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November 05, 2012



What about the voting fraud from the so-called electronic voting machines in some of the swing states? Previous elections have shown major discrepencies between exit polls and the tallies reported by the machines. Before the machines, there was a 1:1 corelation between the tallies and the polls. Also, Harri Hursti and many, many others have shown that the machines are designed to be easily tamperable without leaving a trace. Indeed, there is no way to prove a relation between what voters think they voted and the tallies produced by the machines. Voting fraud is a wild card that has been forgotten in this election.


This is my fist post here, since I started reading in July.

Those US election blogs of recent, I enjoy them immensely! Keep'em comming, Tomi! I'm waiting for your analysis after the election night.

And also, the airplane carrier stuff, the Winter War history part of your big Nokia posting, those were great! Please don't limit yourself to just mobile topics. Not much interesting happening in the mobile world right now, anyway :)

If someone does not like the "extra" material on your blog, they can always skip over it, right?

Wayne Borean

Back on July 10th I concluded that the Republicans were toast. I was only concerned with popular vote, I.e. I ignored the Electoral College, which I'll admit I don't understand fully. I don't think many Americans understand it all that well either.

I hadn't written about the campaign since. The supposed bumps didn't cause me to change my opinion.

However Hurricane Sandy did. I think that several states which suffer badly in the hurricane season, such as Louisiana, may show shifts towards the Democrats.

Romney's stated intent to devolve FEMA's responsibilities onto the states, and his refusal to back down on the issue is going to hurt him. The shift I expect may not be large enough to win those states for the Obama and the Democrats this time, but demographics are on their side long term.

The Republican party needs to re-invent itself as a real "Consevative" party, getting rid of the Corporate and Religious baggage that haunts it.



Why do you care, as a Finn, about the US election at all?

It doesn't interest me in the slightest. Strange stuff for your blog - it's as if I cared about the Eurovision song contest and started blogging a lot of dross about that.


@ Jeven

Fully agree TA should devout more time on subjects dear to cellular industry and less time on these side topics - US elections/Ait Carriers etc. Absolutely, there is more democracy in new Europe than these old Democracies in the West, from flawed electrol system with electrol colleges to easily manipulated voting machines. What of the silent majorities that neither favour Democrats or Republicans ? Well, one more day and this circus will be but a distant memory.

I'd rather TA dropped an opinion of the New Surface phone from MS that Elop has tried to down play. What does a MS phone mean for Nokia ?

BTW, someone opined that the smartphone application development industry is what has created most of those new jobs in US. While there is no direct geographical relation with the Apple, MS and Google being in US, still it does look very worrying that trend is to destroy companies putside US.

Chris Vail

The US population is not close to 50-50 split between Republicans and Democrats. Your own analysis shows Democrats are historically less likely to vote in elections, so the 50-50 voting results suggest a slight tilt toward Democrats. As for the Presidential elections, big states like California and New York are under-represented in the Electoral College, while small states are over-represented. If we had true proportional representation, the Republicans would be a minority party (but then the Democrats would split into business and labor parties). There is a lot of rigging (most of it structural) going on to give the Republicans their 50% voting results.

Ron McPherson

Who really cares?

I know I don't and shan't be watching the news.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody..

Haha, perfect proof that you can never satisfy everybody.. Thanks to those who liked this, and don't worry those who didn't. I am not about to turn into a political pundit, the normal tech stuff will return and the Q3 smartphone results and Nokia Lumia/Windows Phone 8 projections are in the pipeline, coming on this blog very soon. But today is elections day and as I will be glued to CNN and counting states with them, I figured some of my readers will do so too, and might enjoy the analysis and stats I collected into this blog.

Keep comments coming..

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Here are two follow up links. Less attention is being paid to the voting machines this time around. Interestingly, many of the exit polls have been cancelled.


@Chris Vail
On top of that, those who control the Republican party have demographics working against them. Their lack of appeal to women and non-white or non-evangelical Americans is getting them increasingly marginalized as I hear.

Their only hope for power seems to be to deter or prevent non-republicans from voting and rigging the voting itself. And they do lots of that, see Ohio.

The one thing that makes me think Tomi was right with his earlier prediction is the way the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christi, let Romney down in public after the disaster. He seems to have given up on Romney's chances.


For some reason, I find US president selection also interesting though I don't live in USA. Probably it doesn't matter if it is Obama or Romney. US president needs to start some kind of war every now and then to support US military industry. Maybe Romney would be more eager in that area...

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi all

Just a note, there is an update blog, I did some thoughts of what comes next to the various characters in the soap opera that was the US election in 2012. What of Mitt Romney next? What of his sons? What will Obama do in 2017 when he steps down as one of youngest-ever 2 term presidents at age 56? What of Michelle? And various thoughts about for example, what would be the most formidable Republican candidate to emerge post-Romney? There is actually someone in the public spotlight almost perfectly that candidate. etc..

So pls read that too if you're into this stuff, and lets chat. I'm on Twitter of course today as @tomiahonen talking US elections all night and into the morning hours until the final results are clear

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Whoops, Kaine isn't an incumbent in Virginia. It's an open seat that was democrat.

V-pills hakkında yorumlar

Absoultly, The Us population is not close to 50-50 split between Republicans and Democrats. Your own analysis shows Democrats are historically less likely to vote in elections, so the 50-50 voting results suggest a slight tilt toward Democrats. As for the Presidential elections, big states like California and New York are under-represented in the Electoral College, while small states are over-represented. If we had true proportional representation, the Republicans would be a minority party.

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