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December 04, 2009


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We see AR indeed as a new medium. Just like TV with TV channels, Internet with webpages. You have AR with content layers.

Every new medium delivers experiences that other media could not. The mobile AR people see now is mostly focusing on answering the "where is.." question. Maps can answer that question aswell. That is not a sustainable purpose..

We see AR as a medium to deliver experiences that are really integrated with reality. Experiences that are linked to the physical world. The physical world is the empty piece of newspaper on which you write the stories.

These highly context related experiences cannot be replicated in any other medium. The uniqueness lies in the combination of the following:
- Context (live, location, social)
- Reality (you need to see reality)
- 3D (immersive and rich experiences)

A big part that makes this medium so different than the others is the way you discover the content. Contextual filtering etc.. No other medium does this as they broadcast. This medium listens and delivers..

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Raimo and congrats for ever more wonderful success and attention that Layar is receiving globally.

About 8th media... I will sleep on it and think it over. I totally agree, that at the very least, it is a totally new radical media format. But, perhaps, it is a version of mobile media, like ringing tones are very different from SMS news, both that are unique to mobile..

We have for example in print several different formats, books, magazines, newspapers etc that are quite unique - well, newspapers and books very distinct. But yes, you make a compelling case haha. And regardless, I have to add that part to my Layar story haha.. Thanks, really valuable concept. Will be in the next book definitely and I have to get back to you to interview you about it...

Cheers, my very best to all my friends at Layar

Your big fan, Tomi :-)


Hi Mr Ahonen,

we called mobile "4th screen" (cine,tv, computer, mobile) in a recent spanish written book (La cuarta pantalla, (2008) ed. Ugerman (argentina)

Congratulations for you blog I always use it in my classes about mobility..

C. Enrique Ortiz

Tomi have you seen this?

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