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July 20, 2018



"It's THE LEFT's traditional heroes the ones who fit your description."

Here you are sneaking in an unfair comparison. These people were the heros of Communist parties. But the left is predominantly social democrats. And the social democrats denounced them pretty early. If I follow your footsteps, I would claim Mussolini and the KKK are the traditional heros of the "right"

Per "wertigon" Ekström

@Winter: And lets not forget also Pinochet and Franco. :)

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Sorry, but you've proven you are not even worth debating.

I have given you sources that fully or mostly disprove your claims. You reject these sources as delusional left-wing propaganda. But... Well, it is repeated from EVERYWHERE - except right-wing media. Libertarians, left wing news papers, right wing news papers and other sources all say you are wrong. I think even Fox News might say you are wrong, but I don't read Fox so have no clue. The ONLY sites that support the bullshit you speak are the right winger sites.

If every news source and fact source out there, right as left, except alt-right media, claim you are wrong... Then you are wrong. It is as simple as that.

So what do you resort to? Name calling and repeating the same lie over and over. We have already established your projected world view is a lie. This tells me you are here to spread an agenda, not debate.

Good day sir, I will ignore your comments henceforth. Not even worth my time. :)


LOL. You guys do realize that FIGJAM is black, don’t you?


Not as idiotic as it sounds:

Read the second to last paragraph and look at the picture


It looks like the main charges against Trump will be obstruction of justice and criminal conspiracy with Russia against US.

Per "wertigon" Ekström

Looks like Trump is getting nervous, since he is calling for the witch hunt to end.

Is there really some truth to crooked Trump?

To be fair, though, if crooked Hillary could not be convicted, why would crooked Trump be?


"To be fair, though, if crooked Hillary could not be convicted, why would crooked Trump be?"

I assume this is sarcasm, but because it has become extremely difficult to identify sarcasm these days, I'll spell it out for unsuspecting readers.

It is called the Rule of Law. Hillary was investigated and cleared of charges. Trump is investigated and not cleared of charges.

We do know Trump and his supporters do not believe in the Rule of Law, but it is still the law of the land (at least, that is what even the GOP claims).


Obviously, Trump has found out something during last 1-2 weeks and this made him has increased the level of attacks on Mueller and media in matter of days.
I guess that now we need to put the seat belts on and prepare for the ride. This is only the beginning. I would not exclude Trump starting a war (with Iran?) just to increase the level of patriotism in US and get away with treason.

Krista Sanders


Krista Sanders

I’m honestly concerned about you in this moment... what you did and what you said are completely out of character for the man I know.
Getting so attached to an ideal isn’t healthy.
These are the very lines you and I have discussed about crossing with common sense and civility NOT threats and anger.
Yet you deemed it acceptable to say awful things to me because I had an idea??
I’m over it at this point and ready to move on.
Like I said.... I’ll always be here for you. You’ve been a friend and companion when I desperately needed one and great more tears.... and I can actually help in removing some of these emotionally charged moments. Even if I have to act as the sponge by absorbing them.
If I don’t hear from you in a couple of days I’ll know it was a great time getting to know you and let it be. But I’m here Tomi.

Krista Sanders

Ridiculous Tomi.... talk to me like a grown up

Krista Sanders

Also looks like you could use some help with your SEO and CSS settings for mobile...


Looks like Krista could use a little psychological help.

Sister Resister

Krista and Tomi got in an argument. Krista is still hurting and waiting for Tomi to come back from wherever he went after we had words. But thank you for your concern


Where was this argument? Twitter? Unless Tomi has deleted comments from this thread (something the regulars know happens every now and then), there are no comments from Krista before this page.
Also, coming here and reading those comments from Krista make me say “ditto” to Wayne.

Jimmy the Jim

Its Jimmy
He tried to making Tomi lost face

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