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« How Microsoft Lost the Future (Updated with Ballmer Quote from Seoul) | Main | Paging Truth Police: No! Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia are NOT outselling iPhone in China. Utter BS story spread by Microsoft propaganda machine »

May 21, 2012



If Microsoft is going to buy Nokia other companies will stop selling WP phones if Microsoft is selling WP. They need to give it away for free to keep other mobile device vendors.

This isn't going to happen and I think the Microsoft likes the position it is in now.


Nokia seems to have axed Skype support for the Lumia 610, because of "user experience was not up to par".

Any thoughts on that, Tomi?


Nokia axes Skype client on Lumia 610, claims user experience wasn't 'up to par'

Probably means the 610 hardware/software was underpowered.



nokia lumia 800c is completely out of favor of China Telecom. it is far away from top 10 sold phones on China Telecom.

from low range to high end phones, you won't be able to see any nokia phones.

that's the fact, go read it :



even from PC laptop users point of view, an app that requires 500MB SDRAM is unacceptable. that indicates skype becomes a bloatware after MS took it over. software talents have all left as long as idiots continue sitting as top management.


Hahaha, I could find Lumia 800C only using search. It has a total 5(3 black/2 cyan) reviews! It costs 3600yuan(569.41 USD)!

Where the f*** did they manage to pull 7% from? Is it percentage of chinese Nokia employees that use Lumia?


Tomi, yes, John S. Pope and Nokia in general are following a classic Microsoft propaganda/big lie/astroturf campaign. However, the situation is different. Microsoft would use it in a position of monopoly strength to crush potential rivals. Nokia is instead launching it in a desperate position of failure. I mean, if the Luminas had gotten good reviews and were selling well, then there would be no need for all these lies.

I feel sorry for Nokia employees. They must be aware of how bad things are going. Even Elop and his Microsoft mafia are aware that things are going far worse than they predicted. Just because a CEO says prospects are good doesn't mean he really believes it.

My guess is that Elop told Pope he had to become an evil propagandist or he would be fired. It wouldn't surprise me if he quit as soon as he found a job elsewhere.

And speaking of Elop, who is going to want to hire him after he has directed the worst corporate collapse in history? Oh, I forgot, maybe Microsoft will hire him back.


For information:

100 Most Valuable Brands: Apple Tops Again; Nokia Disappears

Nokia, which ranked 81st in brand value in Millward Brown’s 2011 study after a 28 percent year-over-year decline in value, fell even further in 2012. So far, in fact, that it seems to have fallen right off the chart. Not a surprise, really, given the company’s current situation. But worth noting just the same; as recently as 2008, Nokia was the world’s ninth most valuable brand.

Regards, JC


Eduardo: I agree but think too that the reason for the campaign is also to prolong Elop's tenure at Nokia. All the lies will come out every quarter when numbers are published and annually at stockholders' meeting so there is really no point other than to pretend longer that Elop's plans for Nokia make sense until he can do maximum damage to Meego/Linux open OS in the handheld space. I now think the whole point was to crush Meego/non-Google Linux as a viable OS to make room for WP -- and of course to use Nokia marketing muscle to help promote WP. I think MS will settle for killing Meego and this is what Elop is obviously bent on doing, the dork. Otherwise, what is the point of lying about things which will become clear in a few months, quarter after quarter, other than to prolong the agony for old Nokia? I too feel sorry for Nokia employees. Nobody deserves such a fickle employer as would turn over the reigns to Boston Chicken's ex CIO. He helped them go public and then go bankrupt. Nothing changes.


two good articles, one two years before Bankruptcy, one directly after, both from trade objective trade magazines. Elop was CIO from going public to months before bankruptcy.



Why doesn't Mr. Pope just simple prove whats wrong with Tomi Ahonen's statements? Tomi makes at least 100 statements in every blogentry - I mean they impossible all can't be true?! All Mr. Pope must say is, Look here are the salesdata here and there is this video from there - this is therefore not true, etc. From reading this blog Tomi Ahonen sure has a strong opinion about this industry, but he shows numbers, research which cleary indicates he is telling the truth - while Mr. Pope just make bla bla bla. Which *is* quite sad.


And it really doesn't matter if there is an Skype boycott or WP boycott or not - the numbers speaks for themselves. Nokia (as is) is a dead man walking! Nobody in theire right mind would now pay for a non upgradeable WPhone, when at fall the new WP8 will be released. Talk about a second Elop-effect!


@PeterElgin @QtFan
If you look at the bottom right, it's actually nr2 on the "sales chart" (google translated).

It must be the Nokia Army recruiting and stockpiling... "Latest Lively" doesn't show any Lumia.


@BjarneH: well said about enterprise market and best products-- and this not being viable when selling to consumers.

and about N9 being a timeless solution.

lets see though which way the wind blows... today I read Nokia World will be much smaller this year... and held in Finland and separate sessions instead of one big event.

What shocks and disgusts me the most is the passiveness and incompetence of the board of directors... they are just playing along like lambs to the slaughter.

maybe Jorma is deluded-- but are all the others drunk or do they have their heads buried in sand ???


what you need is a Finnish Muntadhar al-Zaidi... to raise the temperature and create talk and discussion.

remember the Iraqi journalist who-- first shouted at George Bush for waging a war on false pretexts that killed innocents, created widows and orphans--- then threw his shoes at George Bush???

His career was ruined... and he spent 2 years in jail and suffered and got his teeth broken-- but he had more guts than any of the Nokia VPs and anyone in the Nokia Board of Directors... because he called the Emperor Naked.

Being from a different culture; I cant understand thousands of laid-off employees are just silent... not giving a damn about their company's future...


Mr. Pope needs to soon worry more about finding a new company and a new job than about claims about his former boss.



Hi there,

Therefore allows begin with the actual cal . king from the slope. Special introduced the Universe S3 also it usually experienced quite strong earlier wedding reception. Right now all of us noticed a week ago, which Special has used nine mil pre-orders.




Have you looked at Q&A for Nokia Q12012 conference call ?

Analysts have asked a couple of critical questions which Elop either answered with off-topic stuffs or answered with "I am still learning and adjust based on changes".

Does nokia need to hire a still learning CEO after 16 months in charge ?

Re-read those transcripts before to take any excuse for your criminal boss Steven Elop.

Earendil Star

Dear Tomifan,

THT Elop was very ambiguous in his statements, as always, so telling who is wrong is quite difficult.
Yet, the points you raise are rather trivial, and you are missing (or voluntarily overlooking) what really counts.

Just think... if there is no reseller boycott, and still WP does not sell, it means...


Not my opinion. It's the market, baby.
Which proves once again what I always said:


which THT Elop is desperately trying to salvage, depleting Nokia by using it as a fire extinguisher.

No conspiracy theories here. Just observing facts and applying common sense.
As for you, in your futile attempts to always prove Tomi wrong, you are unwittingly proving that WP is bad.
For which, I thank you. Cheers mate!


What about these?
China looks interesting
Asia, Europe and North America are pretty much like expected


Its been said before, and I've possibly missed the answer. But what's going on with the nokia board? Why just sit there and accept the massive destruction of the company? The stock devaluation? Loss of reputation? Do you have any insights Tomi?

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