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January 30, 2012



that's also explained why nokia has not waged patent war against Android. With 10,000 wireless patent in hand, nokia has done nothing. oh, yeah, granting license to mcrosoft for free, delivered thousands of key patents to candian company for free. hired a verizon ex-vice president sitting there gettting huge compensation for doing nothing, things can go on and on with no end.

oh yeah, hried ex-microsft marketing person Chris Web to stop selling of symbian phones and services to US consumer in Augs. when there is nothing to sell. Hey even nowadays, symbian smartphiones sold in US by third party exceeds Windows Phone 7.5.



@Peter : Nokia has nothing to do with FBI/CIA; if the latter want to spy the end-user, they just have to ask providers, that's it.

Then, if there is a need to check the content of a cellphone, any US DHS agent is allowed to take it, copy any data, and give it back to its owner only after anything has been checked (ie if data is encrypted, they'll give it back only after all data has been deciphered, whatever it takes), but most of time, they don't even need it and can access remotely.


vladkr ,

How about the location via GPS ? Carriers can not track end users from symbian and meego but do from Android and iOS.




There are so many distortions in this analysis, I don't even know how to begin.

First - Elop said Nokia needed to join and leverage a wining ecosystem. Which, of course, means ditching the losing ecosystem it has. In case you didn't know, Nokia took yet another $EUR 1B charge for impairment of good will from the Navteq acquisition. Basically, it now values Navteq another $EUR 1B lower. And it only keeps going down - OPK/Jorma's investment is a disaster.

Second - As pointed out, Elop did nothing of the sort.

Third - If he ever ditches LocationPoint, it will be because there are better advantages to Nokia in doing so. For example, Microsoft can guarantee higher CPM revenue splits than Nokia can get on its own.

Fourth - Tomi is obsessed with unit volume. He pretends that an S30/S40/Symbian pre-paid user in Kenya is the same as a credit-card-on-file, $1,200/year data plan, iPhone user in the US. To advertisers, the latter is worth about 50,000-100,000 times more.

Advertising is about demographics. Younger = Premium. Western = Premium. Credit-checked by Operator, contract customer = premium. Western/high-income location = premium. iTunes one-click-buy enabled = Premium. iPhone user = premium.

Fifth - Tomi, you live in Hong Kong and were born in Finland. Why don't you tell your users what is happening with your beloved SMS traffic in those two countries, after iMessage (and previously BBM)? Is the SMS traffic still growing? Is SMS advertising growing or declining? The reports are available to all who pay for them.

Fact is that mobile advertising is shifting very fast to Web/App smartphone-rich content. And the targeting to iPhone users, specifically is huge.

At some point, Nokia, will have to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem for Ad $$$. Because Nokia's will go no where.

A sale, is in the cards. If anyone will pay for it, that is.

So while your reporting was inaccurate, you may get a second chance to criticize Elop when he in fact sells or shuts LocalPoint down.

To all the conspiracy theory advocates here - LOL - the joke is on you.



That information for Qt5 is definitely out-dated, and Maemo / MeeGo won't be officially supported. More up-to-date information can be found here:


well, I must say that this blog contains no longer interesting and informative story but just jokes, anti-elop propaganda and full of conspiracy theories.

Sent from my Windows Phone



When your mission is uncovered, you always cover it with conspiracy theory or anti-semic if you go further.

But truth is truth. $160B loss of nokia investors is written on the wall. It is not because of wrong investment decision but Wall Street wants to rob their money via Steven Elop's criminal hand.

thats it.




Don't QT support MeeGO?? I think it does ;)


Baron95 ,

keep distorting.

NavTeq is only jem left in Nokia.

Google doesn't have maps data, nor apple does.

Wall Street want to steal it from nokia for free.

Steven Elop said in 2/11, Samsung/Htc can use nokis maps(maps data + voice prompt turn-by-turn) for free via WP7.5.

Now he fire-sold location based service for FREE.

WHen both Google and Apple want NavTeq's data for exponential grwoing location based service, nokia is in upper hand in market.

However the crimal CEO of nokia want to DUMP it for free.

Tomi can raise serious questions but only I can find the reason.

Steven Elop is not micorosft Trojan Horse but Wall Street on mission to destory nokia from inside.

Thats it.


Jonathan Lundén

OT, so Tomi will probably burn this, but still interesting to him. He's quoted as an authority in a Slashdot story about about the Nokia/WP fail. And by and large the by far most technically sophisticated community on the internet seems to agree that wp is stillborn.


Jonathan Lundén ,

yes, sir, WP7.5 is still born after nokia goes BK. that's it.



OIL and IT, two areas that makes US go to war. OIL can't be taken by economic war. There you need weapons. IT is simpler, if investors and the government work together they are able to defend US interest in the very important IT sector.

Buy nokia shares, insert a trojan. Sell shares and let the trojan do the job.


@Peter - no one sold anything fro free. NavTeq has value. But it is about $2B tops. Not the $8B OPK/Jorma paid for. So it's goodwill value on Nokia's book MUST be written down - the auditors insisted. This quarter it was a EUR$1B write down.

Map data is moving in directions that Nokia and NavTeq can't comprehend. Google is maaping the world with street view images, google earth composition and now the new frontier - in building mapping.

Best bet for Nokia is to cut its losses and sell Navteq while it still has some value.



How do you value it at $2B ?

Given explosive growing of smarter phone/super phones, consumers are more and more dependent on location service from nokia 's map data.

if it worths $8B 4 years ago, it worth $16B or more today.

and nokia could let google/apple/microsoft to bid for it.

instead, Elop is going to fire-sale it because he is the Wall Street Trojan to destroy nokia from inside.

He has accomplished it 90%.

The only thing left is how to sell NavTeq fro free.


Tomi T Ahonen

Hi vladkr, cygnus, Alex

Vladkr - yes, very good points. When he took over Juniper & Macromedia, rather than try to fix the troubled company, he set it up for sale. This seems to be his speciality and he seems to be up to the same tricks at Nokia

cygnus - ouch! Thanks for update on Qt. Yes he is on a mission

and on the maps side, interesting, I didn't notice that timing, I remember the change of the terms of the license yes. That sounds like very obvious action and reaction. I think we will see the same as Nokia now proceeds to sue its former partners (via proxy) with the patent trolls - which they will sooner or later countersue Nokia. More litigation, something Microsoft cherishes and Nokia of old had tried very hard to avoid.

Alex - good point my friend. I have noticed the very same curious phenomenon with some sites that I quite regularly follow. There seems to be a kind of 'ostrich' behavior of refusing to face facts, and going with the PR spin of Nokia HQ. Shame.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


You can unravel Elop's seemingly irrational moves by using this one metric - follow the money. He's running Nokia to extract maximum financial value as quickly as possible - not worrying about the longterm. Sell off any assets at the peak of their apparent value to others. Outsource as much as possible to convert all in-house overhead into expensed line items.

These tactics convert financial asset classes that require a lot of management and people resources to another financial asset class - cash - that requires much less management resources. All the company financial performance ratios improve as a result.

Henry Sinn

This can't be 'real'.

Microsoft Muppet Conspiracy...

I think so.!/henrysinn/status/36026632862957568


I hope the support for Maemo/MeeGo stays current. clearly says Tier 1 support both for Meego/Desktop and Maemo/Mobile.

And (QT5 Roadmap) supports the "linux-arm7-gcc-wayland" platform as Tier1 - that's the technology behind Harmattan and most likely Meltemi as well.

As for Elop, he was brought in to solve Execution. And yes, Nokia has been executing on rails. Creating the N9 in one year (9 months of development + 2 of emergency bugfixing, according to Konttori's blog) - almost unheard of at any phone company, usually it takes two years. Building a mixed/outsourced relationship with Compal to create the frankensteins called Lumia out of cases, screens and cameras bought by Nokia and boards, antennas and batteries by Compal, in six months? And 3 of them? Also great performance.

The problem is that Elop decided that HE wanted to go on his own rail track - but the rails end at a canyon, like in Back to the Future III.


About maps.

There are many truths there. And many lies.

When NavTeq changed the license Google had no choice but to follow - because back then it had no maps! Google does not like to be vulnerable thus it solved the problem in very comprehensive way.
Solution one: - as you can see Google buys maps from many companies, but NavTeq/Nokia is NOT among them.
Solution two:,-122.432156&spn=0.046825,0.104628&t=m&z=14 - if you'll take a look on the bottom right corner you'll see that there are exactly ONE provider of US map data: Google. If you'll move viewpoint you may see Europa Technologies (worldwide data provider) and INEGI (Mexico) - but these are not for US. Clearly Google either created map itself or may be the mapping data was created by someone specifically for Google. And US is large (and important) country - if Google can map the US it can do the same in other places.

Conclusion: NavTeq does have some value, but these 8B, 16B, 120B - are pure fantasy. Google already abandoned NavTeq and it has technology (either in house or rented) to create maps for the whole world if needed.


@peter "it worth $16B or more today"

LOL - tell that to the Nokia auditors, who demanded yet another good will impairment of EUR$1.1B.

Nokia themselves, optimistically current values the Location and Commerce business (basically Navteq) at EUR 3.3B.

I think the auditors will force another EUR1B+ write down to 2B by the end of this year.

If Tomi had done his homework, rather than just repeat inaccurate news from October, he would tell you that Nokia has FIRED THE ENTIRE NAVTEQ DEVELOPER NETWORK STAFF - 30 ppl in total - this past week.

That is total admission that there was no developer interest whatsoever in developing to the Navteq platform. That is how badly downhill that business is going.

But you will never read Tomi do that analysis.


khim ,

the truth is google switched to telenav map data right after nokia bought navteq.

google has to pay telenav for using its data.

the cost is increasing exponentially.

google marks its map data as google recently doesn't mean it owns the maps data.

it is purely marketing measure.



Baron95 ,

thats exactly what I predicted about the next move of Steven Elop: sell navteq for free while it worths $16B+ today.

Stop selling or developing meego n9 doesn't mean n9 is not good, verified with consumers. same thing cut development network doesn't mean there is no market demanding. Steven Elop did excatly oppositive things because he is Wall Street Trojan Horse to dismantle nokia from indise.



@Peter "google has to pay telenav for using its data"

Do you ever get any fact right? Geez.


Google used both Telenav and NavTeq in the beginning to get going. In 2008 it proposed to both companies new licensing terms. Navteq balked and was dropped. A year later, Google having built its own nav data dropped Telenav as well.

Google owns its own nav data, and offers it free to Android and any developers that want to use it's map APIs.

Google does not pay a single cent to NavTeq or Telenav/TomTom.

In fact, it will put those other companies out of business sooner or later.

My g@d - get your facts straight.


Baron95 ,

If you count $50 for every smart phones nokia sold for navteq maps (free nokia drive), it is $1B net revenue/quater or $4B annually. Plus revenue from car industry, microsoft bing maps and other internet usage.

Its yearly revenue is well above $6B. Its net income comes at $3B yearly if managed well.

Saying Navteq generates negative profit is completely bullshit and cheating.



Baron95 ,

Google paid to NavTeq for years for its till nokia bought out Navteq.

Google switched to Telenav and paid for using Telenav in

Keep in mind, global maps data takes more than 10 years to get all data done correctly and needs to update quarterly.

I don't think google can create its own maps data within one year except stealing it from TeleNav or NavTeq directly. Oh, yeah, given google's connection with FBI/CIA, it might use US military maps data for free. That's just another kind of stealing from US tax Payers.


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