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February 18, 2010


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Romain Criton

Hi Tomi,
I agree with you that they should target Blackberry before they address Android.
However, I don't agree that it is a stupid idea to use a smartphone app to reach their customers because the stats you are referring to are numbers averaged over the worldwide population, but if you look at specific, more homogenous groups, those stats don't apply.
What I mean is that Hilton's customers are much wealthier than the worldwide average so the proportion of iPhone owners among them is most likely 10 or 100 times higher than the worldwide average.
So yes SMS, MMS and WAP are the best way to reach the largest proportion of mobile subscribers, but when you're a luxury hotel chain I don't think you aim at the mass market.


agree with romain. and you can take romain's stats to the next level. of the customers in a Hilton who actually *ORDER* room service, it is an even smaller niche. people who can barely afford a hotel room and carry a rudimentary WAP phone don't order room service. so contrary to your somewhat tired least-common-denominator statistical justification, they're probably totally NAILING the group they are trying to reach. the executive with money to burn. and they've managed to reach 126,000 of them, by your own admission.

would your post have been as negative if they had bothered to be working on a Nokia app? you seem to be mired in an anti-apple/anti-app phase. been noticing this for about 5 weeks now

Samung epic lcd repair

This is essentially releasing an application to the public before it is officially released. With traditional software testing, this can be fairly straight-forward to implement, as the developing company can simply allow as many public beta testers as they wish to test their software application. Now, with an iPhone App things are different.

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