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August 17, 2011



9/10ths of life is overlooking the pain of others. I stand corrected.


gooosh after so much text, you guys surely will buy couple of Lankku right?


@UK: hey, you know about the external subcontractors too? Tons of product managers with tons of subcontractors without any passion for innovation? That's the real RnD of Maemo in Nokia.


...And he cannot use the Nazi defense from the Nuremberg Trials, that 'he was just following orders' because he was not supposed to follow orders from Microsoft. Elop was hired to run Nokia. Not to ruin Nokia...

You have managed to put Elop, Microsoft, Nazis and Nuremberg in one sentence. Are you comparing the "crimes" of Mr. Elop towards Nokia (as you call it) with crimes of Nazis during WW2 against peoples of Europe?.

You are way out of line here.

A Bell

@Peter- How do you get to the figure of $160B being 'stolen' by Wall St?

Re: Windows Phone- When i was shopping around for a new phone the choice of phones that ran WP where pretty dismal, all the cool looking phones such as the Galaxy etc ran Android. If Microsoft has not managed to get its system on the latest 'in' phone at the time, then that is probably why they have such low market share.

Incidentally, i think that the phone a consumer chooses has very little to do with the software platform. Provided the phone can perform the basic smartphone requirements (internet, email etc) the most important consideration is the look and feel of the phone- its 'coolness' factor and 'streetcred'

And that is why i think that the WP software has such a low share because it has not been available on the hot new phones.

refurbished computer

Most of the tablets on the market run either Apple’s operating system software or Google’s Android software. Manufacturers have shown little interest in using Microsoft Windows software to run a tablet.


@LeeBase, android has the highest return rate among all smartphones plus:
low battery life,
poor quality as a phone,
lack of pre-load world-wide maps and turn by turn guidance,
poor camera
its recent momentum is build-on the Elop effects which will fade pretty soon due to above reasons.

attracting GUI can not last more than 3 quaters. The dating with android is near over even there is no meego n9 and iphone5 launching.

Nokia N8 with symbian anna under 680Mhz CPU can beat most andoid phones.


HP is leaving the mobile devices business. WebOS is effectively dead. This strengthens Microsoft's hand since with Google/Motorola Mobility, Windows Phone is the only viable alternative.


@Baron95 , after whole 1 year effort, WP7 got 1.2% market share. is this what your management prediction ? give me a break. Jorma/Elop are a pair of craps, confirmed again and again by facts by data. symbian sold 14 smartphones while msft sold 1 even after the Elop Efforts.

Time to fire the whole nokia board and Elop, turn them over to Finnish Court, put into Guantanamo no bail out for the 2/11 crime ($160B loss to nokia investors).



"But it's still more than a year ahead of Meego which STILL isn't ready."

Hey, there, how can nokia talents get it ready while Elop satotages any meego achievements ?

Get rid of Elop, everything is surely okay for nokia.

IF I were Nokia talents, I would jump boat already, let the ship sink and let apple pick it up and strip off parasites like Jorma olilla, Steven Elop, Chris Weber, etc,etc.

Then come back under Steve Jobs's command. Amazing, Let it rain let it sink.



2011Q2 market share per OS:

Google Inc.'s Android: 46.8 million units, 43.4 percent market share

Nokia Corp.'s Symbian: 23.9 million units, 22.1 percent market share

Apple Inc.'s iOS: 19.6 million units, 18.2 percent market share

Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry OS: 12.7 million units, 11.7 percent market share

Samsung Electronics Co.'s Bada: 2.06 million units, 1.9 percent market share

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile: 1.72 million units, 1.6 percent market share

How can you justify the strategy to dump symbian and go microsoft wp alone ?

keep in mind the result is after the Elop effect.

Absolutely it is time to write off microsoft in mobile space.

Here are the three ecosystem:
1. Nokia Symbian/Meego
2. Google Android
3. Apple iOS
that's it.

Jorma/Elop/Weber have to be fired immediately by investors and sued by Finnish Court.

It is not about wrong strategy decision issue, it is all about economic crime that leads to $160B loss which has exceeding Enron case. someon might have to commit suicide like the CEDO in Enron's case.


Former Enron exec dies in apparent suicide

Former Enron Corp. vice chairman J. Clifford Baxter was found dead in his car in a Houston suburb early Friday, the victim of an apparent suicide, police said.

Baxter made millions on the sale of Enron stock, but reportedly was unhappy with Enron's business practices and resigned as vice chairman in May. He had remained as an Enron consultant.

Enron, once a giant energy corporation, has collapsed in the biggest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history amid accusations of mishandling of funds and shredding of crucial documents. Enron and its accounting firm, Andersen LLP, are under congressional investigation.

Will Steven Elop have to be committed to a sucide ? When ?


"mishandling of funds and shredding of crucial documents"

is that you, Mr. Steven Elop or Jorma Olilla ? not to mention the leaking of memo,video at critical time.

Jonas Lind

I agree with other comments that Tomi’s blog post are too much of a wordy repeat of the same arguments. They would be much more readable if they were shorter and more to the point. We are all time constrained.

I am no friend of MSFT but I believe that the decision to break the migration path from WM to WP was a hard choice but still the rational move by MSFT. The big problem with the old Windows ME/ Windows Mobile was that it was designed for backward compatibility with the WIN32 API and all the way back to 16 bit DOS from 1980. This made it messy and also made it impossible to reduce the power drain on the batteries. Microsoft had no choice but to start with a blank slate and dump the legacy ecosystem.

I also think that a bidding war over Nokia would be an excellent opportunity for Microsoft’s enemies to drain their cash reserves by forcing them to overpay. Just make a higher competing offer than Microsoft’s offer.


your reviews are so biased towards meego & against msft. I am not sure if you have used a wp7 mango phone.
Also, the bitterness in your write up kinda hints you got fired from Nokia. is that so?

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I am not sure if you have used a wp7 mango phone.
Also, the bitterness in your write up kinda hints you got fired from Nokia. is that so?


but wp7's uptake is currently faster than any other o.s. it's fine to deal in facts and not myths, but make sure your facts are current as opposed to old.

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. it's fine to deal in facts and not myths, but make sure your facts are current as opposed to

Tomi T Ahonen

Am back from vacation and starting replies. Will do in small sets

Hi elmo, Boris, antti, Titanium, laplainen, former and James

elmo - thanks. Yeah, I agree this is being managed but most of all, I see it as Elop's game. He has made so ridiculous statements and comments and decisions, now the MeeGo related ones are the latest. All of Elop's statements and actions are 100% consistent with Microsoft's best interest but frequently are against Nokia's best interest. This is a breach of Elop's fiduciary duty as CEO and against all the ethics rules of the NY Stock Exchange and the HEX as well. I am sure he feels he can use the Nokia appointment as his 'stepping stone' to eventually rule the Microsoft-Nokia empire, if he is 'successful' at Nokia with Microsoft phones now, next few years, he can eventually replace the Nokia Board with the right-minded people, after Ollila has retired, eventually to just sell Nokia to Microsoft and become the number 2 at Microsoft to await Ballmer's retirement. And in the process, if Nokia 'fails' he is now clearly married to Microsoft and has been the loyal Microsoft Muppet so of course Ballmer will rescue Nokia by buying it (so calculates Elop) provided Nokia is not too expensive and right now, Microsoft could easily afford to buy Nokia (but there is no need for MS to make a move, ideally they don't have to). The only wrinkle is of course if some other 'hostile' take-over offer comes from some unanticipated side, and I am 100% confident, that Elop did not expect Nokia sales to collapse so totally, because now this nice scenario of his is being threatened.

As to Jorma Ollila, me too! I really don't get it. His legacy is riding on Nokia. He is spoken of as a Presidential candidate in Finnish politics. He can't imagine going into politics as the man who let Nokia die.. can he?

Boris - yeah, good call by Eldar. The timing obviously is now a bit questionable but could happen within weeks from now. I am expecting a profit warning from Nokia and I am pretty sure that would propel another catastrophic crash of Nokia share price (it has grown some 20% since its bottom, after Motorola was sold and speculation emerged that Nokia might be sold for its patents)

antti - haha great! Yes exactly

Titanium - I hear you. BUT. I've been doing this blog for six years now, and I learned a while back that if I don't repeat all the main points - in detail - some crazy people come here posting comments that seem 'reasonable' but are missing some critical facts. Then, as it is my pledge to answer all replies here - you know that - I find I have to write all those points in the replies, but now I have to re-write the same things again and again and again.

I am sorry for the repetition. For those of my readers like you who are regulars, yes, there is a lot of repetition. But MOST of my readers for any 'hit' article - two or three per month - are new first-time readers. If you are a first time readers to this blog, lets say to this article - there is a lot here, that the average reader did not know. That is why I HAVE to do the repetition. Sorry. But you, as regular reader, should know that I also subtitle my stuff, you can easily jump to the relevant parts and skip the repetition?

But on your point, US vs European shareholdrs yes, US shareholders of Microsoft moved while European owners of Nokia were asleep. I agree. Totally.

And I agree, Nokia stakeholders have to be woken up. I have tried haha, done my part. I would hope some journalists took this seriously and reported the facts not the silliness. Is not the worst management failure of all time enough of an incentive to do some seriously honest real investigagive journalism, the kind that wins you the pulitzers etc.. I really REALLY hope others join in, I am growing really tired of 'babysitting' Elop and pointing out how damaging his actions are (or how his remedies useless, like the naming/numbering scheme - the only company on the planet that goes against all marketing wisdom haha, even car makers who did numbers have moved to add alphabets etc, Nokia goes the other way)

laplainen - thanks

former - ? My predictions about the iPhone and Android as a track record? I predicted when the iPhone would arrive two years before others. I predicted accurately not just how many iPhones sold in the first year but also accurately the exact split of US vs rest of world - nobody else did that. I predicted accurately the effect of the iPhone to US and non-US rivals (that the first casualties were Palm, WinMo etc, not Nokia, RIM etc) and so forth and so forth. And yes, I was the first to point out Apple iPhone had a peak in 2009 - a point that all other major analysts came in to agree with. Can you former point me to any analyst who is more accurate than me on the iPhone?

And Android? What Android forecast were you saying was I so wrong on? But feel free to make your own forecasts. Why not be brave enough to post it in public here for us. If you are right, I will celebrate your brilliance here with all. And as you know, I will not single you out if you're wrong. I will not even mention it, unless you bring it up haha. So why not be brave then? I posted my forecast, why not you do yours?

James - I am not doing this only because I am ex-Nokia. You clearly were not here when Sprint-Nextel were firing customers, I was on their case until their CEO, CFO and CMO were fired. I have been critical of many companies who have made big management blunders. But yes, this is even more personal to me as I am also ex Nokia and as a Finn, we take Nokia as our biggest shining star in the corporate world, so yes, there is also personal sides to this story - not to mention hundreds of colleagues who still work there who now are scared silly about their career future. BTW, I left Nokia in 2001, 9 years and 11 months and 9 days ago - probably the Nokia employment connection is not my strongest motivator haha, most of Nokia's competitors are clients of mine and they are not accusing me of being pro-Nokia haha..

Thank you all for writing. I will return with more replies

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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