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August 03, 2011



iPhone nano- iPod touch
iPhone cheap - iPhone 3GS
iPhone big - iPad
iPhone bigger - MacBook air


If all else fails....

"Nokia is the world's most used camera brand, the world's most used music player brand, the worlds' most used clock brand, the world's most used alarm brand, the world's most used calendar brand, the world's most used brand to access internet content (including WAP obviously on low-cost phones), the world's most used brand for messaging, the worlds' most used brand for gaming (Nokia Snake has had more than 1 Billion users) etc."


I read some where recently that Apple and Google are one and two in polled answers to question posed to American college students, what companies do you think would be the most desirable to work for? Great triumphs in American PR and mind share. One thought that comes to my mind always is inevitable layoffs and for most Americans Apple/Google region of Brain Map is very distinctly separated from Inevitable Layoffs as Part of Business Model region of the same map. So not only is Apple a class identifier it is almost a magic ticket from world of layoff/redundancy anxiety. It is a Lippu, a Ticket, out of the 80% silent majority of Losers in modern world, Mr. Bill Gates overpopulators/useless eaters. As you say Tomi, if you're seen in an airport lounge you want to look like you belong there and are not just hoi paloi; flash that iPad2 or S8 level super iPhone, not old tech Nokia slider querty! like some kind of bumpkin.

Anyway, And to put it in context, Nokia is the world's most used camera brand, the world's most used music player brand, the worlds' most used clock brand, the world's most used alarm brand, the world's most used calendar brand, the world's most used brand to access internet content (including WAP obviously on low-cost phones), the world's most used brand for messaging, the worlds' most used brand for gaming (Nokia Snake has had more than 1 Billion users) etc. Coca Cola told us earlier this year that 1 Billion servings of Coke are served every day. Many of those servings go to the same user, so the total daily user base of Coca Cola is a fraction of one billion. But 1.3 Billion people use a mobile with Nokia branding - and they use it for phone calls daily, for messages, daily, for telling time, daily etc. The world's second-most used brand is Coca Cola, with much under 1 Billion daily users, many who only use the brand once per day; the world's most used brand - by a huge margin - is Nokia at 1.3 Billlion users almost all of whom use it dozens of times per day or more. The world's most recognized song is not White Christmas or Happy Birthday or Elvis's Love Me Tender. It is Francisco Tarrega's guitar classic 'Gran Vals'. We do not know know the song by its original name, we know it as the 'Nokia Tune' the defauilt ringing tone of Nokia phones, which is the only song recognzied by most of the population in all countries of the world.

Watch Tomi's video from somewhere in europe he posted two weeks or so. Gives this colorful overview and much more and is fun to watch. Love this stuff. We are on the cusp of a new thing and so much money, good employment and fun to be had in this industry. Lets help our Finnish friends and honorary associates by helping keep the cockroach short-sellers scattering from the light of truth: the great Ship Nokia is too big, too slow, too bureaucratic to be easily turned in a short time, even by a determined new captain with orders to hit that iceberg no matter what, at the point of a gun, as it were, as a reader wrote in above somewhere, i think a week ago, i forget who or why but i thought very perceptive; Nokia was too slow to get too rich or to be too successful in last five years but is also too slow to be quickly destroyed/sabotaged, haha; it took all of eFlop's Ingenuity to rig the ship for 5 quarters of losses so far; but he can't just steam around in circles with the bilge doors open forever; at some point he will have to hold a course and the iceberg will slip by and the keel will right and pumps whose names nobody even can remember, built by old slow bureaucrats will keep pumping and the cash flow will come back in to black like original design, I just love how God/fortune/the nature spirits favor little people like the Nokians.

Kind of early in my morning and I am sleeping well these days on new diet. My indigestion is a thing of the past now, as of last 24 hours. Tomi, I think we have saved Nokia on this blog here and now in just 4 months, you and your loyal readership of do the right thingers. They tried to blind us to Nokia's great intrinsic truth, that Nokia will be there in the future proud and independent because it has always tried to do the right thing as a company from ethical and intellectual perspective. But Nokia will triumph over eFlop. A lifetime commitment to doing the right thing gives a ticket to ride life's journey for the long haul, despite what present carnival barker eFlop says when he looks at ticket in his hand outside the door to the big ticket and scowls at the ticket holder kid in front of him and says like WC Fields, "get away from me kid with this ticket, your're bothering me, your ticket doesn't allow entry into the big tent event, I don't care what you think it says, to me it says voided by unavoidable change in climate, go find an ecosystem kid and come back to me, arghgh.."

Dan Thornton

Only one complain with your accuracy...

The reason the Quattro didn't continue in world rallying wasn't that it was too dominant - it was that all Group B rally cars were banned due to a number of fatalities in the same season for both drivers and spectators, attributed to the insane speed and power of all the cars produced for those specifications (Ford RS200, Metro6R4 etc).

Hence why it then reappeared in Rallycross racing (along with ice racing etc), but the shorter circuits and stages never seemed to quite suit it as much (certainly in the UK), where the likes of Martin Schanche etc were able to claim success with the RS200, and Will Gollop with the 6R4.

Sorry - were you talking about phones somewhere?


In 2001 Nokia HQ was looking at Apple ?
Be serious. iPod was out at the end of 2001. It was more a joke then a product in 2001
In 2001 Nokia was afraid of Microsoft!
Now Nokia is partner of Microsoft, and get Royalties from Apple ... so now, there is no more to fear the competition.
Nokia can fear only itself ... eFlop is the most feared issue in Nokia current live


former N900 user

I don't quite understand you Tomi, if I look back at older post of this blog they are full of predictions, that Apple and the Iphone will fail. It just seems to me, you are desperatly trying to convince us, that your first analysis that "ruling the smartphone world with only one model can't be done" is still valid, while it had been clearly proven wrong by reality.

Just two examples:

On the 11.06.2010 you wrote:

"Apple was the hot phone in 2008 and 2009. Then came the rush of the Androids."

"I do think that Apple is now on a strange path to oblivion."

And on 30.07.2010:

"Yet the world's favorite smartphone by far, the iPhone lost unit sales while the smartphone market was exploding. Apple's world-beating smartphonehas been losing market share from its peak in Q3 - thats now four quarters and counting. Apple lost market share while it was undisputedly the world's best smartphone. Having the best phone is good for profits in the short run, but having the best and most expensive phone will not win you the platform war.

Whatever Google does on Android, Nokia can rather easily copy onto Symbian/MeeGo

The three real contenders to Nokia/Symbian/MeeGo throne are Google Android, Samsung Bada and Microsoft Phone 7."

Your whole writings are a clear example of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the Apple disruption. No wonder Nokia failed to act correctly if people like you were in charge of Nokia consulting back in the days.


C'mon, just give the old man a bit of happiness by giving him a recognition of his prediction. His mind is so 90' on that time when Nokia was on top of the competition. When it fails, the pride hurts. It takes time until he can realize that Apple is progressing much better than Nokia these days.

And this blog, it's just a thought anyway, a thought based on imagination and presumption with the combination of Nokia way of thinking perhaps? ;-)

about that 2001 story thing, Don't take it seriously, I don't believe it because otherwise Nokia will be still the number one today.



I also believe Apple needs a cheaper phone to really succeed. On my blog I posted that since jan/2010 that Apple products lack flexibility to reach the needs of most of consumers. Those needs are: size of screen, qwerty keyboards, flexibility inside the OS, price etc.

I made an analogy of Apple with Hitler.

Hitler dreamed with a perfect world (on his parameters) of

One Fuher One Reich One Race

Apple dreams with a world of One OS, One Phone, One Store, One Ecosystem, One Factory (Foxconn)

But as Hitler's perfection couldn't see the imperfection of not giving freedom for individuality and his model was defeated by the democratic western nations, Apple was already defeated by the "democratic" Google.

Apple aimed profit but on this business profit is only profit. But marketshare means power, and power means many things beyond profit. Google on their obsession for conquering the world aimed the right thing since the beginning.

I believe if there was space for some sort of democratic way of thinking inside Apple they would already have created the iPhone Nano. I also believe that Apple should start shipping a cheaper phone sooner as possible. But we have to remember. The only approach from Apple to go inside less economic powerful markets yet was the newest 11 inch MacBook Air.


- They don't have much know how on going cheaper
- They must compete with Android phones but can't cannibalize the iPhone 5 (which I believe is inevitable). So, they can't ship a too much simple phone that loses for Androids, but also can't ship a very winner phone for a cheap price that will end up having a better cost/benefit then the iPhone 5. If the iPhone 5 becomes less interesting then the iPhone Nano, that will hurt the flagship product of Apple and at the end will hurt Apple's brand. (something apple never does as they are brand obsessed)
- Making a cheaper phone means reducing their crazy 50% profit margins over iPhone. But reducing that means also making it more cost/benefitable and also more interesting then the iPhone 5, whatever the iPhone 5 have.
- Making cheaper phones means shipping more phones and could Foxconn do it if they are already working beyond limits with workers killing themselves?
- Last announcements from Apple, since the iPad, where all less impressive and less innovative then expected. The iPad, the iPhone 4 (antenna), the iPad 2, the iOS 5. All them where behind was expected for a brand that is synonymous of innovation and perfection meaning Apple is not in their most brilliant moment.
- Could Apple solve this problems on this moment when they are so concerned with Steve Job's health? Could Apple do this without the support and leadership from Steve Jobs and/or demanding/stressing him more?

I doubt

That is why I say: The battle for the mobile ecosystem was already wonned by Google and IF Apple really go cheaper (nobody knows, they are all rumors) will they succeed and/or do it without hurting themselves?


@ Plot: Exactly, Plot, exactly. Please, Rodrigottr, lots of things don't "translate" and Hitler analogies pretty much nobody I've ever met would want to make or hear one. I don't even remember the I'm sure valid points rodrigottr might have been making in his note; like Plot said, I stopped reading but I remember my eye moving down through the rest of the sentences for 30 more seconds. I don't want to go back and reread it to find what I might agree with to be nice. I usually enjoy reading your notes rodrigottr and usually agree with them. This one hurt to see and I don't recall what points you might have been making. Rant. Thanks Plot for jumping on that so cleanly.

We are lucky to have Tomi's blog here. Lets protect it from rot and rotten tomatoes. I'm going to read your next post twice rodrigottr to find something nice to say about it since I appreciate your voice. Lee's relentless Nokia Short attitude has made me just skip all his posts now and I feel I am already not doing my job in this global conversation because of that. Anyway, I jumped to writing this note when I saw Plot's comment so I haven't read anything above in between but I can see on my screen Plot giving Tomi a hard time for underestimating Apple or something. Steve Jobs is a genius. Get over it. He incorporated the graphical user interface into the first home computer, Micro$oft copied his interface and took the worldwide market for business desk top OS's because they already had a lock on the precursors to what's bundled in Office (one way or another $$$), Jobs fired back by making desk top Sun type super computers have graphical user interface with his NeXT project aimed at the needs of higher education for modeling things in science, Microsoft won against the Clinton administration's half-hearted and self-sabotaged effort to bust it for monopoly behavior in the bundling of Office and Internet Explorer and then went on to make many nice billions, Jobs returned to Apple.... Jobs is a genius. OK. Do we end history here or rename the calender so there is BJ and AJ, before Jobs and after Jobs? No we don't. Life goes on. The handheld space will continue to evolve. Tomi is 1) observing it and 2) offering free advice to the players. Lets begin all our rants against his quarter to quarter predictions with thanks to Tomi for doing these two things and for keeping the conversation active and open. Wow, where else are you going to go to talk about these issues.

In the mean time, I'm interested in whether eFlop gets a f&&&king clue and realizes he can make Nokia a fairly decent money machine again without gutting the company or forcing it to swallow shit. Nokia makes or made many useful products. Apple makes nice things too, but it helps apple now that people buy there things just to be able to have them without even having uses for them. That's nice for apple and is lots of gravy for apple's stockholders and industry partners. Good on them. Good for Steve Jobs who learned somewhere along the line to only make things which make profits [which implies all kinds of quality control, user satisfaction, robustness, and closed ecosystem issues]. Nokia tries a lot of things I would call experiments in addition to traditionally having a very good model of profitability. I'm glad Nokia experiments. We live in a handheld age today largely thanks to Nokia's experiments and not because of Apple at all. Apple just speeds things up a little and hogs profits, because Steve Jobs got tired of making experiments and getting screwed by others. I want Nokia to survive, independent, semi-proud, and true to its traditions and values [making useful things, some experiments some profit machines]. If eFlop has to publicly eat shit to make this happen, he gets paid enough in my mind he should just swallow and get it over. He's a shithead anyway, so there can be no real harm.

My favorite company of all time is pre-copier toner Hewlett Packard. They helped create Silicon Valley where Jobs grew up. Two guys and a garage, that's HP's early history. Then tons of experiments and profit machines, all useful products. Scientific instruments, small computers and scientific calculators. An experiment made oh my god so good: Reverse Polish Notation. So useful and practical. Then printer toner took over as the two partners retired, research was gutted to meet quarterly needs under Professional managers, yada yada. Fuck that. Finn's have too much self respect to gut Nokia to help Microsoft make ip ripoff of iOS and walk away from Nokia's true calling, which is tinkering in the lab during dark winters, and making kick ass high quality robust useful things year round while giving everyone one month paid vacation in July/August. Long live Mr. Simonson, a man who got it and still is in the wings with his role at NSN, where they make useful things.

Or go the pet rocks route. I'm starting not to care.


Forgot to add, Medical Instruments (eg for anaesthesia), super profitable even today, many begun as experiments, to "real" HP's story when run by Mr. H. and Mr. P. There by the way is another killer app for the Lankku. Medical and legal applications. Much money to be made there when usefulness is established and platform is shown to be stable, robust and high performance. The public may never hear about it, advertised in professional circles only, but Nokia could make more with Lankku in these two fields than all of Apple makes in a year, bottom line, every quarter. HP did it for years and other than toner cartridges, medical devices continues today to be a money maker for HP, what part of that field hasn't been commandeered by Microsoft level evil General Electric, another profits before everything one way or another, no ethics whatsoever pioneer of American economic imperialism.


@rodrigottr: Your comment just makes me laugh.

I hope you realize Apple sold millions of cheaper iPod shuffles (dominating low cost market), and that the cheap and old iPhone 3GS is likely still in the top 5 smartphone models sold per month in the world (and definitely in the US).

Finally, just as many people said "last announcements from Apple were less impressive" when iMac was introduced, OS X was introduced, when Apple Stores were introduced, when iPod was introduced, when iTunes and then iTunes Store was introduced, when iPhone was introduced, when App Store was introduced, when MacBook Air was introduced, when iPad was introduced, when iPhone 4 was introduced, ...

You do realize that the less impressive iPhone 4 has sold more units than any single smartphone model ever, and that the less impressive iPad 2 will likely sell more units worldwide this quarter than all computer makers other than HP. (HP will be passed in the Christmas quarter.)

You do realize that people now say what a great idea were those Apple Stores, the iTunes Store, iPhone, App Store, ... And next year, they'll say what a great idea was iCloud.

Yeah, yeah, all those brainwashed people all over the world suckered by marketing for silly toys for the last ten years...


@Baron95: Actually during December 2010 and early January 2011 in the US, Android phones were just plain free ($0) with 2-year contract. No need to even waste time buying one to get one free. Everyone I know who wanted a smartphone but didn't want to wait for iPhone on Verizon, just went out and bought an Android in Decemnber.

Tim F.

"Go back and read my stuff, it was pretty incredibly accurate, looking at Apple how it preformed since."

I have read all your analysis in real time and I have often gone back and re-read it. I can only think of one person who has been, and continues to be, more WRONG about the iPhone than you: Steve Ballmer.

You can't even restrain your idiocy to Apple strategy analysis: "And yes, my blog is the root of the term 'jesusphone' - even though I personally never used that term, it was mistakenly attributed to me and my blog. If you hear or read anyone talking of the iPhone as a jesusphone, you know where that came from haha.."

What? You didn't use the term and it was misattributed to you, but you are the root of "jesusphone"? Get off the high-horse. Just because some idiot thought you said it, doesn't make it so: those who know know that it was spawned on Gizmodo.


@Piot: Sorry I am a little near sighted even with glasses on and I should push the enlarge button on my MacBook Pro so I can distinguish the i in your name. My mistake and I meant no offense by calling you Plot.

Well I just think sophisticated medical diagnostic and analytic programs and legal research and management programs might work better on a well sorted Linux core OS than on closed shop iOS or Android; I could be wrong. I assume the whole point of Linux is that it is more powerful because it is open source and thus has less bugs and compromises in it. I am a romantic and an idealist, admitted.

My HP digression was to show how a great company can fritter away its position in the universe of useful things and useful employment and become a perveyor of Dell crap laptops and overpriced toner ink thanks to the miracle of eFlop type management, if it gets lucky. Nokia's financial position last year was much weaker than HP's when it bought Dell and started down the road to mediocrity. HP was doing well, like Nokia was when it wasted too much money on Navtek. HP mostly made useful things then. Now it could disappear off the earth and no one would notice or miss it.

Honestly, Apple could disappear off the earth and no one would miss it except fans. The same functions would be accomplished just by more clunky interfaces and more clunky software. My MacBook Pro is flawless and never crashes so it might be a few years before I missed apple, yet I would miss the updates and maybe the ability to buy new batteries every four years. [Once the cloud takes off there will be more tears if apple disappears off the earth.] If Nokia packed up and left the earth with its patents and know-how, we'd all feel a pinch. Yes I "like" Nokia while I admire Apple. Old apple, the one actually founded by Jobs I "love" for being idealistic and romantic. I wrote my undergrad thesis on an original Mac and had a dot matrix printer. Lots easier than using a typewriter and eraser tapes.

As far as skipping entries. Its something I feel mildly guilty about except for Lee's. His entries make no sense to me. They read to me like something: the sky is blue, fish swim, Tomi you were wrong on this date, Elop is killing Nokia, Apple is much better at making phones than Nokia or Microsoft, yada, yada. The order is always scrambled but Lee makes these same points in each note and the yada yada points are something always that makes no sense to me and that I can not summarize because I'm not even sure if they are assertions. So reading LeeBase to me is a series of obvious truths which add no information for anyone along with some weird distinctions incomprehensible to me all of which give off a strongly pessimistic odor regarding Nokia's current position. Since the object of Marketing Muscle, whether of the dollar/ad spending variety or the higher intellectual comprehension/positioning and placement strategy variety is to get nice people out of bad positions, in other words help engineers find markets for their work, I keep looking for LeeBase's suggestions of how Nokia can get out of its current loss making position while still being positioned to support the Finnish way of life for the next decades. I think Lee just enjoys contributing to our unease without really offering hope, whether of the romantic idealistic kind or realistic kind, I don't care. Sell Nokia short to me isn't an interesting position to advance on a marketing blog for the hand held industry.

Regarding spring time for hitler, I just cant work up the interest or courage to go back to it. Maybe I'll see what that Effect was you cited and see why I feel this way. Its a strong emotional block I have to go further along some lines.

Anyway, thanks for keeping me in the conversation, Piot. Cool name.


@Eurofan: I didn't realize the point of Tomi's blog was to offer hope for Nokia fans.

In sum,, the best way for Nokia fans to get out of their predicament is to seek out and understand the truth about how the market has been changing, not simple to ignore and deny any bad news. Denying the truth only leads to even poorer solutions, which at some point, leaves one with no way out but bankruptcy and death.



"That is why I say: The battle for the mobile ecosystem was already wonned by Google"

How so? Apple makes over 60% of the entire available profit in mobile phones.

Even from a developers standpoint, the Apple app store generated 17.5x as much revenue as the Google app market last year.


Mikko Martikainen


It is obvious that Apple, or any manufacturer for that matter, can only capture a piece of the total market at the price points they serve. Apple seems to be superiour in its capability to take marketshare in the price segments they serve, the high end. I'm sure you read asymco, right? What do you think of Horace's views about the market? He makes the case that internationally, the iPhone still has plenty of room to grow and outpace the total market, meaning that it is not yet necessary for Apple to go downmarket to grow marketshare. However, Apple themselves have said they are looking at the prepaid market and thinking of ways to get there, so I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with something to address that part of the market.

However, in the current situation Apple is still selling as many iPhones as they choose. And, every iPhone customer is worth 150$ for them, each year. (That's taken from Horace at asymco.) So, currently, there is not a great pressure on Apple to change the formula. But at some point they will, we just don't know when. I could be wrong and they could introduce a cheaper model next month, for all we know.


@Piot @Eurofan

Lol.... Sorry guys. I'm laughing here about how this comment sounded polemic. My mistake. It was a very poor choice of words. I should have thought that comparing Steve Jobs with Hitler would sound like trolling. That was not my intention. I only said that because I was mentioning a post I did on my blog more then one year ago when I said that Android would become the biggest smartphone platform (what ended by happening in the beginning of this year when Android surpassed the Symbian OS). But inside that post I explained this comparison more deeply (and without trolling) and I would invite you to read it if it was not in Portuguese (I believe you don't read Portuguese, right?)

Anyway, my intention was not to troll Apple here. My intention was to explain why Google won the smartphone OS race based on the differences of Google's approach compared to Apple's.

Apple was totally focused on the unity of its ecosystem, standardizing hardware and software as much as possible with tough rules and all things we know. The result was a very safe and stable platform, developer friendly, with tons of apps and other gadgets made exclusively to Apple's products (like those little sound systems). But has less personalization of the platform for the needs of some users and carriers. Also, some complain about how Apple controls it's environment.

Google's approach was more focused on how freedom and heterogeneity its ecosystem could have making the platform flexible so it could work in higher number of hardwares, with different prices and specs and even personalization of the OS as the desire of the hardware maker AND carrier. The result was a wider portfolio of solutions that offer wider possibilities of adapting it self to the needs of the user, carrier and hardware maker. But it suffers with fragmentation and less safety.

Between this two approaches, unity x heterogeneity, which one could win? Both have goods and bads. But on my post one year ago I predicted Google's approach would win because, from my perspective, human societies showed some preference for more heterogeneity. Examples of that could be how Ford's manufacturing model was surpassed by the Toyota's manufacturing model in the 70's. Apple seems a lot like Ford's (both even have this funny taste for black) while Google seems more like Toyota's. Another comparison possible was like the centralized unity focused political states like Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany was technologically and militarily defeated by the democratic heterogeneous countries from west like America. Explanations for that could be the higher capabilities of the heterogeneous western nations to generate technological innovation. That's something we could say but I agree that there are much more to be discussed on this example.

Besides that, I invite you to end the reading of what I've wrote above because I'm pointing reasons why I have doubts that Apple will succeed on going cheaper even if I also believe that this is the right movement (and I've also said that on my blog one year ago).

Thanks for your compliments, @Eurofan. I'm glad to see and I admire how you take serious this "global conversation". I hope someday I have the same faith you have about the impact that our conversation can have over the world.



I'm sorry but you must be delusional or Apple blinded if you believe the iPod Shuffle has "dominated low cost market".

Make some search over I just made it and the cheapest 2GB iPod Shuffle sold for 47$ having no screen, has two times the price of thousands of Chinese MPX sold on ebay with 4Gb, 2 to 3 inches screen, plays videos and maybe even watch TV!

Which kind you believe sells more? haha
Which one you would buy if you where a average Chinese citizen? (if you don't know google how much average Chinese people earn monthly)

About how successful was iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, and all other Apple stuff. Well... I wasn't denying they where successful. I agree with you about that. They were very successful. But you can't deny that some blogs and other reviewers showed disappointment about how innovative they where compared to what is expected by a brand like Apple.

And I said that to gather evidences that Apple is not in it's most brilliant moment. This is widely known as caused by Steve Job's health crisis that is causing a complicated situation about his succession. That is having a huge impact over Apple and probably is also causing it's delay on showing the iPhone 5.

Anyway. You showed me 2 weak answers against 2 points I've talked about. Now, where are the answers against the other 4 points you didn't mentioned? Show me them and I will laugh with you about my comment. haha


@rodrigottr: Thank you also for appreciating the essence of my message and not being hung up by my words. I very much appreciate your insights and now that I can see what you are talking about in terms of Ford model vs. Toyota model or totalitarian society vs. heterogeneous society I can see that your wits never left you only my capacity to perceive your wit left me there briefly. I was tired and I have taken a nap. Let me now return to mission #1, giving hope to Nokia fans:

As with the automobile space, all industries have their life cycles, their consolidations and reinventions, their disruptions and reorganizations, etc. As with the automobile space, the hand held space is likely to be a dominant and socially transformative one for more than one century -- ie., more than several generations. In other words its a fundamental industry to the way modern humans live and transforms at the same time that life. In ultimate terms: Joseph A. Schumpeter (whose economic theories were the subject of my undergraduate thesis) would find much to be interested in in the hand held space had he lived to see it's birth -- there's money in those there hills.

Money, jobs, profits, communities supported by the money, jobs and profits, it all adds up to an industry you don't want to give up on participating in if you can help it if you want your industrial capacity to be relevant and competitive in a large part of the world's productive output. For Finland's sake, for Europe's sake, I hope Nokia's independence, profitability and style of business making can be preserved as part of the world business ecosystem. Nokia is a colorful fish in god's human fish tank here on earth and while god chooses to sit down and eat his chinese meal in this chinese restaurant that is this galaxy, I hope he glances up every once and a while from his conversation with the devil and God and Buddha and Mrs. Buddha and ponders quietly to himself that the aquarium in this universe's chinese restaurant is unusually a nice fish tank, with plenty of healthy coral and good looking fish, colored and not colored, etc. Lets do our part to be the way we were intended to be and not get down in the gutter of letting "them" do it to us too much.

Oh, and as far as making a useful comment for Nokians, let me say: Nokia is a rich patient run down in its wealth somewhat by suffering and expenses of medical care related to its sad recent case of a rare brain cancer: eFlopitiseemia. Prognosis is complicated and will depend on the following factors: 1) ability to keep paying doctor bills, 2) actual results of first required action, radical eLopeectomy, resection, reversion to Simonsonianismization of the effected frontal cortex region, 3) some possible effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy [too tired to make appropriate analogies here], and 4) morale during this whole experience, which will last for some 2-3 years. We are the family and can help with 4) above and 1) by sending our thoughts and prayers to our cousin/brother/comrade Mr. Ms. Nokia employee and by sending our dimes and quarters and dollars to Mama Nokia to help her sell the baked goods like N8 and E7 and N9 and yes even WP7.5 she is back in the kitchen cooking now to raise money for her beloved's medical care. Thank god all this surgery and other medical care is taking place in Northern Europe where medical care is subsidized by the state.

By the way Dr. Tomi says the prognosis is excellent for raising some money with many of those baked goods. Dr. Tomi also said that the cancer though ugly, smelly and scary to think about when seen on x-rays is not something to be defeated by, he says it can be cut out and the region of the pre-frontal cortex repaired, and that we should all think too of the strengths of our patient and show courage. I like this doctor.

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    Tomi Ahonen is a bestselling author whose twelve books on mobile have already been referenced in over 100 books by his peers. Rated the most influential expert in mobile by Forbes in December 2011, Tomi speaks regularly at conferences doing about 20 public speakerships annually. With over 250 public speaking engagements, Tomi been seen by a cumulative audience of over 100,000 people on all six inhabited continents. The former Nokia executive has run a consulting practise on digital convergence, interactive media, engagement marketing, high tech and next generation mobile. Tomi is currently based out of Helsinki but supports Fortune 500 sized companies across the globe. His reference client list includes Axiata, Bank of America, BBC, BNP Paribas, China Mobile, Emap, Ericsson, Google, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, IBM, Intel, LG, MTS, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Ogilvy, Orange, RIM, Sanomamedia, Telenor, TeliaSonera, Three, Tigo, Vodafone, etc. To see his full bio and his books, visit Tomi Ahonen lectures at Oxford University's short courses on next generation mobile and digital convergence. Follow him on Twitter as @tomiahonen. Tomi also has a Facebook and Linked In page under his own name. He is available for consulting, speaking engagements and as expert witness, please write to tomi (at) tomiahonen (dot) com

Tomi's eBooks on Mobile Pearls

  • Pearls Vol 1: Mobile Advertising
    Tomi's first eBook is 171 pages with 50 case studies of real cases of mobile advertising and marketing in 19 countries on four continents. See this link for the only place where you can order the eBook for download

Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2009

  • Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2009
    A comprehensive statistical review of the total mobile industry, in 171 pages, has 70 tables and charts, and fits on your smartphone to carry in your pocket every day.

Alan's Third Book: No Straight Lines

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