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December 09, 2016



@Millard So one false story means that refugees are all angels? By that standard North Korea isn't so bad a place because some of the defectors exaggerated their stories of torture.


I still don't understand why "progressives" like you are such fans of the most socially conservative, sexist, homophobic religion on the face of the earth.


"I still don't understand why "progressives" like you are such fans of the most socially conservative, sexist, homophobic religion on the face of the earth."

Do you even know real Muslims.

Sorry, but have you recently talked to USA Christians involved in the anti-gay/trans laws? Or ever talked to Hindu fundanentalists (women were assaulted all over Bengaluru with local politicians blaming the women).

The average Muslim is just as tolerant as the average Latin American Catholic. Which could improve. But it is nowhere as bad as VP Pence and his fellow fundamentalists.

Millard Filmore

@Catriona: "So one false story means that refugees are all angels?" ... No more than one true story means all refugees are terrorists. Shouldn't we be trying to divine the truth out of world events?

@Catriona: "I still don't understand why "progressives" like you are such fans of the most socially conservative, sexist, homophobic religion on the face of the earth." ... To which religion should I turn my love and admiration? The one with a general that said "kill them all and let God sort it out"? How about the one that went to war to preserve slavery 160 years ago? Those both claimed to be Christian. If you Google up "Dominionist" you can see that good Christian slavery has not been extinguished. Maybe these modern guys think there can be a kinder, gentler, version of slavery.

Every religion will have its nut cases. Christianity is not protection against that.


News about mobile, politics, and games. I do not know how to describe it.

In the run-up of our parliamentry elections, Arjan Lubach, a Dutch entertainer presenting a "Daily Show" type TV program has launched the Kamergotchi, a new Tamagotchi clone (remember?).

In Kamergotchi, you must care for a random political leader. Now you can have a politician in your pocket!

It is a boon on twitter: #kamergotchi

Btw, this is the same Arjan Lubach who started the "America First, XXX Second" contest between Europan nations.

Millard Filmore

Here is an article that shows the impact FBI director Comey had on Hillary's numbers in October.

Comey put a mentally ill, perverted, traitor in the White House.


Politicians and voters seem to learn. Today are Dutch elections. First exit polls are out. Turnout was 80%, a record high.

The Dutch role model of Trump et al. the venerable Geert Wilders (funny hair model too) has not been able to cash in on Brexit and Trump. His party ran a campaign against refugees, migration, and the EU and tried to use Trump's victory in his campaign.

As it looks now, he got less than 15% of the votes. Just as many as a fanatic pro-EU party.


In the first collapse of GOP governance policies:

Republicans never wanted to kill Obamacare

More collapses to follow.


The outsider dealmaker faltering in White House


Donald Trump's presidency could be finished by Russia investigations, former NSA analyst says

"Paul Manafort is now a leading focus of the investigation by American intelligence. Trump's whole defence is one member of his inner circle away from turning state's evidence and spilling some beans and it starts to be all over. We're not there yet. But I think that day's coming."


Incompetence and political extremism:
The footgun of the GOP has fired (again?)


My impression:

Sunday League: The best own goal ever scored?


Bannon told conservatives 'this is not a debate,' you have to back bill

Obviously, Bannon likes dictatorship.


You cannot make this up:

White House denies report that Trump handed Merkel a bill for NATO services

Trump clearly has learned the old Roman principle of "Divide and conquer".
But he has not read on to learn about the fate of the Brits against the Romans:
"Thus, while they fight singly, all are conquered."
Which is what happens if you divide yourself and your allies.

On the other hand, he IS the Russian candidate with a keen eye for Putin's interests.


Information is trickling down now: Trump was not supposed to win

Russia’s meddling in the French election has backfired spectacularly

[“If we look at recent history, Russia has been technically efficient but strategically inept in every operation,” according to Galeotti, who says Russian foreign ministry sources have talked to him “with horror” about the US election result, insisting the real aim was to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s legitimacy—not help Trump win. “Now they have an almost Putin-like figure to deal with,” he notes.]

Millard Filmore

hi Winter and Tomi, here is an article about a professor that predicted Trump's win very early on. Its all about identity politics, triggered by Obama getting elected.


"Its all about identity politics, triggered by Obama getting elected."

That is just an euphemism for racism and ethnic cleansing. The wars waged by Germany and Japan in the 1930-40s too were about identity politics.

Millard Filmore

We may get to see some of the Big Data used to get Trump elected:


I am afraid this revelation will be a disappointment. Just like everything else that touches Trump.

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