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May 23, 2018


Jim Glu

BTW, I bought a used enterprise server from a local young man. He was f#cking AMAZING with a Sony Experia Android smartphone. He's running the latest Android Pie even though it's not put out by Sony or Verizon...he's just able to do that kind of stuff.

I wanted my server to run Proxmox (hypervisor that lets you run multiple virtual machines and linux containers) which is based on debian. He downloaded the iso to his microsd card, turned it into a bootable image, turned his Android phone into a usb device, and then we booted to USB from the server to install the OS.

Can't do that on an iPhone. 99.999% of Android users can't either....but I was able to see how SOME people for sure need an Android phone

Per "wertigon" Ekström

Link? Ok, since you are not able to Google it yourself:

Tick tock, the clock is ticking... :)


ExNokian blog has Q2 numbers up:

Jim Glu

I did read that’s a forecast, not reporting actuals. Android has been forecasted to pass iOS for a long time now. I do accept AppAnnie as a good source of info on App Store revenue. But nobody is reporting on the revenue generated by mobile devices but not transacted via the App Store.

And we know iOS still gets the global apps first. Why would the Fortnite game developer pay Apple 30% when they don’t have to pay Google anything...and release on iPhone first? Android has a long Long Long way to go befor having any chance of actually impacting support for iOS, If ever. And nobody but the fan boys really believes the ever part at all.

But sure, Tencent and Wechat have a huge thing going on in China and all that revenue counts

Per "wertigon" Ekström


No, sorry, only some global apps do iOS first. And they are fewer than Android.

As for Fortnite, not exactly your typical app scenario now is it?

Jim Glu

Fortnite is from the makers of the Unreal Engine that is behind a lot of major console/pc games. It's a huge deal that it's been brought to mobile.

And the makers have made your point about how great and open Android is. So great that they don't need Google Play. They essentially created their own app store that only has one app, the Fortnite game. You can get it from their website. They give google none of the money. They don't feel Google's 30% cut is worth the services the Google Play store provides seeing as they already have the infrastructure in place from their PC and Mac operations. As a hugely popular game, they don't need the discovery either.

Winner....Android! But no. Even with all of that going for Android, they still targeted iOS first. They are still paying Apple it's 30% cut. They still have no direct relationship with the customers that come from them from Apple. So why would they support Apple first?

Money. Cheaper to develop and support iOS and a larger addressable market of folks able and willing to spend money on the first truly console quality game to arrive. It's a breakthrough (along with Pubg). Mobile gamers can play cross platform with their PC, or XBox friends (not PS4 but that's because of Sony being unwilling).

Sure, Candy Crush type games can run on just about any smartphone. But the reality for gamers is...Android's 2.5 billion customers are mostly running low end hardware and are not "one big addressable market".

And this is games which is the largest segment of app store purchases (for now). In the enterprise, iOS is actually larger than Android in every way.

BTW, did you read the article you linked to? Did you see the part that said 85% of the mobile money made is made from the top 5 countries....the same countries where iOS has a MUCH larger percentage of the market than it's global numbers? 85%. When it comes to "money making potential"....the money is in the rich countries and there is no way mobile developers are going to stop serving that market on both iOS and Android.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


So you mean every app is like Fortnite? No. It is exceptional and therefore pretty useless to extract any meaningful data from.

If you knew anything about development, it is that adding more things lead to longer development times. Therefore it is quite natural Fortnite is not released yet - since the new app store must be true and tested first.

One does not simply snap their fingers and get an app up and running. It takes months, even years of development time to get everything working properly. If you have ever worked with any development at all, you know this.

So nope, Fortnite... Doesn't count, simply because most game developers does not have the resources to start their own app store...


Microsoft released ”Your Phone” synchronization application for Windows PCs. It only supports Android phones, iOS support might be coming.


”Microsoft released ”Your Phone” synchronization application for Windows PCs”

What is this Microsoft and what are the PCs again? /s

Nobody cares what Microsoft does. Besides Macs already has this so nothing needed from the Microsoft.


Fortnite does not count.. How about PokemonGo?

Samsung just announced their new Note 9 phone with a year old operating system. This is how bad the situation is. At the same time iPhone users gets a fantastic upgrade to Siri with the iOS 12. Plus lots of new goodness. Apple is with the new iPhones years ahead of the competition because they push the technology forward. Android watches lacks now several years behind because Quallcom can’t keep up.

Jim Glu

Fortnite's reasoning counts very much. And it's consistent with every other iOS vs Android first choice. And since you put forward that AppAnnie article...what say you about the 85% of the money via mobile apps stores (all that AppAnnie covers) coming from the top 5 countries? Hmmmm....where have you heard THAT before...that the money to be made catering to Western developed economies dwarfs the rest of the entire world. Turns's not even all of the developed economies...just the top 5 (which includes 2 Asian countries....that participate in the West's economy).

As for Msft...they support all of their mobile office apps on iOS, and delivered them for iOS first like Office for iPad. However, it is abundantly clear that Msft is fully supporting both platforms. Read it from the horses mouth:

Interesting that of the mobile devices managed with Msft enterprise mobile management software...50% are iOS and 25% Android. You case you still needed convincing that iOS is kicking Android's ass in the enterprise

Per "wertigon" Ekström


First off, you are wrong in the "profit" angle. It is a technical issue of iOS being easier to port to.

Second, if 85% of the App store revenue comes from roughly 5% of the world's population, that just shows how much of a shithole economy the App store is. Which again goes to prove... App revenues aren't even important, in the grand scheme of things. :)


Pokemon go was released simultaneously on both platforms. :)



Here you can find the evidence against what you are saying.



Europe is the biggest market in the world followed by USA and China. These markets represent around 70% the trade in the world. More info look Wikipedia.

Jim Glu

Alright Per. You have to learn to juggle more than one idea in your head at a time. Either “apps don’t matter” or “Apple is doomed because developers will abandon iOS when it’s share falls too far”.

You can’t have both. And 85% of the revenue for apps is WHY developers will continue to cater to the top economies in the world. And why developers won’t abandon iOS.

And I’d “apps don’t matter” - then why are we talking about smartphones at all?

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