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August 11, 2011



Soon there would be Elop Gate.


rim announcing that they would release QNX based phone next year.
I really wondering if the newly released phone of their would suffer the osbourne effect as well.


Agree totally the Elop Effect has destroyed employee morale and more importantly loyalty to Nokia. Only a moron would do what he has done. Did he seriously think customers would not take on what he said in his "Burning Platforms" speech.

Why couldn't he have announced that Meego and Symbian are going to continue but also maybe a few phones a year with Android and WP7 OS. I think everyone would have been happy with that.

The market share was going down because more and more people are buying Smart Phones and the number of competitors is increasing. It was a fools dream to believe it would remain the same.


It is almost entertaining to see Elop, after deliberately fast-killing symbian, trying his best to do the same with n9. He probably already has samples of wp7 phones nearing the final look and can see how much of crap wp7 is. If customers were left to choose between n9 and wp7, it would be disaster for him and ms. So better not to even allow sale of n9 in countries cursed with wp7 launch, Nokia and profits be damned.



he's a trojan.... therefore, I'm expecting elop gate too :)

btw, it's really funny how elop blackmailing the nokia user by saying that usa and uk won't got any n9, and if wp7 fail, then nokia is also done... no plan b. it seems to me that he were trying to say to nokia user, "buy this wp7 devices, before nokia wen't bankrupt, because nokia won't make symbian or meego devices for you. if you like nokia. you must buy this to save nokia, otherwise, we're gone".

what an a** h***
sorry for the strong usage of words.

Tango Finn

Our unit settled on using the term "elopcalypse" internally a while ago.


Tomi, I hope the Nokia Board will listen to you. We are watching the elopcalypse of a one great company otherwise.


I meant to say the elopcalypse of a once great company.


Mostly agree with this. While I think Nokia might have had to switch to another platform (the only candidates being Android and Windows Phone), there was no reason to announce the switch and rubbish their own products when the new platform was a year away. That is asking for trouble and I am not sure what Elop, the Nokia board and Microsoft were thinking when they decided to announce this to the world.

I'm not convinced that Nokia's position was as wonderful as you claim it was. My view of the situation is pretty close to what was in the "Burning Platform" memo - so from my point of view, Elop was telling the truth. However, certain truths are best left unsaid or at least, left unsaid until the transition to the new platform is well underway.



tomi, while I like many others agree your points 100%, more words do not make any sense.
Time to sue Stephen Elop and Jorma Ollila in Finnish Court.


Much worse for Nokia fans in the USA the only option in the biggest consumer society in the world will be a black market Nokia device ; Chris Weber, President of Nokia North America was quoted “No unlocked channels and no open distribution. It’s a big change for us. We’re going to be the most operator-friendly company around.” With an OS that carriers hate???? Nokia's demise won't be a case study, it will be an entire semester course!



IMHO it is quite clear why he did this. With symbian/n8 finally starting to look like it can stop the decline and with upcoming meego/n9 that has the potential to truly fight back against iphone and android, should he wait whole year he could end up with 40 % share in smartphones and n9 selling in millions.

Try to ditch all this for your beloved (and non existent) wp7 with some burning memo.

Kirill Zelenski

exactly. and third part of Elop effect is destroying of morale inside Nokia. how you can believe in CEO/Company after this kind of memo???
even if that would be true. nobody will continue work as before... it is basic for any manager. absolutely no way saying that! he is stupid or want to destroy.

in "burning platform" was only "everything what you have done is bad, stupid etc... lets jump out from here". effective manager, what to say! )))


you see what mototrol ceo Sanjay Jha said about potential wp7 deal with ms. mmi surged 7%.
He needn't to ditch any of his droid line, just possible add new line of wp7.

why nokia can not ?

Time to arrest criminal CEO Steven Elop and his clan, finnish police. They are financial terrorists who committed a crime in 2/11 which is similar to 9/11/event.


Having worked in the inside, the burning platform memo was the truth. Symbian was a disaster five years ago already, and consumers started slowly realizing that as well. Publishing sub-par crap like N8 didn't really help. Elop was blatantly honest, but I guess that was needed to wake up the people inside.

From what I've heard, the spirits are a lot better inside now than they were a year ago. Of course, if you were dumb enough to believe Symbian had a chance in post-iPhone world, you'd better be on your way out anyway. The company will be smaller but at least there's going to be less fat (read: ignorant, passive middle managers) around.

Looking forward how Tomi will react when the Windows mobile turns out to be a good move after all. There's nothing wrong with the platform. Just a shame to see N9 go— that little thing would have been an actual iPhone killer… two years ago. It still is a solid device, very different and better than, say, Android.

And Android as an optional OS for Nokia? Please. *That* would have made Nokia an ODM in an instant. But guess its hard to see from the outside.


@atombum , what smoke are you trying to spread. my kid loves the unlocked nokia n8 over iphone 4 from at&t. my wife loves nokia's feature phone over sony erricsson from at&t. based on tomi's data, n8 had been selling very well till terrorist head elop sabotaged it. as a consumer I'd like to take a class action against eflop, not to mention investors of nokia.


@atombum "And Android as an optional OS for Nokia? Please. *That* would have made Nokia an ODM in an instant. But guess its hard to see from the outside."

And what will WP7 make Nokia in an instant? A small marketing shop in Siperia? Sorry, but Nokia is toasted with its current strategy.


@atombum , "Looking forward how Tomi will react when the Windows mobile turns out to be a good move after all."

It can never be good for nokia IF it goes with WP7 line alone. With current "strategy" going, nokia is going to belly up before year end.

Look at the new head of nokia in North America, I would say he is the terrorist head the second.
he thinks he is making iphone, making exclusive-only deal with carriers. even apple is selling unlocked phone NOW. not to mention samsung, lg,htc, rimm, mmi.

nokia wp7 will be the least wanted phone among all wp7 phones IF selling by carriers.

Nokia's strength is free GPS maps navigation for life which all carriers will block.


Finnish Court needs to summon Steven Elop over his criminal action on 2/11 and measures after that to destroy nokia.

Finnish Congress needs to hold public hearing over Elop's criminal plan and its impacting results on consumers, distributros, carriers and investors.


As I wrote just this morning after reading that Nokia officially announced that they won't launch the N9 in the UK, I think we now have a new word for 'stupid':


@atombum: WP7 and WP8 will flop in the market place everywhere, particularly in the US subsidized market. No one who is not satisfied with iOS or Android is going to go running to WP. They will look to RIM or HP. Microsoft is one of the most disliked companies in America. It's reputation among consumers is like radioactivity. They make OS's that people don't enjoy using, OS's that constantly barrage the user with unwanted pop-up questions and are not intuitive. By the end of 2012 this will be clear again, although to any objective observer this was clear already.

You say morale in Nokia is better now. Maybe in the marketing department or in the carpool which ferries around those frequent flying, glad handing American executives. Not in the engineering department, I don't think. A Nokia which makes Windows Phone devices will be driven out of business in five years by the Chinese if it doesn't drive itself out of business first from lack of sales.

Your faith in the salability of WP phones is absurd. Consumers have voted down Microsoft phones already and are prepared to do so again and again. It is one of the last freedoms consumers have in the cellular space, the freedom to dislike Microsoft and avoid Microsoft products. If you have just signed a two year commitment to pay $100/month for voice/data/messaging and have to choose between $200 subsidized cell phones, why would you want something with a Microsoft OS? No amount of advertising budget can purchase more than a gullible blip in WP users.

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