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February 09, 2011



So much leaks from Nokia these days, so much exposure in the media (especially in hostile US based tech blogs) and i think that we might witnessing carefully orchestrated campaign aimed towards American investors. Simply Elop is saying: yes i did take a deep look into market, considered alternatives, found our weaknesses, but at the end of a day only way forward for us (Nokia) is to keep current strategy alive and improve execution.


very good analyse!!!

it may or may not be true. for sure nokia executed their strategy very badly and slowly.

however, now, that it finally could happen (qt with qml almost ready, symbian^3 fairly usable, meego coming this years, ovi store improving) to jump and leave symbian/meego/qt for other platform with no experiences (android or wp7) and no control of the future.
that solution would be very bad!

(otoh, i could understand if they would add some platform for USA to build brand awareness, gain some marketshare and stop US analyst ignorance).


"I ended up authoring the blog I hoped I need not have to write"

You didn't need to write it - you could have confirmed it was genuine in ten minutes.

Maybe your contacts at Nokia aren't so hot, Tomi?


Steve, oh you are so clever.

You claim it is genuine. Who are you to claim so? Working at Nokia, I presume? Then, a novel idea: Prove it.



Its been vetted by even WSJ.
Its over here:

 Tomi T Ahonen

Ok lets do some replies

Hi Mike, Mark, Steve, So, Steve, Jan and Christian

Mike - I am not willing to accept it as true, before we hear someone currently employed at Nokia admitting in public that its true. When the Financial Times ran the story quoting Engadget, and asked Nokia directly, Nokia press relations issued their standard denial on all rumors - that they are not commenting. If this was official CEO memo, I could see Nokia press admitting it. But they could well also say 'no comment' if it was true, so we can't tell obviously.

Mark - thanks for the link. I think it is telling, that Engadget refuses the right to publish the text in full - if this was the genuine memo, shouldn't it be available at more than one source? And why is Engadget so possessive? Sounds like its link-bait to me..

Steve L - haha thanks and don't say that, now I'll have nightmares haha

So - I see that, and the story has now gone beyond the blogs and is covered in mainstream media with no credible Nokia source quoted - ie Engadget's claim is now covered in the San Francisco Chronicle and Financial Times etc..

Steve B - thanks, yeah, makes sense

Jan - thanks! Do you know if the wording is exact from the blog, or if its is reported from the speech. I could see some of the errors slipping into the story, if this is someone writing based on a speech, but if its verbatim from the blog, then all the above 'errors' and 'faults' would be written by Stephen Elop himself (which would severely frighten me haha)

Christian - totally agree with you

Thank you all, I'll return with more comments to the rest

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Jay M

"BBC News has verified that the memo is genuine."


Wrong again Tomi

"BBC News has verified that the memo is genuine."

Ajit Jaokar

Hi Tomi, BBC says that the memo is true(they are very conservative normally) so I think it is true. Fri would be an interesting day :) rgds Ajit


Who at Nokia has actually verified that memo? Shouldn't the sources say that too? Or do we take everything at face value?


Must have been one hell of a high oil platform if it was in the North Sea and he could see the dark waters of the Atlantic :o)

"There is a pertinent story about a man who was working on an oil platform in the North Sea. He woke up one night from a loud explosion, which suddenly set his entire oil platform on fire. In mere moments, he was surrounded by flames. Through the smoke and heat, he barely made his way out of the chaos to the platform's edge. When he looked down over the edge, all he could see were the dark, cold, foreboding Atlantic waters."

Andrew B

$300+ top end and sub €100 bottom end? Hmm. I can't imagine that a top-flight exec like Elop would be dumb enough to mix Dollars and Euros when referencing two ends of a market. Is there any generally accepted rule about sticking to either Dollars or Euros within Nokia?

I suspect that these 'analyst' snakes are happy to say/do whatever they can to drive down Nokia shares ahead of MWC just in case Nokia make some announcement which has a positive effect on their price.

Bob Shaw

I have yet to see a similar example of a slanderous campaign especially in US Blogs against any company or its product platform as what one sees against Nokia and its product platform especially Symbian. However it is not surprising when one considers that Apple and Google have a lot to loose with the revival of Nokia in the smart phone category. Nokia being a full spectrum player may be focused on similar full spectrum players like Samsung but that is of little consolation to Apple where iPhone accounts for 50% of the value of its stock price and Google who has banked practically everything on mobile. Finally considering what is at stake for Apple and Google, expect the slanderous campaign against Nokia to become more severe.


Its even reported by bbc now:
Still think its fake?


Good job Tomi again, just need to wait the real strategy presented by Mr. Elop on Friday. Will be very interesting for sure.


It's real. It's a controlled leak. If it were fake, Nokia would be denying its authenticity. Instead they are just not commenting as the stock is moving up on the news. I think you are right that they won't abandon Symbian. However, they won't be using it to fight iPhone/Android. For that, they might use WP7 since MeeGo is taking so long to develop.


This was printed at least in my morning Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. difficult to challenge this would not be real, but good try challenging

Don McLean

May I call it the day the Nokia died?



you're an idiot

cash it baby

We should call this the day when the smart of us cashed in... or better yet... next week :)

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