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April 11, 2007


Mark Earls

Hi Alan.

Great post. Glad you're enjoying B's book. I've really enjoyed it too. Did you hear her on start the week? V Good.

Am doing a little post today on something I took out of it...if clients allow.

Alan moore

Dear Mark,

Thanks for the note. I did not hear her on the Start the Week, so I will check this out.

Mark we should meet up, but don't have any contact details for you.

All the best


Mark Earls

drop me an email on hotmail and we'll sort something...would be good to catch up.


Raimo van der Klein

Hi Alan,

Oh yes! We are at a new phase of transformation. From the reductionistic(I) to the Holistic(we) view of the world. How different will you answer the question: "what is my purpose?" om these two worlds?? ;-)

Hope to see you soon in Amsterdam!


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