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December 13, 2010


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Merci pour le blog chargé de l'information tant. L'arrêt de votre blog m'a aidé à obtenir ce que je cherchais.


Thank you for the nokia perspective. As an intelligent global citizen I will take every possible perspective and shape my own opinion

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That is an awfully astounding column you've posted.Thanks a lot for that a fantastically

amazing post!


Nokia had the first touch screen smartphone (and was symbian based on serries 90) in 2003 (nokia 7700) and in 2004 (7710) both based on symbian v7 .
But nokia did the bigest mistake ever , they stoped the development of serries 90 (nokia 7700 and 7710) and they said that market wasn.t prepared for rouch screen.
but one year later (after many fails) apple build iphone...(great stratehy from nokia ?????)
Apple,s iphone became the best smartphone because the touchsreen work without flaws , not because of the os (based on os.x/FreeBSD).
Didnt had a multitasking like symbian or user instaling application, no, was only because the touchsreen.
symbian smartphone for 100-200 $/150euro are ok (more ram and big cpu will be great)
For 400 $/300 euro symbian is a disaster (nokia n97 - bigest joke).
Dont get me wrong.....wasn,tbecause of the os was because of nokia,s economical strategy...the cpu much underpower (even for symbian) small amount of ram (even for symbian)
no gpu for touch screen "smartphones" (nokia n95 had a gpu - small-but was there )....and you call that strategy ?????
If nokia ,back in 2003-2005, would have continued development of serries 90 UI based on symbian , maybe today nokia was the leader in smartphones maker and symbian was the best OS for symbian......all fault is on nokia .
Even so the symbian s60 is he best os... but the bigest problem is UI (user interface)...
For normal user the os is the same with what they can see....that,s way the apple half brain user are happy ...because they have a great UI(user interface)BUT NO FUNCTIONS...first iphone didnt had MMS function :))))))).
First think nokia shoul do is to change the UI....QT is the right tool....i hope they will inspire from serries 90 (was the best UI)...and will add some eye candy effect and a easy and organised UI...
Reading your article i can say that you dont know nothing about symbian, or about nokia stratey only judge facts ....the mobile future is not linux ....and symbian is not old....symbian is desccendent of EPOC OS developed in 1991...when was developed linux??????
For more infor read
EPOC OS was great but nokia destroyed everything with symbian s60 UI....which was the lowest symbian products as functionality .
Symbian is dead. Long live Symbian.....hope this year nokia will come with a new UI nad more functionality (as they promised)
Why they named symbian ^3 the lasr version of symbian because is the same like symbian os 9.4/9.5 ?????
Symbian have more to offer but nokia will destroy before its time (hope i was wrong)
About nokia strategy a economical strategy in a complexe way atract the new peolpe with dumb (s40) phone and show them more functionality in s60/symbian (smart)phones.
i like nokia only because they have software updates for theyr phone even for s40 (dumb) phones which are not so dumb anymore (gps, sw update).


Nokias symbian is thought as old not because of the release date and crap stuff but because of the lack of applications, this is what apple and other people always claim. So where is no Nokia on this? If every Brand has its own os then why nokia has not its own symbian developers?

And i didnt heara anything about the symbian 4 that Nokia promised to have on N8 and other nokia smartphones..


There are so many things you can't agree on.

You say that "Apple is executing that migration path perfectly, from PCs to smartphones...", yet it was Nokia which first used marketing mantra "it's what computers have become" when inroducing N95. And now all of the sudden Nokia is not competing in that segment.

Symbian and multitasking! Yes that might work if Nokia made phones with adequate hardware requirements. What good is multitasking if your hardware cannot multitask anything at all.

Porsche and Toyota comparison! Wrong again, if Apple is Porsche and Nokia is Toyota then explain how can Porsche cost less that Toyota when being subsidized by telephone operators. In my country Iphone 4 with 16GB costs less than N8 with 16GB on same two year plan. But it is simple to pronounce 80 million or so iPhone sold phones a niche market, then Nokia and Symbian can play with the numbers to their heart's content, without those 80 million sold units. Iphone is direct competitor to NOKIA, like it or not.

If Exxon subsidized car sales by forcing you to buy their petrol for two years and offering you Porsche for the same money as Toyota, would Porsche be competitor to Toyota?

Yes Nokia competes in low, mid and high end markets, while their competitors compete only in mid and high markets. Yes somebody has to sell low end phone to fisherman in 3rd world country and give him an app so that he can sell his fish on local market, but this is not the case here. The weight of discussion is after all on smartphone market with the margins they bring. The problem is that when that fisherman gets some money, or gets richer, he will probably buy Android...

Looking at what the competitors are offering at CES 2011 one thing is for sure...Nokia is in a free fall. There is no way Symbian is going to compete with the likes of Atrix and Thunderbolt. If Nokia smartphone with symbian costs as much as Apple's IOS or HTC's Android platform then what can can you expect of MeeGo.

New Paradigm? New Pattern, Re-inventing the wheel, losing years to competition to get rid of home button, finding a new way for users to interact with their devices while typing message? The philospohy approach of Marko Ahtisaari and likes, compared to practical approach of their American rivals is disastrous for Nokia.

MeeGo will most probably be an interesting fail. If Microsoft is having hard time pushing out its WP7 product I can't imagine how hard it will be for Nokia and Intel. On the other hand unlike Intel, Nokia has betted it's future on MeeGo, Intel doesn't really care and will embrace Android if it means more bangs for their buck. Intel will drop Meego and will walk away unharmed. From the looks of it Meego is at least 6-12 months away, and then you do need another year to get rid of child sickness woes and other minor bugs, so they might have stable OS in 2-2.5 years. By that time Android OS will be called Yoghurt....
Android OS has done miracles for Motorola and Sony. The biggest drawback of Android is their fragmentation. Motorola, HTC, Samsung and Sony all have their variants of Android. Instead of embarcing Android and setting their standards on Android OS, and then playing with numbers like "50% of all sold Android phones are made by Nokia, and we are providing them with unique experience" and pulling in new customers, they have Symbian smartphone path for not so smart users and MeeGo smartphone path for smarter phone users. Tell if I'm wrong but economically it is wiser to have ONE OS and scale it up or down as needed. Forget about Symbian. Microsoft has forgot about it's 9x line and embraced NT path, Apple had the guts to switch over from PowerPc to Intel. Even Sweden had the courage to switch to left hand drive side! But Symbian has to live forever! WHY? Symbian will be last nail in Nokia's coffin!

Nokia business practices were cracked wide open in the last year or so - Slow, lazy, beurocracy running like crazy. Every corporation cares about it's customers to a certain degree, as a Nokia customer I felt cheated and felt made stupid. The viscious cycle of forcing you to buy new model just because of a feature you could fix with new firmware - but they didn't, or forcing you to buy a new model because the last one was not thought out properly (try 2.5mm earphone jacks on E71...Who in the world makes 2.5mm earphones anyway?).

Dumbphones....It's what Nokia has become.

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Merci pour le blog chargé de l'information tant. L'arrêt de votre blog m'a aidé à obtenir ce que je cherchais.


Update : YOUR WRONG.


What about now :D:D:D

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I started reading, but when you said I meet with mostly USA based folks, that is absolutely totally false. I just spent a week in LeWeb, which had attendees from around the world. I talked with folks from Russia, Vietnam, Israel, Spain, and many other places. I was pitched by many developers from around the world. Not a single one showed me their app running on a Nokia phone. The trends I'm seeing are happening world-wide, if not equally yet. Yes, Nokia is a big company, but it is in trouble with the developers and that means it's a fat chicken that's running around the yard vigorously, albeit with its head cut off. I'll read the rest later.

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A fine addition. And I suspect you’re right about young people not reading this article. Not only does it lack those damned emoticons and pithy abbreviations, it’s chock full of really annoying punctuation. Young people hate that.


I recently came across your article and have been reading along. I want to express my

admiration of your writing skill and ability to make readers read from the beginning to the

end. I would like to read newer posts and to share my thoughts with you.

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Well, well well... ten thousand words of pure, utter BS.

Wake to the reality of 2011, Nokia fanboys !

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