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February 11, 2011





What I am going to say is based on the assumption that the "burning platform" memo is genuine - and you're about the only one that I've read who believes it to be fake.

1. I doubt that this is going to be just a Symbian/MeeGo/Qt announcement. I think Windows Phone 7 and/or Android (more likely the former) are going to be part of the announcement.

2. This does not necessarily mean that Nokia is going to dump any of its platforms. They might proceed with a three OS strategy for some time - hedging their bets with Windows Phone 7 at the high end. If MeeGo does indeed take off then they could always reduce emphasis on Windows Phone 7.

3. If they do decide to dump one of their platforms, then it will almost certainly be MeeGo. As you say, they need Symbian for their low end smartphones.

Of course, if the memo is fake then what you say just might happen.


Don McLean

Upon reading the second possibility, the first one started looking like guaranteed TBH


I so, so wish what you wrote would have happened. Sigh.


whew... I read this.

Tomi I want Nokia to Succeed, call me a fanboy or any other fanciful name.

I desperately want Nokia to succeed so that I can show them why I have been loyal to this group all along except for in 2007 when I was blinded by Steve Jobs Keynote address and immediately ordered an iphone from AT&T. All the fallacies of the device were discovered much later at that moment it was just the blinding of the senses by the iPhone. I hope and pray that Nokia makes such kind of impact soon, They need it.

They are the market leaders but they are not showing that to the world, It's time they start flexing their muscles and show the world who the boss it.

Wishing Stephen Elop all the best.

more rants from my end post the Keynote.

Don McLean

And to throw in some point. The Nokia just couldn't prevent leaks if any of those dream devices" exist, and there were no reading of such.

that guy

First off.. Still thinking that memo was fake?



See you guys in 10 months when Nokia is a player in the smart phone market again and has a product they can actually be proud of.


Windows Phone 7 strategy it is...


Read it loud: Nokia Phone 7.
Reflecting on the burning platform, @segphault twitted: "Nokia chose Microsoft. I guess when your company is circling the toilet bowl, stepping onto a log of shit is the only way to stay afloat."

Tuomas Ahola

First off, great blog!

Second, I will be absolutely, mindbogglingly stunned, if Mr. Elop announces anything but continued support for MeeGo and Symbian. I cannot imagine the day Nokia becomes "just" another hardware manufacturer, being told by "big brother", be it hypothetically Microsoft or Google, what/where/how/when. I mean, look at the current Android/WP7 line-up: take the labels off, and they all are the same phone! Whether it is HTC, Samsung, SE, etc etc, all of them have the same form factor, and all of them run the same OS's. Nokia needs to differentiate; Nokia needs regain consumers' perception of superior engineering and innovation.

As you've mentioned time and again, Nokia needs to stick to what they know best, excellent hardware engineering, and add some good ol' American marketing strategy to the mix. Show some flash. Wow us a little. Be over-the-top self-confident, borderline arrogant. Ok, I'll put it bluntly: Nokia needs to man up, take names and kick some butt.

Tuomas Ahola

I am stunned. And about 5 mins too late to the party I see :)


This was lame!

Ex. Microsoft executive selects Microsoft - what a suprise.

And not enough changes in the loser executive team to show the organization that change is imperative.

Come Stephen, try a little harder!


So, the smart phone soap opera continues, new interest into the series was created by fixing a marriage between two unlikely suitors :-) For some interesting comparisons with companies that lose their wayn why not look at the history of Apple, especially between 1986 and 1997:

Anssi Vanjoki in 2020 perhaps...

Don McLean

Two turkeys indeed. Nokia has just managed to instantly alienate me, after all those long years. Windows Phone is like exact opposite from the all that (existing) customers highly values in Symbian. Oh sweet irony.


Looks like the scenario I pictured in my previous comment (which mysteriously I can't seem to find anymore) was dead on. I was even right about the Ovi store:

"Nokia’s content and application store will be integrated with Microsoft Marketplace for a more compelling consumer experience."

Unfortunately, I'm no genius since almost everyone else had the same prediction too.

Nokia + Microsoft. Madness you say? I think madness is what Nokia. I truly believe this is for the best and creates a win-win situation for both companies.

By the way, all your arguments regarding Symbian are valid. But Symbian is/was never on the chopping block so in that sense those arguments are irrelevant. Dropping MeeGo doesn't mean that Symbian has to go too. What's wrong with Symbian/WinPhone7? To me, that looks like a more solid combination.


Stephen Elop - Nokia's Trojan Horse straight from M$!!!

Victor Szulc

Yay! Congrats Nokia! I might actually go with a Nokia for my next phone now, can't wait to see what kind of device we'll see from them in 6 months from now!

clive boulton

Leaving Oracle and RIM to cozy up after Larry's lawyers gain some rights to Android. Someone will have to calm his jets otherwise its renamed the BlackOracle


Not quite sure what all the noise is about......

Looks like same old same old to me, let me elaborate

Symbian and Meego still around and placed under Smart devices division, along with Windows

More than 90% of the board is still around, with only one person leaving and increases from 10 to 13 persons

In all probability, they are using the Windows 7 announcement as some sort of smoke screen or diversion to keep the shareholders happy that something radically is being done.

Elop is probably still in the power building phase, where he is unlikely to be allowed to make any radical decisions that he felt could turn Nokia around. I hate to nationalist about it but I doubt if the board members would have allowed him to drop Symbian or Meego and laid off more than probably a few percentage points of Finland's population working in Nokia directly or indirectly!!

Perhaps, when the Nokia built Windows 7 pops up some quarters down the road and the numbers are good, Elop may be in a better position to make more meaningful changes.

But till then, I expect some cosmetic changes and have things go on in the same old manner.


Since Elop cannot see beyond M$oft, Nokia has no future. This is the nail in the coffin. A North American vision of the mobile world will set Nokia back 20 years.

Android, Bada and maybe RIM can now fight it out in Asia.

My vote is with Android. RIM and Samsung makes good products. However, RIM - like Apple - is a one trick pony. BBM and iOS touchscreens. There's no community. Android was designed for commnunity. Not sure about Samsung's Bada direction.

Coming back to the burning platform. It just self-imploded!

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