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January 04, 2010


Mathias Ziolo

Hi there,

that's a really great article you wrote! Unfortunately you got one slight error in your article: it's the 7110 to be released in 1999 with a WAP-browser on-board. The 6210 was released in 2000 with HSCSD support. The 7110 received later then in 2000 a firmware update (V 04.84) which has been necessary due to crashes in the browser and problems with the scroll-wheel.

Anyway, great job!

Tomi Ahonen

Hi Mathias,

Thanks! I love this about social networking, we get so easily feedback and yes, any tiniest error will be spotted - and I don't mean this waa a tiny error - so yes, thanks. I was there, I remember now the 7110, but somewhere along the line when I was writing the blog (the older version) I got the facts wrong... Thanks, will go correct it and credit you.

Happy you liked it..

Tomi :-)

Mathias Ziolo

Hello Tomi,

thank you for the credits ;-)


David Doherty


Brilliant stats, thanks for sharing them.

I agree with the title... but what of 2010-2020.... where next for this R&D giant?



Great - but... I beg to differ a bit.


Having been a part of the Online Universal Work Marketing team for 4 months now, I’m thankful for my fellow team members who have patiently shown me the ropes along the way and made me feel welcome

Tomi Ahonen

Hi Mathias, David, QuixoticQ and henrylow

Thanks for the comments. David - where next for Nokia? Microsoft certainly managed to remain giant and powerful through the desktop stand-alone DOS PC era to the networked windows PC era to the internet-connected laptop PC era and are by no means out of it in the mobile/PC mobile internet era that is dawning. So its possible for a giant to remain as the leader for more than one cycle. As a Finn and ex Nokia guy of course I always root for Nokia (I joke that if you cut me, I don't bleed red blood, I bleed Nokia blue). But realistically, odds are that the mighty will fall, and Nokia has been top dog for a dozen years now. Can they still rule the roost come 2020 - very tough to believe - haha, but in 2020 I will be 60 years old, and retiring on some lazy college campus lecturing occasionally about the good old days of mobile phones back when they were only 3G haha...

QuixoticQ - thanks. Took a look at your blog rebuttal and I see where you are coming from. Now I need to make this point very clearly - Apple is by far the better music player than any other phone maker. They are also by far the better internet surfing phone. By far the better. But Apple is not best at everything - eg texting or camera or video recording. And Apple's iPhones are viciously expensive. If you price yourself at the Mercedes Benz Cadillac Lexus range, you can afford ot do things well. IF you sell to the mass market like Ford, Toyota or Volkswagen, then you can't do perfection.

Apple can afford to do perfection (in some ways but not others). An optimized super premium 600 dollar phone. Nokia carries about 50 phone models in its current catalog at any one time, and perhaps 2 are in that price range. Then they have 400 dollar phones and 300 dollar phones and 200 dollar phones and 100 dollar phones and 50 dollar phones.

If you want to argue 'Apple is best' - its like arguing Sony Betamax was best VCR (it was, VHS was cheaper and won the market). Or that Concorde was the best technology of the 1970s aircraft in its all-luxury only 1st class service; while ultra-budget Boeing 747 Jumbo jets ran away with the market stuffing up to 500 people into a plane. Being best is a surefire recipe not to capture the market. The way to capture the mass market is to be 'good enough'. And Nokia know all about 'good enough' Most of their phones are good enough for that market price segment. Occasionally they have hit products and they can anticipate some needs (they had touch screen phoes long before the iPhone and Nokia invented the 'real internet' phone a decade before the iPhone)

So you don't like to listen to an MP3 player on a Nokia phone. Why is that? Because you are rich enough to own a separate iPod and to afford an iPhone. What of the four fifths of the planet who can't afford a separate media player - but need a phone. For them ANY media player that comes on the phone will be 'good enough'

Apple cannot capture the mass market not with one phone model costing 600 dollars. Impossible. Nokia can capture Apple's consumer - internet - touch screen market if it sets its mind to it - they have a whole division (N-Series) set up to that challenge (set up before the iPhone appeared). I am not saying they will, but as long as Apple has one iPhone they run the risk of in any one year losing half their market - like Motorola did with the Razr.

Nokia is 'safe' because they fight in so many markets. It does not mean they will always win - Samsung is their real global nearest rival. But Nokia does not need to engender the passion you ask for with Apple. Yes, any brand would like it, but that takes years of work and is expensive. And the biggest passion brands rarely dominate their markets. Harley Davidson? Ferrari? Hummer? Apple Macintosh haha, for 26 years in a row and always brilliant, excellent and loyal fans. Never passed 10% global market share in PCs... Not the way to become the king of the hill, where Nokia sits now.

thank you all for writing

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Mathias Ziolo

Hello Tomi,

I share your opinion and I don't do this, because I'm a Nokia addicted person since about 14-15 years. In my eyes Apple is a big hype and with all respect to their participation to the computer revolution in the 80s, I don't believe they will ever dominate the mobile market.

As you mentioned, the Mac has about 10% of the global market share in PCs. Last time I read Microsoft news, saying that Windows 7 already has more market share than all Macs toghether. I think, the only thing for what Apple has to be admired is their marketing. Everybody knows Apple somehow but in figures, they're almost nobody.

For me personally, I already made my decision: the next smartphone will be a Nokia (probably one of the Maemo series). Why? It's Linux, it's Nokia. I think that most Nokia customers are subtile loyalists whereas Apple's strategy is all about romanticizing.

Finally I think that the real threat to Nokia will be Samsung. Why? Nokia missed somehow the "female market". I hardly know any woman to use a Nokia phone. They are all addicted to Samsung and since the man/woman-ratio is about 50/50 on this planet, this will be a long road for Nokia to regain this market back again.

Best regards

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