pre-orders in 24 h, any comment about that? And you said that they still "bow" to operators due to virtual sim card? They'll even pay Apple to be able to sell iPhone on their store (someday)... let's see with iPhone 5


Hi tommy,

I don't think apple need to sacrifice anything to put the microsim on the phone. they just make the battery a little bit smaller.

so i don't think there's a wimax or NFC got cut from the phone.

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