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May 23, 2018



The discussion in this forum has entertainment value beyond comparison.
iPhones sell. They sell more than any of they naysayers said they ever could.
And not only that but iPhones have been for years more expensive than the prices that already at their time were supposed to "kill the iPhone sales because customers will not pay that much for a phone".
These are cold facts from Apple Fiscals that cannot be denied, they only can be explained.

What has been the explanation for the last few years?

First the iPhones were bought by the stupid Americans that do not understand how iPhone lacks all the features that the true smartphones a'la Symbian have.
Then the sales expanded across the globe. The same story continues, this could not happen in the markets where "true smartphones" are available, like Japan.
iPhones gain sales in Japan.
Now it is because people in Japan use iPhones as their secondary phones. (LOL WTF, why would they buy the more expensive option for that?)
Numbers are in, iPhone has >50% market share in Japan. So much for the secondary phone theory. Time for new excuses:
- iPhones are bought by underpaid waitresses that have too much debt because of their spending habits.
- iPhones are only bought by elderly people (this directly applies to the Japan case).
- iPhones are only bought by gamers.
- iPhones are only bought by individualists, not by general public.
- etc., etc., etc.

And still third year running Apple is selling OVER TWICE as many iPhones per year than Nokia ever did even at their pre-Elop heights. No matter what silly stereotype you choose to use for explaining the sales... is bigger than the entire smartphone market that Nokia held. Doubled over and then even more.
Sure, explain that with "iSheeps". They seem to be a very common race on this planet.

And since we have third year going where the trailing 12 month sales sum up to 215M+ units, it is rather clear that the price increases during last two years have not alienated the customers (iSheeps? Waitresses? Elderly people?). If something, it has made them hold their iPhones longer, not to jump to Android.

But hey, let's tell how this is bad, Nokia definitely wouldn't have wanted to "fail" like Apple.

Yes, Nokia: they have really returned to their roots with HMD.
Like N8 in the past, like N97 before it, like N9-00 after it:
The Nokia 9 was delayed in 2017 and due to becoming outdated tech it was launched as "Nokia 8 Sirocco".
Now the Nokia 9 (2018) is delayed and will be launched in MWC. Most likely as "Nokia 8 (2019)" or something.
Nokia 9 is apparently delayed again. Like the previous Nokia 9 that was


“Apple cannot keep up with Android, and it is more and more apparent.”

iOS is far better than the Android OS. First and foremost it is much more secure and it respects your privacy.

Samsung or any other Android OEM can't keep up with the Apple. Occasionally they have some new features that never works well, but yeah they can claim that they were there before Apple. Apple's forte is how well they polish their products and of course the support they give. Of course there are these OEM's that copy everything what Apple does and try to claim that they are so original. Fake will always be fake.


What is annoying though is that when HTC falls there is another Android OEM that takes its place and when Samsung falls there is another Android OEM that take its place. There are around 1000 phone brands in the world so this can go on and on and on and on and. We have an eternal supply of these wannabe iPhone killers. Then you just wait and they all fall in the gutter.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Apple is a bumblebee.

Every single thing they do defy common economical theory and yet they fly. Just like a bumblebee. :)


"You do not buy Android phones for your business. You have no support whatsoever, you have no updates."

This is such an unbelievable bullshit, it is incredible!

- A lot of Android phones rarely get updated. So what? Get a Pixel, a Nokia, an Android One phone etc. Problem solved
- Ever heard of carrier support? Hint: If you have a good carrier and a business contract, you _DO_ get good support

"Android phones looses value faster than a new car. When you take Android phone out from the shop the value crashes to zero."

Why should I care? When I have used my phone for 2 or 3 years, it has scratches and dents all over it - who wants to buy it anyways?

Additionally, all these super-wealthy iPhone customers shouldn't care, too. Like me, they should be able just to buy a new one if they want.

Jim Glu

Hi Per...

Wouldn't you admit that Apple's done a damn fine job answering the question "Why buy an iPhone"? To the tune of 1.4Billion iPhones sold in 10 years.

Everything else you've said has always been true. Android options exist at lower price points....MUCH lower price points. Android has some features iOS does not have....some iOS never will. Some Android phones have expandable memory...yadda yadda.

As such, Android owns 80% of the market, and 85% of new sales.

Apple has it's own niche of customers that like what iPhone's offer that Android does not.

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