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February 25, 2014


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Speaking of Elop, according to this
He has been promoted and will be in charge of the entire games and hardware division (xbone, surface, phones, everything)
I love this move. I was a little bit disappointed when Satya beat him but this is not bad either. There is still hope that he will mess up much more than just the phones division. The day Microsoft will die, this world will be better. And Elop is the great knight in shiny armor that will help get it done.

Kevin P

I think the Lenovo news you mentioned is not from MWC. The flagship phone with 13 MPx camera and 5" screen you mentioned is the s960 / Vibe X, which was already released several months ago - it's already being heavily promoted along with their other flagship the 5.5" Vibe Z / k910. The best of the phones they launched yesterday was the s860, which apart from having a huge battery is below the s960 in terms of specs.


I think it was a very weak MWC. I don't even have anyone from my team there. No wonder Apple doesn't even bother.

The highlights were Facebook CEO, Nokia X/XL, a disappointing GS5, and what you left out Tomi, 9 new OEMs for Windows Phone, including heavy weights like Lenovo, LG and ZTE.

The Nokia X/XL is a great play - EUR89 and EUR109 unsubsidized price point, introducing the Nokia/Microsoft tiles and services to emerging markets - as a feeder system to Lumia. And it was developed in close cooperation with Microsoft and NO DIALOG at all with Google. It is another Washington State threat to Google - Now Microsoft and Amazon have western non-Google Android forks.

Oh - and every Nokia X/XL comes with Skype with FREE LANDLINE CALLING for one month. Boycott?

Here is the Elop Interview where he explains the strategy:

Samsung, Sony, et all have truly played all their best cards and can only tweak new models (screen size goes up by 0.1", tweak the camera, etc). On top of that Samsung can't even launch the GS5 with its own processors. They have to send money to Qualcomm to use Snapdragon 800/801. How sad is that?

Apple, on the other hand is only a few months from playing "the card that trumps all cards" - large screen size phones.

Samsung will be in a huge squeeze. Between large screen iPhones and cheap Androids there is very little oxygen.

The only question is will Tomi et all going to add Nokia X/XL to the "Android" total?

I think we need new Categories. Microsoft Android, Amazon Android, Chinese Non-Google Android, Google Android. Notice that of the 4 categories, Google only really benefits from one. :)


" IR transmitter to let the phone be used as TV remote control.."

I used to do this psiloc irremote and my nokia 6600 smartphone, 10 years ago, nearly 4 years before Apple even invented smartphones ;)

Earendil Star

Android is beating your boss (MS) on all fronts?

Hard to justify how your boss' market share is 1/20 of your hated competitor?

Easy, just fudge the Boring numbers. Start splitting the Android platform in 100 pieces, and then just say: hey, look, what did I tell you? WP is 5 times larger than Android. Easy peasy, plain vanilla propaganda 123.

Seriously speaking, Google now has a good ad campaign ready:
Google Android - So good that even MS adopted it. Or should they say "Elopted" it?

Finally, a comment on THTRH Elop. The promotion he got is just the paycheck for flawlessly executing MS' agenda while working "undercover" at Nokia. No other possible explanation, especially if one were to take Nokia's (pre MS) view of things.

Tomi, do not be fooled. Elop is not going back to MS. He actually never left.

John Fischer

On the industry trends, Ericsson CEO spoke of a near future when smartphones will cost as little as US $10.00 unsubsidised. Haha that is MY forecast

Sorry Tomi, any person here that comes from any tech industry related to pc, phones, microprocessors knew that, does it take much grey matter to know that by 2020 84-inch 4k ( or 16k...or whatever fashion at that moment) TV will cost a fraction of today's prices? Remember when calculators were expensive? In fact, Ericsson probably mentioned that price to get some free headlines.

Arthur Clarke called it newspad in his book 2001 back in the 60's ... That was amazing, today predicting flying phones that can tele transport your mother in law to a far far away galaxy is not.


@Baron95: "every Nokia X/XL comes with Skype with FREE LANDLINE CALLING for one month. Boycott?"

I guess it will be free for end users but somebody pays for it - most probably M$ and less probably Nokia...
So, no boycott at all but warm welcome - for one month, at least... :-)



"every Nokia X/XL comes with Skype with FREE LANDLINE CALLING for one month. Boycott?"

Ha ha, I can only concur with zlutor. Sure somebody has to pay for it - and we all know - if someone pays for it there will always people happily gobbling up that money but then make sure that Microsoft won't benefit from it.

It happened before, it will happen again. But when will they learn.

A fool who falls for that kind of stupid stuff.

As for the reaction to the Galaxy S5:

Yes, sure, it's certainly a bit disappointing but come on! Aren't you all a bit hypocritical here?
Wasn't the iPhone 5S also a mere incremental upgrade that barely offers anything substantial to its customers (heavy gamers excluded, maybe, because nothing else could possibly profit from the increased CPU performance.)

So if Apple is doing this thing, they get applauded, but when Samsung is doing the same, they get booed? Sorry, but this doesn't make much sense.

For me personally, neither of both devices warrants an upgrade from its predecessor. Let's wait until something truly new and exciting comes along. To me it seems that smartphones are starting to hit the saturation point not only in customer reach but also in available features.



When Apple releases a new phone, they always get slammed by portions of the internet for not adding anything new, for not changing the design enough to make it a "new" phone and for only making incremental updates.

Samsung even made an ad mocking Apple for selling a phone (iPhone 4s) that looked exactly like the previous (iPhone 4). And mocking the customers for buying it, to top it off.

So it makes perfect sense to now slam Samsung in the same way that Apple gets slammed at every release.



@ Maggan, right and on spot, Apple gets slammed all the time

@rotten apple - It is clear now, you don't even read the reports about how hard and badly criticised is apple when they release a new phone, clearly you assume things, but if a 64 bit processor that got the whole industry with their plants down, a phenomenal camera ( don't fall for specs please), finger scan and a completely new OS are not enough for you… then I guess nothing will ever be.

@ John Fischer - Funny .


I know this is off-topic, but apparently Nokia's Lumia phones use a certain operating system that leaks data to the US gouvernment.


The new galaxy S5 is the best new phone ever made, it is the fastest and best and has a heart beat monitor and I can use it to control my tv when im home and the air conditioning in the office when im there. Man what a great new phone, im lining up for april the eleventh right now. Its the greatest phone ever invented and its all android man. anyone that doesnt realize that samsung is the future and all other phone companies including micro soft is dead then bad luck. Samsung phones are the best in the world



"It is clear now, you don't even read the reports about how hard and badly criticised is apple when they release a new phone, clearly you assume things, but if a 64 bit processor that got the whole industry with their plants down, a phenomenal camera ( don't fall for specs please), finger scan and a completely new OS are not enough for you… then I guess nothing will ever be. "

Nothing what's there is as great as it sounds. The 'new OS' is also available for the old phones, the 64 bit part of the CPU is close to useless for the time being - especially with a measly 1 GB of RAM - and the fingerprint scanner won't be a stand-out feature for much longer. So yeah, truly outstanding work by Apple to just put in the latest 'must have' developments that everybody else will put in, too.

The only advantage Apple has is that they release their phone three months before the competition because they are on a different cycle.



When iPhones have > 4Gb of RAM I'll be impressed with their 64-bit processors. At this moment they have 1Gb of RAM and a gazillion 32-bit apps.

A 'phenomenal camera'? You really think so? You have very low expectations!

Given the way North American OS's are feeding data to the NSA I'm not sure I want my smartphone to be collecting biometric data either!


"Apple, on the other hand is only a few months from playing "the card that trumps all cards" - large screen size phones."

I think you're right that Apple will launch large screen iPhones soon. It must be thoroughly galling for an innovative company like Samsung to have their designs slavishly copied in that way.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

great comments please keep them coming!

cornelius - haha love that yes... At least the heyday of the hegemony of the Evil Empire is now past. Windows will continue to shrink. It will never gain the relevance on tablets and will never recover to the 12% it once had in smartphones. How long will it still rule notebooks depends on mostly Chrome but desktops they may hold till the end of the decade. By then desktops will be as relevant as mini computers are today haha

Kevin - thanks yeah probably true. For me it was news, I had been travelling in Africa past two weeks and have had very little online ability on reasonably fast and reliable connections so I was a bit behind on my monitoring of the industry.

Baron95 - I report on what data I can find. Android will all be lumped together into the foreseeable future.

Mike - yeah I remember it used to be possible with PDAs and early smartphones that had IR data transfer ability but as far as I know it didn't come out of the box, you had to do some coding or install some software to tweak the IR transmitter to talk to the TV. Now it seems - but I don't know for sure - that this is baked into Galaxy S5. Would be nice... but not exactly a killer app haha

Earendil - haha good term 'elopted it'.. about the going back. I still am 100% certain Microsoft didn't plan it this way. The Nokia Lumia disaster was Elop's private little fantasy that at some point got corrupted (come to the Dark Side, Luke) by his 25 million dollar bonus. But Microsoft ie Ballmer at the time would not have sanctioned this plan of how to wreck Nokia so badly that Microsoft has to come in and buy it. Microsoft would have preferred to have Nokia as an independent slave, taking 5% o 10% profit margins on the hardware and paying Microsoft massive royalties into perpetuity where they could make 30% to 50% profit margins on the software. So while Elop did act like a loyal Microsoftian, he was acting solo and this outcome has been 'bad' for Microsoft. Not the worst possible but bad. And Elop is not seen as a hero. Exhibit 1 he didn't get CEO job after very long search. If this was heroic behavior, Elop would have been named quickly as the new CEO. And what level compensation will he be getting? A downgrade after Nokia CEO job. What level of independence? He was exceptionally independent as CEO at Nokia but now he'll be scrutinized closely by a new CEO who doesn't trust Elop and may even fear Elop may try to undermine him. Elop will find all sorts of frustrations internally at Microsoft. And then he'll make his customary blunders and keep producing disappointing results and be replaced at Devices Head by someone more competent. That is when Elop decides to leave Microsoft for 'personal reasons'... He'll get a glowing public farewell but nobody will ever hire him for anything meaningful anymore

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Re iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 both being incremental and disappointing.

First issue is that the 5S/5C was Apple's mid-cycle small upgrade. The iPhone 6 (or iPhone air) will be the full-cycle upgrade, and will feature large screens, which Tomi posted in a blog trumps everything. The Galaxy S5 will face off against the next iPhone.

Second issue is that Apple can live off incremental upgrades. Apple last quarter made $4.8B in iTunes/AppStore/Services revenue. Samsung near ZERO. Samsung needs innovative HW that people are willing to pay top dollar for. Not incremental devices that they quickly need to discount.

Third, Apple is already differentiated (iOS, iTunes, iCloud, etc). Samsung is one of many Android peddlers. It ONLY has the HW to delight customers.


Yep, the GS5 is a real snoozer.'s simply unrealistic to think that major advances appear every year. If I had a GS3 I'd gladly make my every other year upgrade to the GS5 and be happy to do so. Just as I did from the iPhone 4S to the 5s. I, for one, would like an IR transmitter so my phone could be a remote for my TV. I have 3 or 4 remotes I have to actively use and I don't want to spend the big bucks for a programmable remote. Getting one free with my phone would be nice. Water proofing at the "drop in the toilet" level or "caught in a rain storm" level or fell into the surf while walking along the beach level, would be nice. I personally don't aspire to more megapixels, though. But faster focus? Sure. Just as I was happy with the improved flash, better picture quality and slo mo I got with the iPhone 5s. I'm not the type to throw lumps on "the other side" just because they unreasonably through lumps on my camera of choice.

But, true to Samsung form, there are two REALLY bad copies of Apple features in the Gs5 that deserve lumps. A "swipe" finger print sensor that works terribly. No integration with payments with the main source of buying things on your Android phone which is the Google Play store, not Paypal. The iPhone's finger print scanner is really quick and convenient. I have a corporate managed phone which is required to have a complicated passcode. Opening my phone with the finger print scanner that works in the blink of an eye is a real "must have". And that UGLY gold plastic "Urban Glam". These phones just look bad and tacky from the back. Nice large screen, though, for those that prefer them.

iPhone killer? No. Answer to the iPhone 5s? No. But it doesn't need to be. It's a top flight Android phone for those who prefer Google's ecosystem to Apple's. I don't see it taking any of the share back from the iPhone 5s and I wonder if the likes of Sony might actually make progress against it. If this is Samsung's flagship for the year, they haven't set the bar that high. But they still have the marketing and the brand, I don't predict MUCH erosion.

I too do not see the "smart watch" market amounting to "all that". Long before the iPhone, my smart phones ended my need for a watch. They are way too expensive in light of people also needing smartphones. Once again, it will take Apple to show people the way...if Apple even has an entry into this "wearable" market.

The most exciting and market making/moving announcement out of MWC is the Nokia X phones. But we have another thread or two on those already. A whole new front in the mobile war has opened. Google picked a real good time to come to peace with Samsung. I had thought that Android AOSP was going to stay locked in China, but Msft/Nokia is going to take AOSP to the world this year. Make SOME progress.

I don't think Google has revealed their own moves and cards for the year yet. Looking forward to it. This time next year the mobile story will still be Samsung/Google market share dominance, Apple #2 but still dominating in profits. None of the rest of the Android dwarves will do more than switch places with each other. And Msft will have the 3rd AND 4th largest mobile platforms (if you keep all the rest of Android together). WP and Nokia X will each separately sell more phones than Tizen,Jolla/Sailfish, Ubuntu, Firefox and BB combined. Which still might not amount to much. Say 5% for WP and 3% for Nokia X


@ WonTheLottery

A 'phenomenal camera'? You really think so? You have very low expectations!

Tech talks, please enjoy the deepest tech analysis and review about each part of the iPhone 5S by

I hope you have the same level of technical understanding to at least refute it and discuss the camera properly.

Simple, isn't it? Now prove Anand wrong, he would love to read your arguments demonstrating the low expectations about the camera.


Nothing what's there is as great as it sounds. The 'new OS' is also available for the old phones, the 64 bit part of the CPU is close to useless for the time being - especially with a measly 1 GB of RAM - and the fingerprint scanner won't be a stand-out feature for much longer. So yeah, truly outstanding work by Apple to just put in the latest 'must have' developments that everybody else will put in, too.
The only advantage Apple has is that they release their phone three months before the competition because they are on a different cycle.
Man ! Sometimes… is it jealousy?

1- The 'new OS' is also available for the old phones.

-YES ! Amazing, how does Kitkat work in a S3 ? What's the problem here, apple's durability is unique.


2- the 64 bit part of the CPU is close to useless for the time being

-WOW, this one shines. The invention of the pocket PC first step and you can't see it, just like Ballmer laughing at the first iPhone lack of keyboard and being useless
Anandtech with you too, urgently .


3- The only advantage Apple has is that they release their phone three months before the competition because they are on a different cycle.

So why Samsung doesn't release it first? Simple, they wait and then copycat… thanks for making it crystal clear.

And please be objective. September 15/2013 - iphone 5S …. April 15/2014 - S5

is it 7 months or I counted wrong?


4- Apple to just put in the latest 'must have' developments that everybody else will put in, too.

-Please read your comment and think carefully… or rephrase to: Apple innovates and 7 months later others take those innovations and put in their innovative phones…. Exceptionally funny, this one tells it all


@Gonzo - I don't have to refute an article. There are all kinds of articles extremely positive on the iPhone 5s camera. But I don't need them either. I have the phone, I take photos with it. I used to shoot weddings professionally. I know a good camera when I see one, and the iPhone 5s has an excellent camera...not just "for a phone" but an excellent camera.

Not a replacement for me DSLR's but a very nice point and shoot camera, very quick and easy to use.

John Fischer

The camera is one of the reasons i upgraded to a 5s, it is a huge improvement from the predecessor, a superb camera, on its own or as phone camera.

Many people are easily fooled due to specifications, some others just plain hate of a particular company, it beats me, strange attitude.

In this case, when someone says that this is a bad camera for those who have low expectations it is clear to me that the person is either a troll or have no clue about photography.

A truck might come with 400 HP, but that doesn't mean is faster than a Porsche with 250 HP, specifications just tell a bit of the story, in the case of cameras, most people are easily fooled with megapixels... More is better, far, far, far from truth.

Say what you want about screen size or something else, you might be right, but not about this camera, one of the best out there, in the smartphone arena.



Bravo for regurgitating Apple's advertising blurb.

First, there's a downside to Apple's OS upgrades: planned obsolescence of older devices that can't be upgraded anymore. Apple users are basically forced to upgrade every 2 or 3 years or risk getting left out of the game completely. I still can use my by now 4 year old HTC Desire, even when running on Android 2.3 and still install most new apps - except for modern games, of course, because the hardware is simply too weak. With Apple practically insisting that developers use iOS 7 features in their apps, it's essentially bye-bye to the iPhone 3GS. OS version is not everything.

First, no matter how the Apple fanbois spin it, for current day smartphones 64 bit is a completely and utterly useless feature. There's nothing that even can make the slightest use of it.

Apple neither innovated nor invented here. The 64 bit specifications have been on the table for quite some time and instead of making a product that truly shows the benefits of 64 bit it was merely used as a marketing gimmick.

Third, it's strange. When Apple innovates and Samsung follows it's copycatting. But if Apple is forced to follow the rest of the industry it's a 'smart move'. Different release cycles inevitably mean that someone has to release a certain feature first. I'd say good for the competitor who can immediately catch up. Samsung can do it. Apple clearly can't as the booming phablet market shows. This was completely missed by them when Samsung innovated.
To sum it up: Action is good, instant reaction to the competition is essential. That's why Samsung is so successful.

Fourth, Apple did not innovate. It's not innovation to use some technology that's ready in a product. That's mere application. Innovation means to invent new usage scenarios. The original iPhone was innovative, all follow ups have merely been iterative, updating the product to the latest technology. The Samsung Galaxy Note was innovative because it found new usage scenarios for the things it perfectly combined. A fingerprint scanner is not innovative. Innovation would be to find some use for it outside the tried and true security applications.

And here's the biggest failing of the Apple crowd: You have no clue what 'innovation' actually means! Apple hasn't innovated for years now.

(Oh, and before anyone asks, no Samsung's Galaxy line is as far from being innovative as the iPhone line has been for half a decade now.)

LeeBase's SOO much nicer when your phone's OS is never updated. That's innovation "stable OS, keep it forever". Apple and it's 70% of customers upgrading to latest OS in the first 2 months...that's a problem. Who would want that OPTION.

I have the flashy keynote, and all the new features...and then you get to go and download the new OS that day? Preposterous. Not only that, Apple developers are known to quickly update their apps to take advantage of those new features. HORRIBLE. By the hundreds of thousands...these apps get improved and all you really want to do us use 3 year old apps on a nice unchanging and ever more security vulnerable OS like Android.

Now of course you CAN just not update your OS, and not update your apps...but just KNOWING that you could and most others do drives home the feelings of inferiority. While with your trusty, never to be updated Android phone you get to feel on top of the world for a whole 2 weeks until the next Android model from the same company you bought your phone comes out with some small feature improvement.

And yes, those Android apps do remain stable as well. You can be sure they aren't all in a hurry trying to take advantage of the latest and greatest Android features. No sir. They know that after a year only 1 to 2% of people will have that version so they have to make sure to never implement those top shelf features for a couple years. is so much better in Android land.



I'm knocking Samsung for the S5. It is a good phone with good incremental capability. And no, I had no unrealistic expectations. I'm on record saying that Samsung has already played their most important cards. So they released pretty much in line with what I expected. If I wanted to buy a non-Apple phone, I'd most likely buy the S5.

P.S. I too have security requirements on my iPhone and the genius of the fingerprint scanner is that you can strong passwords and still unlock the phone with one very natural touch of the home button. In case you don't know, none of the law enforcement forensic tools can crack an iPhone 5/5S with a strong password. None. And 5th amendment shields you from having to reveal a password. So the contents of your iPhone 5S are the safest in the industry. And iCloud backups also use strong encryption and no LE forensic tool has been able to crack one - and even a weak password would take years to crack.

Again Apple solved a real problem. Protecting personal and corporate info - in case of lost, stolen or confiscated phone - while at the same time making it convenient to unlock in daily use.

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