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September 13, 2017



"Apple’s next iPhones will crush Android when it comes to overall performance, and I’ve explained that a few times already. First of all, the iPhone 7 Plus IS STILL ABLE TO BEAT ITS NEWEST Android flagships, including the hot new Galaxy Note 8. That was a clear sign that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will absolutely CRUSH Samsung in similar tests.

Then came the massive iOS 11 leak over the weekend that revealed many details about the A11 processor that’s going to power both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 devices, including the fact that it has six cores. With mere hours to go until Apple unveils the new iPhones, we also have the first A11 benchmark leak for you… and it’s terrible news for Android.

Posted on Tuesday, this Geekbench listing shows a single-core score of 4061 and a multi-core score of 9959. That’s exactly in line with what developer Steve Troughton-Smith hypothesized about the phone a few days ago.

The listing also says the iPhone10,5 will have a six-core processor and 3GB of RAM. That means we’re likely looking at either the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus in this test. The iPhone 8 is supposed to pack just 2GB of RAM.

How does the iPhone 7 Plus fare in the same tests? It tops 3500 in single-core and hits almost 6000 in multi-core tests. The Galaxy S8/Note 8, meanwhile, maxes out at around 2000 in single-core performance, though it goes up to 6800 in multi-core tests.

If the A10 Fusion was a tough nut to crack for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Samsung’s own 10nm Exynos chip, then the A11 will turn out to be a nightmare for Qualcomm and all Android device makers out there.



> Oh BTW Apple is now competing against the Playstation, Xbox and Nintendon with the Apple TV 4K. So this will be interesting.

Again this is bullshit!

Apple TV 4K competes with Chromecast Ultra! Apple was again second when launching 4K and Google was first!

Olivier Barthelemy

"Oh BTW Apple is now competing against the Playstation, Xbox and Nintendon with the Apple TV 4K. So this will be interesting.".

If it could start by competing with Roku, Chromecast...

Basically, any iDevice that is not an iPhone/iPad/Mac is just there to milk the locked-in Apple customer base. That base is strongly enticed to buy those iPeripherals (iWatch, iTV, iHP) by various Apple restrictions and proprietary stuff; and nobody outside of iUsers even looks at the non-iPhone iStuff. Same with services.

Apple is 100% (well 80+% actually) dependent on iPhone because all those sales it classifies as others (services, iWtch etc...) are ancillary to iPhones, and can't exist w/o it.


I would not recommend engaging in such dialogue with LongApple/LongAAPL1997/etc. That user (users?) is engaging in something known as the "Gish gallop", spewing misinformation and falsehoods faster than it is possible to debunk them. In the time you manage to show one claim wrong, he already produced three more.

(The Gish gallop is named after infamous creationist Duane Gish, who first mastered this technique.)


"Samsung SCH-S310, released in 2005 was the first phone with 3-axis gyroscope!"

No. It was not a gyroscope it was though nice one it was new six-axis sensor. Original iPhone had also similar 3-axis sensor 2007, but the iPhone 4S (2011) was the first with the gyroscope. So you are corrected.


"and Google was first!"

Who the F cares?? Chromecast has followed Apple TV since 2007. Apple needed to get the 4K right.

"There are two major HDR formats currently out there—HDR10 and Dolby Vision. HDR10 is a standardized format commonly found on both Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and HDR video streams, defining color and brightness values in a predefined range. Dolby Vision is mostly found on streaming services (but Dolby Vision-equipped Ultra HD Blu-ray discs have started coming out), and it defines color and brightness for each pixel based on a unique profile for each TV, adjusting those values to suit the capabilities of the panel. Neither format is necessarily superior, but they're still distinct, with different levels of support from different studios, services, and TV manufacturers.

The Apple TV 4K supports both HDR10 and Dolby vision, making it extremely well-rounded on the HDR front. The Google Chromecast Ultra and Roku Ultra only support HDR10. The lack of Dolby Vision support isn't a huge problem, since so much HDR content is available in either just HDR10 or in both formats, but it is a small edge the Apple TV 4K has over the competition."

"the Apple TV 4K is the most powerful simply because of its beastly A10X system-on-chip."

You are right that the Apple competes with the Chromecast but it also competes with the Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox now.


What about the virtual SIM Apple implemented on Apple Watch? Will the operators accept that? It's obvious that the same technology could be used on a phone. Actually it looks more than likely that Apple will introduce a phone with a virtual SIM. Maybe not next year but in future.

Any comments about Apple's Augmented Reality? Looks like Apple is now the biggest player on that field. ARKit really looks cool and similar technology is not available to Android phones. At least not to those phones selling in reasonable numbers.

john F.

@ Per
I can't see a single good reason for that. Can you?"

Yes, every person that follows apple closely can tell you.

For way too long Apple shares have been judged by one metric on Wall Street: iPhone unit sales, for some time now the narrative is changing, will they succeed is another story, "unit" and market share are obsessions for many and apple is working on different things that will change the company product mix that contribute to the bottom line

But no matter what I tell you, many people's kids are already made up.

Can u please tell me how many phones google sold? An exact number please.

john F..

Sorry. Typo. Meant people's minds not kids ! Funny



Be cerafull of baron95 / weynabrady.
He/They use new trick
Multiple name
So, yuo wlil only dlete part of posst
see longapple name, diefrent longapple
see jim name, dieferent jim name
same people!!

Abdul Muis


Although I always see the bad side of iPhone, I think the iPhone X is good for those who use iPhone as a fashion statement. In fact, I was surprise that Apple manage to create such a beauty, compared to big bezel of all previous iPhone. Regarding the US$ 1000 price, I agree with you, that for these fashion aware iUser, this US$1000 is small.

Please note that although I think iPhone X is as beauty as to competitor (Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8), I feel this year will be though for apple. The reason is samsung have 3 phone with 3 different price level with the same exact beauty. While Apple only have the beautiful iPhone X at the $1000, but the iPhone 8 is not comparable to S8 & S8+.

.... and with iPhone X have this small bezel design, it just endorsing the S8/S8+ as an alternative for those who want this fashion statement of small bezel phone, but don't want to shell out $1000.

Which is I think the wrong move made by apple...


"There are excellent phones below $200, usable ones at $100"

Those are real winners when you compare them to Nokia 1110. They run some old Android OS that can't be upgraded and have shitty processors.. Well everything.

Jim Glue

Wow - such fun. Where to begin. Apple Tv was first, but for it's core purpose was passed long ago especially in price. If you aren't using it for gaming (I don't) then it's only advantage is to buy your content from iTunes. I feel like the last one I bought ultimately was not a good deal for me. Not for MY use case which is watching netflix and Amazon prime. That's it. So even though I have the Apple Tv connected to my tv, it's the FireStick I use far and away most, and it's the fire stick I have on all the rest of my Tv's. No mention of Amazon Prime on Apple Tv availability yet. When it comes, I will at least start using my Apple Tv again. Will I buy the new one? Absolutely not....not right now. I don't have a 4k tv.

No mention of the Homepod which is one of two devices Apple will be selling me this season. No iPhones for me or my family. The wife and college kids are sticking with their 2yr old iPhone 6s -- and we will see our phone bill come down. I am sticking with my 7+ for now. My next phone will be an iPhone. There is zero chance of anything else. But my family and I are stepping onto the "longer term ownership" bandwagon.

One of my kids is turning 21, and will be receiving a new Apple Watch. It's a special milestone birthday and she will be thrilled.

That's it. Anecdote of one. Apple sales to plummet :)

I am not even buying a new iPad. My iPad Air 2 is still rocking along splendidly. I'm not developing mobile apps at the moment, and I have my eyes set on a used server with gobs of memory and lots of core for bid data development. Sorry Apple. Hope you can continue on in the mean time.

But do I want a new iPhone X? Sure I do. Who wouldn't want one unless they actively dislike Apple? Would I want a Galaxy Note 8? Yes, it's a beautiful and powerful phone. I just happen to prefer the iPhone ecosystem. And, btw, it's in the same price ball park. Would I like to have the S-Pen? Sure. It's not like I crave it or anything, but it's at least obviously useful...not like the "Bothie" feature of the "flagship" Nokia 8.

But, ecosystem aside... I'd prefer having the HDR, wide color gamut, color calibrated screen of the iPhone as a "feature to pick over". I also don't like the tall, skinny aspect ration of the latest Samsungs. I'd rather have the far more speed and power of the iPhone X than the "really quite good" but less powerful Samsung. The Samsung cameras have wider aperture lenses and I'd like that. I do not expect the overall camera performance of the iPhone X to be anything but best in class.

In all, were I new to the market, I'd still pick the iPhone X. But not because any of the top Androids are bad or terrible. Well except for the "Bothie" camera. Bothie? OMG. So proud of the new "Nokia".

I don't think I'm all that unusual. If you don't have much money, or prefer to save money, you don't buy any of the premium phones. If $200 or so is your limit, you buy an Android. I would. Anything close to $300 and I'm saving up and buying an iPhone at $349.

But...other than those who buy Androids because they are cheap and move up to iPhones when they can afford it....I think people will stay in one camp or the other. Folks who prefer Androids, for whatever reason they prefer, don't pay attention to the latest iPhone except to engage in the sport of mocking people who buy iPhones. Those who buy iPhones either keep the one they have, or buy another one. They don't even look at Android phones.

That..and the iPhone has a great second/third/fourth life in the used market.


"If the watch division of Apple is to be compared, then it is with Citizen or Swatch Group -- not Rolex."

Yes Apple is bigger than Swatch Group. annual sales around 20 million watches a year. That is how you get this huge failure that is called Apple Watch. Tomi has to take his head from his ass.

Jim Glue

I agree that the Apple Watch sales should not be compared to Rolex. They aren't in the same market by any reasonable definition of market. Apple Watches are not "wearables" such that they should be lumped in with Fitbits either.

As a communication tool of "we are telling you sales are great" without telling you the sales....I at least prefer Apple's method over Amazon's graphs with no legends to show non-reported sales this year vs non-reported sales in prior years.

We know how big the lowest member of the Fortune 500 is in revenue, and we know Rolex's revenue. So Apple is at least letting us know the scale of the revenue. Which is an impressive achievement in just over two years started from scratch.

I did not buy the first Apple watch and declared I'd wait until the third. But I bought earlier this year the Apple 2nd version. I didn't have high expectations, it was simply a nice gift to myself from "my wife". I like mine, she likes hers. My Apple watch makes my iPhone a better experience.

Olivier Barthelemy

re "There are excellent phones below $200, usable ones at $100"

Those are real winners when you compare them to Nokia 1110. They run some old Android OS that can't be upgraded and have shitty processors.. Well everything.

Nope. If you look at the Xiaomi Redmi phones ($100 5" 4X and $150 5.5" Note 4, they're OK: Android 7.0 is being rolled out right now, they've got 2GB/32GB/SD of memory so enough for any app and usage, and Qualcomm 435 and 625 which are fine: Antutu are 40K and 62K resp, that's iPhone 5S performance. Screen and camera are good (certainly not flagship-level, but good; battery is outstanding.

So basically, every single thing you said in answer to my post is untrue, which somehow doesn't surprise me. We know what to think of your comments now.


@ Tomi

The Phones.

So... three new phones from Apple... with NO surprises. Almost everything was known beforehand. At least the price of the X was at the low end of the rumours. The two iPhone 8 models got a price hike. Buyers of these models will have to console themselves with the fact that they are getting higher memory configurations. Whether they want them or not!

There were some surprises re. iPhones though. Apple kept the 6S/6S+ phones in the lineup. $100 cheaper. They did not do that last year with the 6/6+. They also reduced the price on the iPhone SE.

The full iPhone range is now significantly changed from what it was just a couple of days ago. From 5 distinct models to 8 (good grief they'll soon be selling as many models as Sammy!) And the cheapest, 'entry level', phones have come down in price from $400 and $550 .... to $350 and $450.

Tomi, I have no idea why you would even consider that Apple's new THOUSAND DOLLAR iPhone would have any positive impact on Apple's total share of the market. Even if the specs were more to your liking it's a bloody expensive phone! The market for phones at that price must be pretty small and I would expect that the vast majority of people who end up buying it will already be the iPhone customers who have been buying the previous most-expensive-iPhones.

I can say the same for Samsung's new (nearly) thousand dollar Galaxy Note. This is not a 'market share play' by either company. It's an obvious move to protect and increase profits. One caveat re the Galaxy Note. Their might be a slim chance that Samsung CAN increase their market share but purely because last year's Note was such a fiasco.

Olivier Barthelemy


A lot of people don't pay for their phones, US, Canada, 30% of the other Western countries have either subsidies or financing. To those people, it makes sense to get a flagship, because they're paying for it anyway. Once your monthly phone bill is $100, you do have a spare hundred or two or three for the phone's downpayment.

For the unsubsidized, non-financing rest of us, it's definitely not worth it. Plus there's a vicious circle: if you get a luxury phone, you need insurance, that's another $100 per year plus deductibles. I'd rather get a $200 phone and not bother about it.



To Tomi, Apple Fans and the number crunchers on this blog.

Despite iPhone getting back to (very tiny) growth in unit sales in the first half of the year.. here are a couple of reasons why calendar Q3 might be weaker. Totally unrelated to Tomi's pessimism.

Firstly the iPhone X won't go on sale till Q4. That will obviously pull some sales away from this quarter.

Secondly, iPhone 8 sales start nearly a week later than the 7 last year. That will make a difference. It's like swapping a week of your highest sales figures for a week of your lowest sales.

You don't have to thank me. You're welcome. ;-)


Jim Glue

Hi Piot,

I think you'd be right...IF...Apple sales area always constrained by manufacturing. So...all the iPhone 8/8+'s will sell to the extent of manufacturing meaning that there won't be "missing" sales form the iPhone x.

What I'm wondering....will there be lines on iPhone 8 day. I'd imagine the type of people who want the newest iPhone so bad that they stand in lines on opening day...are the type of fans most likely to want the iPhone X. So will we have two opening days with lines around the world. Or one. There will definitely be one for the iPhone X as early adopters will be aware of the expected shortage of supply.

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