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September 13, 2017



I would not recommend engaging in such dialogue with LongApple/LongAAPL1997/etc. That user (users?) is engaging in something known as the "Gish gallop", spewing misinformation and falsehoods faster than it is possible to debunk them. In the time you manage to show one claim wrong, he already produced three more.

(The Gish gallop is named after infamous creationist Duane Gish, who first mastered this technique.)


"Samsung SCH-S310, released in 2005 was the first phone with 3-axis gyroscope!"

No. It was not a gyroscope it was though nice one it was new six-axis sensor. Original iPhone had also similar 3-axis sensor 2007, but the iPhone 4S (2011) was the first with the gyroscope. So you are corrected.


"and Google was first!"

Who the F cares?? Chromecast has followed Apple TV since 2007. Apple needed to get the 4K right.

"There are two major HDR formats currently out there—HDR10 and Dolby Vision. HDR10 is a standardized format commonly found on both Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and HDR video streams, defining color and brightness values in a predefined range. Dolby Vision is mostly found on streaming services (but Dolby Vision-equipped Ultra HD Blu-ray discs have started coming out), and it defines color and brightness for each pixel based on a unique profile for each TV, adjusting those values to suit the capabilities of the panel. Neither format is necessarily superior, but they're still distinct, with different levels of support from different studios, services, and TV manufacturers.

The Apple TV 4K supports both HDR10 and Dolby vision, making it extremely well-rounded on the HDR front. The Google Chromecast Ultra and Roku Ultra only support HDR10. The lack of Dolby Vision support isn't a huge problem, since so much HDR content is available in either just HDR10 or in both formats, but it is a small edge the Apple TV 4K has over the competition."

"the Apple TV 4K is the most powerful simply because of its beastly A10X system-on-chip."

You are right that the Apple competes with the Chromecast but it also competes with the Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox now.


What about the virtual SIM Apple implemented on Apple Watch? Will the operators accept that? It's obvious that the same technology could be used on a phone. Actually it looks more than likely that Apple will introduce a phone with a virtual SIM. Maybe not next year but in future.

Any comments about Apple's Augmented Reality? Looks like Apple is now the biggest player on that field. ARKit really looks cool and similar technology is not available to Android phones. At least not to those phones selling in reasonable numbers.

john F.

@ Per
I can't see a single good reason for that. Can you?"

Yes, every person that follows apple closely can tell you.

For way too long Apple shares have been judged by one metric on Wall Street: iPhone unit sales, for some time now the narrative is changing, will they succeed is another story, "unit" and market share are obsessions for many and apple is working on different things that will change the company product mix that contribute to the bottom line

But no matter what I tell you, many people's kids are already made up.

Can u please tell me how many phones google sold? An exact number please.

john F..

Sorry. Typo. Meant people's minds not kids ! Funny



Be cerafull of baron95 / weynabrady.
He/They use new trick
Multiple name
So, yuo wlil only dlete part of posst
see longapple name, diefrent longapple
see jim name, dieferent jim name
same people!!

Abdul Muis


Although I always see the bad side of iPhone, I think the iPhone X is good for those who use iPhone as a fashion statement. In fact, I was surprise that Apple manage to create such a beauty, compared to big bezel of all previous iPhone. Regarding the US$ 1000 price, I agree with you, that for these fashion aware iUser, this US$1000 is small.

Please note that although I think iPhone X is as beauty as to competitor (Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8), I feel this year will be though for apple. The reason is samsung have 3 phone with 3 different price level with the same exact beauty. While Apple only have the beautiful iPhone X at the $1000, but the iPhone 8 is not comparable to S8 & S8+.

.... and with iPhone X have this small bezel design, it just endorsing the S8/S8+ as an alternative for those who want this fashion statement of small bezel phone, but don't want to shell out $1000.

Which is I think the wrong move made by apple...

Olivier Barthelemy

re "There are excellent phones below $200, usable ones at $100"

Those are real winners when you compare them to Nokia 1110. They run some old Android OS that can't be upgraded and have shitty processors.. Well everything.

Nope. If you look at the Xiaomi Redmi phones ($100 5" 4X and $150 5.5" Note 4, they're OK: Android 7.0 is being rolled out right now, they've got 2GB/32GB/SD of memory so enough for any app and usage, and Qualcomm 435 and 625 which are fine: Antutu are 40K and 62K resp, that's iPhone 5S performance. Screen and camera are good (certainly not flagship-level, but good; battery is outstanding.

So basically, every single thing you said in answer to my post is untrue, which somehow doesn't surprise me. We know what to think of your comments now.

Olivier Barthelemy


A lot of people don't pay for their phones, US, Canada, 30% of the other Western countries have either subsidies or financing. To those people, it makes sense to get a flagship, because they're paying for it anyway. Once your monthly phone bill is $100, you do have a spare hundred or two or three for the phone's downpayment.

For the unsubsidized, non-financing rest of us, it's definitely not worth it. Plus there's a vicious circle: if you get a luxury phone, you need insurance, that's another $100 per year plus deductibles. I'd rather get a $200 phone and not bother about it.


Not sure about the Apple Watch - the remote heart beat monitoring feature might become the "killer" (sic!) health application for the elder generation. In case this takes off, it might support sales of a few 10 millions of Apple Watches per quarter world wide.

Still, to me the Apple Watch design looks clunky compared to my SUUNTO watch. Also, who wants a watch requiring re-charging every 18h (though maybe this is intended to spark a trend towards having two Apple Watches, one for day time and one for night time usage and health monitoring? ;-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Piot

Great points on the timing issues with the new releases. That delays the impact of the next wave, means Q3 of 2017 (July-Sept) and Q4 of 2017 (Oct-Dec) will be somewhat worse than 'normal' but the actual business will still mostly come, but with a delay, into late Q4 of 2017 and into Q1 of 2018 (Jan-Mar). That means likely calendar Q3 and Q4 of this year are down by these matters, vs 'normal' and Q1 (and possibly even Q2) conversely somewhat up vs normal. That DOES mean, that there is SOME lost business, of those who had wanted to upgrade, would have bought the iPhone X but won't wait, and take a Galaxy Note or whatever as their alternative instead. Some of the 'lost business' from the delayed launches will be recaptured in the next period/s but some of the lost business will go to competitors.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


It looks like iPhone X is called nowadays iCon!


So, will there be another generation of Apple Watch or is this third one the last one?


"Today the latest smartphone OS data from Kantar revealed that in the three months ending July 2017, iOS performance was strong in the USA, China, and Japan. iOS market share in the EU5 was flat, held back by a resurgent Samsung in Great Britain. Android gained 2.8 percentage points across EU5 with Sony and Huawei the top performers. Europe's big five markets include Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

In the USA, Samsung remained in the top spot during the three months ending in July with a 36.2% share, with Apple close behind at 34.1%. The growth rates of the two brands are almost exactly matched at 2.5% for Samsung and 2.6% for Apple.

The iPhone 7 was the top-selling handset during the period at 12.6% of sales, while the newer Samsung Galaxy S8 stood at 8.8%.

"Apple's US growth is very impressive, given that an all-new iPhone is expected to be announced on September 12, and should become available for purchase later in the month," Sunnebo added.

Apple saw something of a rebound in Urban China in the July data period, with share +5.1%pts to 19.3%. The large screen iPhone 7 Plus was the top selling device in Urban China in the month of July, the first time the Plus version has outsold the smaller screen iPhone 7."

There we go. It is going to be a fantastic super cycle.



Every time Tomi does an Apple article the Fandroids and iSheep go to war in the comments, and both sides end up looking like morons.


@E. Casais
> Appraise Apple Watch against Swatch Group or Timex Group for a somewhat more correct perspective

Let's start with Timex Group. They are a flop, if they would be selling they would be shouting their numbers like Samsung! Oh, they don't release any numbers and also Samsung has been very cagey for the lsat 5 years or so. I guess everyone is a flop.

Actually I do not see a problem comparing to other watch makers, no matter the price. Revenue and profit are what matter for the company. And both seem very healthy from the Apple Watch business.

> Oh BTW Apple is now competing against the Playstation, Xbox and Nintendon with the Apple TV 4K. So this will be interesting

Indeed, competing so hard that they forgot to include a controller. Gaming on Apple TV is secondary. As long as it is just an additional pipe for their mobile developers, Apple is not a first party game producer, the hardware is lacklustre and the game controller issue is fixed, they won't be even close the companies who take game consoles and gaming seriously.

They did have a few good things in the media side, like exclusivity to thatgamecompany's next game and the 4k content pricing and upgrades. But all in all lacks focus, and unique content. E.g. video content from Apple or a proper cable cutter solution (e.g. Sony is trying with Vue).

Just a general comment: I am amused to see complaints on Apple's $999 phone and appraisal of Samsung's $929 phone at such a close proximity. The one is obvilously just stupid and doomed, and the other best thing ever.

john F.

OK, as I can see, there is not much understanding of the watch market over here, please understand, there is solid data and plenty of information, you are not using it.

A quick overview, 1,2 billion watches are sold annually, around 85 million above AVS of 500$, the rest is bellow 350 US, a large/HUGE portion is bellow 150$

Apple did not compare itself to Rolex in units but revenue, this is an important number as rolex iwas the largest SINGLE leading brand ofthe above 500$ category with an estimated revenue of around 5 billion dollars.

Apple overtook Rolex, by growing 50 YoY, so take your guess, between 6 and 7 billion in revenues.

Don’t name Swatch/omega group being the number 1, you are flat out wrong.

Omega as a SINGLE brand is 2,3 billion dollars, Swatch as a single brand is 740 million dollars and the swatch group includes 15 additional brands like Rado, Tissot, Longines, Blancpain….

Those of you thinking this is just a fad, like someone said of the internet, you are wrong, a few years from now many functions will migrate to things you wear and a watch that is a phone is a different animal, 3rd generation and growing.

Battery? wait a couple of years. Daily charge? do I care if it recharges while I sleep?

The watch is a segment in itself and for now, comparing it to a mobile is ridiculous. Apples to Apples ....-))


Definitely looks like the virtual SIM used on Apple Watch is a feature Apple will introduce on iPhone. Currently the operators seem to be really interested about a feature like that.

It would allow them to sell mobile subscriptions without the need for the customer to get a physical SIM card. A big change and let's face it, the need for a physical card is a thing from the past.

Olivier Barthelemy

@lullz: On the contrary, I've been told the carriers strongly resist the move: they want to have direct contact with the customers, not to let OEMs maneuver them into being just a line in a long list. Who cares what customers prefer ^^

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