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February 01, 2017


Abdul Muis


I didn't yell at @Gonzo. It seems to me that he has a slow ability to understand what I said, therefore, I capitalizing it for him, so it would be easier for him to know what word in my sentence that he need to pay attention....

But..... Apparently, I'm wrong.... It seems to me that he really don't understand that when he quote me out of context it make him looks fool, not me. So, I won't reply to his post again. It's useless to reply to typical iSheep, he always reply something irrelevant.

Per "wertigon" Ekström

@abdul: Capital letters are considered yelling by the tech folks, but at the same time it's hard to emphasize words in plain text. Some people use *strong* emphasis and _small_ emphasis, but it's a nitpick on my part.

Oh well. I do agree with you that Gonzo is yet another clueless Apple user. :)

Abdul Muis


I know that capital letters are considered yelling, but I really have no choice on how to make him understand. I already said too many times that he can't just cut and paste part of my sentence, and change the context of my words. I really gave up with him.

or perhaps he's frustrated because he also sense the end of his favorite brand, and he put the blame on us (Tomi, you, me).

Per "wertigon" Ekström


You claim Apple is doing well, yet fact is, they only go for premium end and the premium pie is shrinking, year after year.

How do you explain that?

Apple is now slowly converging towards 10% of the market, probably less. This is undisputable fact. And with 10% and an alternative OS, Apple is doomed to slowly slide downwards, ever downwards. 10% of 2B is 200M units however, so their fall will not happen instantly but rather they will be stuck in a loop where their innovation will keep lagging behind.

This is what happened in every other market. Why is mobile any different?

Finally, if you're going to keep doing ad hominem attacks as your main source of argumentation, you better start running, fast. :)


The conclusion of your argument is that Apple is a good money machine, just like Goldman Sacks. We do not discuss Goldman Sacks on this blog because their fate is not relevant for the development of the mobile market.

The fate of Apple too is less and less relevant to the development of the mobile market.

So, why are you discussing Apple's financials here on a technical blog instead of moving it to an investment blog?

Abdul Muis


You're embarrassing yourself with this childish re-post act. Please remember there is a GOD, Tomi is the GOD of this blog! You're counter productive act can make Tomi delete all your post, and you will suffer more than this small setback.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


No, you are the one making the mistake here.

You assume 10% is enough marketshare to keep an alternative platform floating. It isn't. End of story.

Apple does not die with the iPhone. But their time in mobile? Slowly fading away. :)

Abdul Muis


Perhaps Tomi delete your post because you loves to put words on someone mouth...

You said: "even predict that the iphone 8 will be fail and apple will crash"
I said: "If their iPhone 8 (Q4 2017) can't beat the expectation, they will crash badly."


(not yelling, just pointing out)
I said *****IF*****...

The expectation on iPhone 8 is TOO HIGH, ******IF****** it miss the expectation, Apple will crash!!!!

AGAIN.... Don't put words on my mouth, or anyone mouth... You're just embarrassing yourself as a iCoward and iLiar.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Just ignore the troll, he's not even worth your time.

He's clearly an idiot and Tomi deletes his comments because of that. The sooner we ignore him the sooner he go away. It is the way of the internet. :)

Abdul Muis


I already ignoring him because he keep doing my words against his words. He keep saying lie... that I said certain things. I really wonder how old is he.

I think @Piot maybe @Gonzo double account, because Tomi also delete @Piot post, and @Piot also have the habit of putting words on someone mouth. Same modus operandi as this Gonzo.

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