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July 21, 2011



SoVatar: You have to start the suit to find more fact. just like Murdoch case. more fact will be found each day. Conventional wisdom manifests Elop and Jorma are criminals. They are not Trojan of Microsoft but agents of Wall Street Short sellers. That's why you have to sue in Finnish court not here in America.


Tomi, You can read Sapnish, then read this sad news:
"Smartphones: Blackberry superó a Nokia en la Argentina
Los celulares de la canadiense RIM coparon el 40% del mercado en el primer semestre de 2011. En un año, Nokia pasó del 41% al 15% de los teléfonos inteligentes vendidos en el país",
Full new link:
Thank you very much, for you and you post.


Yes, Stephen Elop, you Microsoft Muppet. You must be fired and sued and barred from any executive position in any publically traded company. You are a disgrace! Your name will be synonymous with total corporate destruction from the inside - and by the CEO. Shame!


tomi: the only thing that idiot elop got correct was to cut head counts by 4000 this year and another 3000 for year 2013. previous management obviously failed to do it.
can you comment on it?


Greetings Tomi. I'm part of a mostly silent majority that follows your blog. Somewhere around the start of this year I took interest about the fate of nokia both as a longstanding client, and as a potential developer. While Android shows some promise I dislike a simple thing about the system: JAVA. It's cumbersome in regards to code, patent-ridden and well, lets just say it doesn't strike my fancy, even if it gets ported to the N9 via the "Alien Dalvik".

Maemo (or meego if you wish to call it so) has QT, allowing us to freely use it with Python and C++. And the beauty is... it's not as striped down a linux as the android version. It's somewhat trivial to port many applications from established desktop linux distributions. WebOS is also a beauty to develop, using HTML5 + CSS + Javascript, and SDL on the C front... and guess what: we can run WebOS games already on a n900 with a bit of tweaking.

So potentially, N9 is a platform that can run everything any linux-based phone on the market can offer, compared to wp7, with XNA and Silverlight... add the revolutionary UI and, its truly a tragedy...

Oh well, maybe there's some changes coming. There are signs that the N9 may be released in more countries as this link ( )shows... so maybe there's still hope.

And there's almost no trace of windows phones on the official nokia blog articles. One wonder's if windows nokia phone's are just a mirage. On the other hand there's plenty of flak going on there with many quotes on your articles Tomi (one of the more recent threads: ). Keep up the good job ;)


To Endymion, you and the article were day dreaming. as long as criminal elop is in charge, it won't happen. he enhanced hie point again during earning call QA session: n9 meego is a regional phone, targeted at specific regions.

that't why Tomi and I want elop to be put into jail and no bail out for life.


nokia is dead when crimnial ceo elop announced the burning platform of symbian on Feb., 11.

$2.6B inventory has to be written off.
nokia brand is completely damaged which was worth $10B alone.
share price was cut off more than half. $20B has already vaporized.

How big is a crime can be ? That's 1000,000 times bank robberies.

Shareholders and nokia distributors go ahead sue the nokia ceo NOW.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

I will return with individual comments. I wanted to mention, I now have done part 2 in this analysis, the projection for Microsoft smartphone sales in 2012 and 2013. I think you will find the analysis illuminating

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

No starting with first set of comments

Hi live, elmo, jjh, Yuri, cygnus, Alan and Michael

live - thanks, we definitely agree. Thanks!

elmo - good points and yes he should be investigated not just in Finland but also on Wall Street haha. But yeah, Nokia is important to Finland's economy but not quite to that scale haha..

jjh - be nice! Finland's GDP is about 240 Billion dollars so if we say a third of Nokia's workforce is in Finland we could say 20 Billion is the contribution to Finland's economy (Nokia revenues 2010 were $58B) so 8% is perhaps more accurate, far more than 3% haha.. and still today, not a decade ago.

Yuri - good points and it is bewildering yes. I do think MS was thinking that WP7 was dead and needed emergency rescue. They could have bought a troubled handset maker like Motorola but felt its better to take over Nokia kind of 'for free' and get a bigger stronger provider. I am sure MS calculated that with Nokia they'd be well above 20% market share by 2012 and would be able to fight Apple and Google on 'even terms' haha.. Now that is proven to be a total fantasy.

cygnus (several comments) - thanks for the comments. Love the image of eating from dumpster and sued for every last penny. I certainly hope to contribute to the truth coming out as soon as possible, so that this can start to happen. He is causing so much damage to Nokia now, he has to be fired immediately. And as to the Osborne Effect - very good observations. Yes! Totally true. Osborne at least replaced his with a better device. Elop replaces a winner with a loser (while killing the hit superphone and OS in the process, by which I mean MeeGo)

Alan - am awaiting. the official Sammy numbers come out July 29 ie this week Friday. I will blog about it. But just today Strategy Analytics said they count between 18M and 21M Samsung smarpthones for Q2, so by that Samsung would be past Nokia but too close to call for Apple, so we still have to wait until Friday.

Michael - thanks, haha..

Thank you all for the comments, keep the discussion going, I will return soon with more replies

Tomi Ahonen :-)


I’ve found that sometimes a good visual can make all the difference to a blog post, so I’m always sure to include at least one. They brighten the place up a little too.

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lop got correct was to cut head counts by 4000 this year and another 3000 for year 2013. previous management obviously failed to do it.
can you comment on it?

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in any publically traded company. You are a disgrace! Your name will be synonymous with total corporate destruction from the inside - and by the CEO. Shame!

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elop got correct was to cut head counts by 4000 this year and another 3000 for year 2013. previous management obviously failed to do it.
can you comment on it?

beats by dre store

cut head counts by 4000 this year and another 3000 for year 2013. previous management obviously failed to do it.
can you comment on it?

beats by dre store

year and another 3000 for year 2013. previous management obviously failed to do it.
can you comment on it?

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